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Monday, 6 December 2021

Shredded Chicken Noodle & Steamed Black Pomfret

On this particular Sunday, we went to one of our regular coffee shop for breakfast.

We ordered shredded chicken noodle (kai si hor fun).
Without prawns is RM5, with prawns is RM5.50.
We can now enjoy delicious kai si hor fun without having to drive out to town.
Back home in my garden.
Home grown Bentong ginger in a shallow pot.
Bentong ginger growing in a shallow pot and in black plastic bag.
Hoping to harvest enough ginger for the coming Chinese New Year.
Home cooked dinner for 2.
I need to clear some extra minced meat already thawed in the fridge and I wanted to also clear 2 frozen black pomfret so that I can stock up some fresh ones.
Home grown green brinjals (eggplants) sauteed with garlic and minced meat.
Steamed black pomfret with chopped garlic, pickled radish (choy poh) and chili. Seasoned with oyster sauce, salt and sugar. Squeezed some lime juice over the steamed fish before serving. We enjoyed the overload topping.
Mural on the side wall of a corner shop in Ipoh old town.
This snapshot was taken in 2015 and I think it is still there.
This is near to the restaurant which is famous for serving frozen beer.

Linking to Monday Mural.

Your faithfulness extends to every generation,
like the earth you created; it endures by your decree,
for everything serves your plans.
(Psalm 119:90-91, The Living Bible-TLB)

Saturday, 4 December 2021

Prawn Noodles, Garlic Butter Prawns & Char Choy Soup

Our younger son came home to visit the last weekend of November, one weekend after the elder son visited. This was last Friday of November and younger son will only be reaching home after lunch.

After morning walk, we drove to Menglembu new township for prawn noodles. We ordered a cup of kopi-C kosong to share.
Back home in my garden.
The green brinjals seem to like the rainy season.
The only problem is keeping a look out for the mealy bugs that like to attack the brinjal plants.
Simple lunch in Falim.
We ordered a bowl of porridge, red bean tong sui (sweet porridge) and some fried fritters for 2 people.
2 pieces of fried yam bean fritters and 2 pieces of enoki mushroom fritters.
Home cooked dinner for 3 people.
Fried garlic butter prawns.
Younger son requested for prawns minus the shells.
Blanched lettuce, drizzled with garlic oil, oyster and soy sauce.
Ingredients used: Salted Sichuan vegetable (char choy), tomatoes, carrots and 1 small kampung chicken (free range chicken).
A friend sent me the following bird photos.
Bird photos credited to BKC.
Can someone help confirm the identify of this bird?
Is this an egret?
This bird has been walking on the fence surrounding my friend's house. Inspecting the nice surrounding and probably wanting to make it home here.
Thank you, friend for sharing the photos.

No, I don't need your sacrifices of flesh and blood.
What I want from you is your true thanks;
I want your promises fulfilled.
I want you to trust me in your times of trouble,
so I can rescue you and you can give me glory.
(Psalm 50:13-15, The Living Bible-TLB)

Careful Selection And Aftercare For Virgin Hair Weave

Red carpet occasions are most likely the greatest happenings for that fashion and beauty industry, as everybody, both celebrities and audience, are excited to determine who definitely are the mind-turners using their couture. Female celebrities, particularly, make sure that they appear their finest, from the top of the their head of hair towards the tip of the toes. One beauty secret that numerous celebrities are responsible for during occasions such as these is putting on virgin hair vendors or extensions.

Upon recognizing your preferred celebrity rocking a brand new hairdo, one might hastily visit the salon and duplicate that appear to be. However, not everybody can sport a particular look, unless of course you're Rihanna who seems to look good in most styles. Therefore, ladies who aren't prepared to risk losing their head of hair, could consider getting extensions rather.

Although extensions or weaves are just great for a particular period, careful selection is important along the way as these products include countless number of expenses. Therefore, you should choose only high-quality Malaysian hair weave or extensions like this in the Virgin Hair Fixx. Bear in mind the longer the space, the greater it might cost.

Before deciding around the specific hair bundle to purchase, evaluate your hair's current condition from the texture, color, and length to have preferred look. Although extensions are available in different application methods, if you opt to have hair weaves, you should possess a professional stylist perform the necessary attachment procedures in your mind for precision, to prevent undesirable mishaps, and also to be visually appealing.

Fake hair attachments should be treated much like those of natural hair. However, its immediate aftercare procedures will vary and observing they are essential in its maintenance. So remember to inquire about instructions in the hairstylist before departing the salon.

Full Lace Wigs

Although extensions could be washed, keep in mind not to wash them for 2 days after getting them installed. Following this period though, washing has already been possible but must only be achieved every 2 days, inside a gentle manner, and steer clear of putting shampoo or conditioner around the area where it's attached. When styling fake hair with heat, make use of a protectant of any sort out on another apply heat around the attachment section too.

Always air dry hair while brushing having a specifically designed brush for Indian hair extensions before washing and sleeping to prevent tangling, but for the natural oil to spread all through the extension or weave. When sleeping, make serious amounts of braid it or put it inside a ponytail to prevent occurrence of tangles. If at all possible, sleep on satin sheets too.

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