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Monday, 27 September 2021

Curry Noodle, Nyonya Kuih, Dim Sum & Sweet Drink

Time really flies even during pandemic. There is no chance to feel bored as I have activities such as gardening, blogging, cooking, housework, and etc. to keep me busy.

Morning sky at 7am.
Sunrise and hills.
Clouds reflecting the sunlight 7:08am.
Sunday breakfast.
After morning walk, we went out to town to buy breakfast.
We bought "Ma Jie" curry noodles from Restoran Yee Lock.
Dry curry version (left) for hubby and soup version (right) for me.
I also bought the above Nyonya kuih.
I boiled sweet drink (tong sui) with peach gum, canned longan, dried persimmons and cane sugar. Cooked extra for my neighbour.
My neighbour bought fish balls (above) and glutinous rice in lotus leaf (below) for us. So, we ate Nyonya kuih, fish balls and tong sui for lunch.
We kept the above glutinous rice in lotus leaf for dinner.
Steam to heat up and good to eat.
Chinese art mural on the wall of a Chinese school.

Linking to Monday Mural.

May there be peace within your walls.
May all go well within your houses.
(Psalm 122:7, New Life Version-NLV)

Saturday, 25 September 2021

Chee Cheong Fun With Shrimp Paste or Hae Ko

This was last Saturday. I am a week late in my posting.

Overcast sky at 7am.
Mist covered Kledang Hill - 7:03am.
Sun blocked by clouds - 7:20am.
A day with overcast sky.
Hubby missing his favourite steamed rice noodle (chee cheong fun) from Canning Garden.
We went to buy take-away 2 portions of chee cheong fun and 4 pieces of fried crunchy beancurd sheet.
Hubby's chee cheong fun with sesame seeds, fried crispy shallot + oil, and soy sauce. Later, all the pickled green chili will go to my plate.
I will usually order the same as hubby's chee cheong fun but this time I wanted to try adding some shrimp paste (hae ko in Hokkien). Penang version has a darker shrimp paste, this is a paler version.
We love to munch on these crunchy beancurd sheet.
Both chee cheong fun with or without shrimp paste taste great.
Simple lunch
Red dragon fruit, pear and few pieces of leftover stuffed items.
I remember the first time I ate a whole big red dragon fruit. I noticed my urine was reddish in colour and I thought there was blood in my urine. I was really worried and was thinking of going to the clinic. So relieved when I realized it was due to the dragon fruit and save me the trip to the clinic. The next day, the colour was back to normal.
Finally, we managed to clear the leftover stuffed items.
Pear for hubby because hubby doesn't like dragon fruit.
Fresh, sweet and juicy red dragon fruit.
A pretty moth on my Coleus.
This is my first time seeing this moth in my garden.

Don't hoard treasure down here where it gets eaten by moths
and corroded by rust or - worse! - stolen by burglars.
Stockpile treasure in heaven, where it's safe from moth
and rust and burglars. It's obvious, isn't it?
The place where your treasure is,
is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.
(Matthew 6:19-21, The Message-MSG)

Friday, 24 September 2021

Fiery Sunrise After A Wind Storm

This was Thursday, 23rd Sept. morning. There was strong, howling wind the previous night, followed by a short heavy downpour.

6:50am - starting our morning walk.
Can still see the moon in the sky - 6.51am.
Sunrise at 6:57am.
Sunrise at 6:58am.
Fiery sunrise at 6:58am.
Sunrise at 6:59am.
Uprooted tree, first sighting of damage from the previous night wind storm.
This uprooted tree doesn't have much root.
Good thing, the tree fell on the side of the road and not across the road.
Golden sunrise at 7:17am.
The sunrise reflected on the house on the right.
Another sighting of damage.
A broken branch fell on the concrete wall of the school.
Morning sky and Kledang Hill.
My purple hearts plant.
A close up of the purple heart flower.

Silver and gold are purified by fire,
but God purifies hearts.
(Proverbs 17:3, The Living Bible-TLB)
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