Wednesday 30 November 2016

Western Style Dinner At Bunge Bungalow.

We had Western style dinner for the 2nd night's dinner. We made a special request for 4 lamb chops and 3 chicken chops. 
Our dinner started with mushroom soup.
And some toasted bread with butter to go with the soup.
Chicken chop with a sausage, blanched cabbage and half a tomato. I interrupted my neighbour's dinner for this picture. 
Mustard paste and mint sauce (no pic. of mint sauce to show).
Hey! Now where is my lamb chop picture? Did I forget or did it went missing? We were served a generous portion of lamp chop. I like my lamp chop with the mint sauce plus a little bit of mustard paste.
For dessert, we were served banana pudding cake. We have tasted this on our previous trip.
We are suppose to eat the banana pudding with this sauce.
Since there is no lamb chop picture to show, I will show you our young man enjoying his lamb chop. delicious!
Photo credit: Tsang
This photo came in late. It was taken on the 1st night dinner but I will post it here. Thank God for the food and happy fellowship.
There was no mist that night and the sky was very clear. From the bungalow's sitting room, we can see the lights from Genting Highland quite clearly. On a clear day, we can also see the high rise buildings very clearly. This is the best I can get with my smart phone camera.
*     *     *     *     *
The following photos are for joining Flower Wednesday.
Pink Trumpet Flower.
Purple Flowers.
Can someone help identify these flowers?
Pretty purple leaves with tiny flowers.
I don't know the name of this plant.
Can someone help to identify this plant?
A Red Rose drenched with rain water.

Linking to Flower Wednesday.

Seek him who created the Seven Stars and the constellation Orion,
who turns darkness into morning and day into night,
who calls forth the water from the ocean and
pours it out as rain upon the land.
The Lord, Jehovah, is his name.
(Amos 5:8, The Living Bible-TLB)

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Afternoon Tea, Misty Afternoon & Monkeys.

It was a cool day and we were out in the open enjoying the cool fresh air. We were armed with our cameras ready for anything that caught our interest. We enjoyed the mist around us while in the highlands.
The time was about 3 pm.

A view of the road below (left) and the bungalows (right) with the green fence in the middle.
A photo shot before going in for our afternoon tea.
I was dreaming of coffee.....

Beautiful red and yellow flowers in harmony with each other.
Afternoon tea was served at 3.15 pm.
We had freshly baked scones, coffee & tea
We can have the scones plain or with the butter and jam provided. Some of us requested the less sweetened orange marmalade from the kitchen.
After tea, some watched TV, some played games on our smart phones, while some munched on snacks. And some took cat naps. Can you guess what I did?
By about 4.30 pm we were all out in the open air again. We happened to be standing near the fence next to the garage when we heard rustling on the tree tops.
We spotted monkeys! Big and small monkeys swinging from trees to trees! They were having a fun time and we enjoyed watching them.
Not easy to get clear shots of the monkeys because of the mist.
Some were very shy. Every time I tried to get a good focus on one big monkey, it managed to get out of focus. Sigh!
These monkeys have very long and thick tails,
This particular monkey was not shy. It was taking its own sweet time feeding on a tree top.
It was feeding on the young leaves or fruits of the tree.
Photo credit: Tsang
Thanks to our friend who got some good close up shots of the one feeding on the tree top. All the while, it was watching us.
Photo credit: Tsang
I wondered what was on its mind. "These funny humans haven't seen a monkey before?" We watched until they were out of our sight but we could still hear them moving among the trees.
Then we took a walk downhill and then uphill to another rest house.
The time was about 5 pm. We need to burn up some calories before our next meal!
Grandson & Grandparents
We saw many seedlings of the Giant Agave plants. Will it grow in the lowland? Anyway we collected a few for our friends to try to grow in their big compound.
*     *     *     *     *
The following photos are for joining Tuesday's Treasures.
Antique decorative wall hangers from Gopeng Museum.
Antique decorative wall hanger from Gopeng Museum.

This is what I have asked of God for you:
that you will be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love,
and that you will have the rich experience of knowing Christ
with real certainty and clear understanding.
For God's secret plan, now at last made know, is Christ himself.
In him lie hidden all the mighty,
untapped treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
(Colossians 2:2-3, The Living Bible-TLB)

Monday 28 November 2016

Our Lunch At Bunge Bungalow, Fraser's Hill.

After the morning's outing at the Floral Garden, The Paddock, the Clock Tower and etc., we drove back to the bungalow to get ready for our lunch. This is the only lunch we had in Fraser's Hill on this trip. The following dishes were what the kitchen had prepared for us.
We had plain steamed fish with ginger strips.
Chinese style pork chop with sauce.
Plain stir fried veggie (Chinese cabbage or siew pak choy) with garlic.
Soup - carrot, corn and pork rib.
After a nice lunch, our next meal will be tea at about 3.15 pm.
Pesticide-free Cauliflower growing at the Floral Garden. For this trip, we bought some ginger and freshly harvested cabbages.
Photo credit: Tsang
Yellow berries from a tall bush growing outside The Paddock.
Begonia growing in a pot outside the bungalow.
Colourful Coleus plants from the bungalow's garden.

Then he prayed again, this time that it would rain,
and down it poured, and the grass turn green
and the gardens began to grow again.
(James 5:18, The Living Bible-TLB)

Sunday 27 November 2016

Visit To The Paddock In Fraser's Hill.

We have visited the Paddock once many year ago. For this trip, we visited the Paddock again since it was a first time for the youngest in our group. It was a week day and the place was very quiet. We saw 2 cars parked on the road side outside the gate and the visitors' parking lot a short distance away was empty.
A short distance to walk after going through the gate.
One for our albums and one for my blog.
From afar, we saw 3 horses.
Warming up for one of the horses.
A horse ride experience for this young child.
For me and my photo taking friends, this Secret Garden got us curious. Secret or not, we had to take a look.
And look what we found in the Secret Garden! Giant red bracts/flowers. 
These two were still upright with yellow flowers.
We also found some interesting plants in the garden.
Orchid flowers.
Photo credit: Tsang
Beautiful capture of a new tender leaf by our friend.
Photo credit: Tsang
Side view of the tender leaf.
Flower buds of the Trumpet plant.
And we also found a green seed pot hanging from the Trumpet plant.
Nov. 2016 - Fraser's Hill
We intentionally had a group photo with this standing order for our sweet memories.
Nov. 2016 - Fraser's Hill
Another one at the Clock Tower, also in the same standing order. Why? To compare! Before our Fraser's Hill trip, our friend dug out an old photo and share it with us through whatsapp!
1998/1998 - Church Family Camp in Cameron Highlands.
Here is a photo of the same 3 couples taken in 1998/1999 in Cameron Highlands. The difference is about 18 years. Can you see any differences after 18 years?

Once you were less than nothing; now you are God's own.
Once you knew very little of God's kindness;
now your very lives have been changed by it.
(1 Peter 2:10, The Living Bible-TLB)
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