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Friday, 30 October 2020

Home Cooked Tom Yam With Prawns And Coconut Milk

Last Saturday we had breakfast appointment with our friends. Our friends will be picking us up at about 8am but we were up early as usual. No morning walk but I busied myself sweeping the porch area and watering my plants.

Breaking of dawn at 6:54 am.
Sunrise at 7:15am
Sunrise at 7:48am.
Self-propagated Cockscombs.
They grow and flower the whole year round.
Instead of going out to Ipoh town, we went to Menglembu area for our breakfast. This time we chose Restoran Meng Meng Kee in Taman Bandar Baru, Menglembu.
My friend and I ordered this noodle. It is rice noodle (lai fun) served with minced meat, long beans, fried bean curd sheet, beansprouts, and soy sauce. Next time, I will ask for the spicy version which should taste even yummier.
Extra fried stuffed bean curd sheets soaked in plain broth.
We also had lunch appointment with the same friends because they too want to try the assam laksa in Restoran MAN CT in Taman Ipoh Jaya.
Assam Laksa with stuffed ingredients.
For dinner, I cooked Tom Yam with prawns and coconut milk. I need to finished the tom yam paste in my fridge.
Prawns Tom Yam with coconut milk.
I added in carrot, onions, and home grown eggplants.
We each had a plate of steamed rice to go with the tom yam.
If I had steamed more rice, we would be tempted to eat more.

Whenever you feel tempted to do something bad,

you should not say, "God is tempting me."

Evil cannot tempt God,

and God himself does not tempt anyone.

(James 1:13, Easy-to-Read Version-ERV)

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Baked Cassava Root Cake & Boiled Cassava Root

I needed to harvest my cassava roots before they get over matured. I finally dug out all the cassava roots on afternoon.

I waited and when the sky turned cloudy, I started digging out the cassava roots.
Cassava roots harvested, washed and the skin peeled off. I kept aside a portion to make cassava cake or kuih ubi bingka and store the rest in the freezer for future use. I am thinking of making cassava sweet drink or tong sui and making cassava cake one more time.
To make kuih ubi bingka, I grated the cassava roots. Then I lightly squeezed out the water from the grated roots. Then I added sugar, coconut milk, melted butter and 2 eggs and mixed all together evenly.
Then I poured the mixture into baking trays oiled with melted butter. I baked the cassava cake in the oven for about 1 hour at 190 deg. C.
It smelled so good but the texture was not as soft as I desired it to be.
It tastes good and not too sweet.
The cassava cake was cut and packed to be distributed to my neighbour and friends.
Another way of cooking cassava roots is to boil them in some salt until they are soft and fluffy. This is another one of my favourite. Sometimes I eat it plain, sometimes with grated coconut. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
Crape Jasmine flowers by the roadside in front of a row of terrace houses.

I was born to do wrong,

a sinner before I left my mother's womb.

You want me to be completely loyal,

so put true wisdom deep inside of me.

Remove my sin and make me pure.

Wash me until I am whiter than snow!

(Psalm 51:5-7, Easy-to-Read Version-ERV)

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Lotus Seeds, Ginkgo Nuts Sweet Drink & Steamed Sweet Corn

On our way home after our morning walk, I usually keep my eyes open for pretty flowers by the road side. When I see one, I will stop to take snapshots before I continue on my walk.

Close up of Deep Pink Oleander Flowers.
I have been wanting to cook lotus seeds and ginkgo nuts sweet drink and I even have all the ingredients in my fridge. I finally got down to it. I soaked the dried lotus seeds before peeling off the skin. I cracked the ginkgo nuts and peeled off the skin. I also soaked the malva nuts (buah kembang semangkuk in Malay) and rinsed the malva jelly.
My delicious home cooked sweet drink or tong sui.
(Lotus seeds, ginkgo nuts, malva jelly, dried longan, and honey rock sugar)
Before serving, add some of the expanded malva jelly.
This sweet drink or tong sui tastes good when it is warm or chilled.
I also steamed the sweet corns given by a friend.
We had the sweet drink and steamed sweet corn for lunch.

Hold tightly to the pattern of truth I taught you,

especially concerning the faith and love Christ Jesus offers you.

Guard well the splendid, God-given ability you received as a gift

from the Holy Spirit who lives within you.

(2 Timothy 1:13-14, The Living Bible-TLB)
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