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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Sunrise, Sunset & Simple Meals After Chinese New Year Celebration.

Everything is back to normal after our sons have left home and gone back to work. Again, we are back to our early morning walk. 
 Sunrise @ 7:15 am.
 Sunrise @ 7:20 am.
 We are trying to at least complete 10,000 steps a day.
 Our smartphone is keeping track on the number of steps.
Time to get work off the calorie.
 Bend and stretch.... get into shape.....,,
 Found this strange looking insert in front of my house.
 It moves very slowly.
*     *     *     *     *
Went out for breakfast with an ex-colleague.
Dropped by the office to get my car.
 This nice looking cat was resting on the bonnet of the car parked next to mine.
 Wait....let me get rid of the itch first....
*     *     *     *     *
We didn't take any lunch but we had something light at the Sin Yin Loong Cafe at Aeon Big, Falim.
 We both ordered Iced Hazelnut coffee and curry puff.
 This supposedly light snack kept us filled till late evening.
 There was a blood donation campaign at the shopping mall.
Here are some sunset shots.
At dinner time, I was still not hungry.
 I was still feeling satiate from the coffee and curry puff.
 Finally, we decided on a light dinner.
We ordered a plate of fried noodle (single portion) to share.

Our earthly fathers trained us for a few brief years,

doing the best for us that they knew how,

but God's correction is always right and for our best good,

that we may share his holiness.

(Hebrews 12:10, The Living Bible-TLB)

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Herbal Ban Mee & Home Cooked Roast Pork

I wanted to post this earlier but it didn't happened until now. It was sometime in mid January, i.e. about a month ago when most of us were busy preparing for the Chinese New Year celebration.
We were blessed with a pink sunrise that morning.
As we walked, we can hear some of the women talking about their New Year preparation.
After our walk, we went to a nearby coffee shop for our breakfast.
This was my breakfast - Herbal Ban Mee or Lui Cha Ban Mee.
The green soup is made from blended herbs.
This is something different from our usual ban mee with clear soup.
*     *     *     *     *
I had to clear the refrigerator to make space for the New Year stock.
I found a piece of pork belly which was meant for roast pork.
We had roast pork dipped in sweet Thai chili for dinner.
Together with a plate of blanched green vegetable with some garlic oil.
Our dinner with no rice.
I kept the leftover roast pork for next day.
I can't remember when I found this gate and yellow concrete wall fencing.

Linking to Good Fences.

And remember, when someone wants to do wrong 

it is never God who is tempting him,

for God never wants to do wrong

and never tempts anyone else to do it.

(James 1:13, The Living Bible-TLB)

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Dinner At Chow Yang Vegetarian Restaurant, Bercham.

It was a Monday morning and it was the 7th day of the Chinese New Year celebration. On the 7th day, traditionally it is celebrated as the birthday for ordinary human beings. For the majority of us, it was just like any ordinary day for us. 
7:15 am
That morning, we woke up early and were at the park for our early morning walking exercise.
7:24 am
As usual, we walked and watched the sun rise.
7:28 am
7:33 am
On our way to town for our breakfast.
*     *     *     *     *
Hubby's sister and her hubby was in Ipoh and we met up with them for tea at Parkson Parade Shopping Mall. While waiting for them, I took some snapshots of the Chinese New Year decorations.
This is a ship decoration.
The ship decoration even includes these sails.
"Smooth sailing"
We had cake and coffee at the Secret Recipe.
A close friend came to join us.
From tea time we chatted till it was time for dinner. We ended up having dinner at Chow Yang Vegetarian Restaurant in Bercham. It was a simple dinner for 6 people as our tummies had not fully digested the cake and coffee yet.
Vegetarian curry
Crispy fried noodle with gravy.
White tofu with vegetarian meat floss
Fried rice vermicelli
Wishing everyone a prosperous year
Happy Valentine's Day!

Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life,

prosperity and honor.

(Proverbs 21:21, New International Version-NIV)

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