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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Dinner At Restoran Wan Li Xiang Roaster, Ipoh

These days it usually rains in the afternoon or evening, so we can continue our morning walk.

Sunrise at 7:42am
Morning walk, on the way home after breakfast.
It's a Friday, so my kitchen is closed.
We went back to Restoran Wan Li Xiang Roaster for dinner. Spacious and not crowded.
Soft silky tofu with angled luffa.
Baby Chinese Kai Lan with roast pork.
As you can see, the roast pork was mostly fat.
We went there specially for this Dragon Tiger Grouper fish @ RM75.
Everyone enjoyed this steamed fish, very fresh and steamed just right.
Total bill came to RM112 including white rice and plain water.
White bougainvillea in a pot from my front garden.
Red hibiscus by the roadside.
On our walk home I get to enjoy the flowers that are planted by the residents outside their house.
Jaguar Schwinn bicycle hung on the wall of a hotel in Malacca.

Though they patrol their walls night and day against invaders,

their real problem is internal - wickedness and dishonesty

are entrenched in the heart of the city.

(Psalm 55:10, The Living Bible-TLB)

Monday, 18 January 2021

Baked Cassava Or Tapioca Cake (Ubi Bingka)

Another day with overcast sky. 

The sunrise is partially veiled. Snapshot taken at 8am.
I received a text message with the above snapshot informing me that my friend had harvested his cassava roots and wanted to give me some.
Hubby and I drove over to his house to collect our share of cassava roots. I peeled off the skin and cleaned the roots to make baked cassava cake (ubi bingka).
From 1.5 kg of cassava root, I can make 1 big and 1 small trays of cassava cake. This time the cake looked pale. I should have leave it in the oven to bake longer to get a more golden colour.
The cassava cake or ubi bingka was cut, placed in various tubs and distributed to friends and neighbour. I kept back 1 tub for hubby and myself.
While the cassava cake was baking in the oven, I made myself a cup of Nescafe and took out half a piece of chilled no-bake cheesecake for my lunch.
Hubby came back from town with takeaway snacks. He bought 2 baked buns (Seremban siew pau) and kaya puffs (below)
Mini sized 5 kaya puffs for RM3.50.
Dinner consisting of leftovers.
Leftover chicken rendang from previous day's dinner.
Last portion of vegetable acar from Pantai Remis.
Dried Cintan noodle.
Simple dinner for 2 people.
At last, I managed to clear the leftovers from my fridge.

What happiness for those whose guilt has been forgiven!

What joys when sins are covered over!

What relief for those who have confessed their sins

and God has cleared their record.

(Psalm 32;1-2, The Living Bible-TLB)

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Turmeric Rice & Chicken Rendang

We had finished our morning walk and breakfast at our regular coffee shop. I didn't take snapshots of our breakfast because it must be the same common breakfast.

As we were coming out of the coffee shop, I saw a few mourning doves looking for food on the road.
The birds were not easily frightened off by passers by.
Later in the morning, we visited a food catering shop or Restaurant Seri Meesan. The boss is one of hubby's friend. Before the pandemic, we used to order from this caterer whenever we need to hold a function.
With the Chinese New Year less than a month away, he is promoting the above dish known as "Poon Choy".
And also the above set meal for those who don't feel like cooking.
Before we left the restaurant, we bought a few packages of frozen ready to eat food. All we have to do is to submerge the package of food into boiling water for a few minute and once you opened the package, the food can be served.
A friend gave me a tub of turmeric rice, cooked by her partner.
Turmeric rice: Briyani rice, turmeric, coconut oil.
When I opened the cover of the tub, I can smell a nice fragrance.
Chicken Rendang.
Instead of submerging the frozen package of chicken rendang into boiling water, this old fashion auntie prefer to open the package, poured the content into a steaming bowl and steamed the chicken rendang covered before serving.
Our one dish dinner without spending much time in the kitchen.
I only need to steam the turmeric rice and chicken rendang before serving.
Photo credited to AshleyJ/Nyappy
It shows a common glow worm which the Google Lens identified as Lampyris noctiluca larva. If it is not the correct identification, please do let me know.
Video credited to AshleyJ/Nyappy
A friend sent me the above video. Its a short video of the glow worm.

Lord, deal with me in loving-kindness,

and teach me, your servant, to obey; for I am your servant;

therefore give me common sense to apply your rules to everything I do.

(Psalm 119:124-125, The Living Bible-TLB)
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