Monday 31 August 2015

Growing Sunset Bells In My Garden

Today, I want to introduce a striking, flowering plant from my garden. Some of its common names are Sunset Bells, Black Flamingo, Copper Leaf and Squarestem. Its scientific name is Chrysothemis Pulchella.
Sunset Bells have bright and striking yellow flowers with reddish orange stripes and spots on its petals.
The bright yellow flowers are supported by bright reddish orange calyces.
And there are very fine white hair on the outerside of the yellow flowers.
The flowers and calyces comes in small clusters supported by green stalks.
The bright yellow flowers last only 1 to 2 days but the bright reddish orange calyces last a long time.
The veined leaves are dark and glossy, purplish in colour.
They are velvety/leathery textured with toothed edges.
The underside of leaves are veined and purple in colour.
 The stems are green, thick and succulent.
Sunset Bells is a tropical plant.
 It grows well in normal moist garden soil with good water drainage.
Just make sure the soil is not to dry or too wet.
 It only needs fertilizing once in few weeks.
 Sunset Bells are grown as ornamental plants.
 It is suitable for growing in containers or pots.
 Its roots are not deep growing and is suitable for growing in shallow pots.
So far I have propagated this plant through stem cuttings.
 It is easy to grow and easy to maintain. It is pest and trouble free.
"I have told you these things,
so that in Me you may have peace.
In this world you will have trouble.
But take heart! I have overcome the world."
(John 16:33, NIV)

Saturday 29 August 2015

Growing Variegated Araru Plants In My Garden

I can't remember how I come to have the Araru plants in my garden. At one time I even have to pull them out from the ground and got rid of them because they have grown out of control. But somehow this plant chose to stay and after a while a new shoot came out of the ground and revealed its presence in my garden once again.
Actually I quite like this Variegated Araru plant for its mixture of dark and light green and white or light beige shaded leaves. The only way is to dig this plant out from the ground and plant them in a pot so that it doesn't grow out of control like before.
 Saw this Araru plant growing beside my Ambra or Kedondong plant. It could have sprouted from a rhizome that I have left behind in the ground.
I dug it out and temporary planted it in a black plastic bag.
At that time I have not decided what to do with the plant.
To keep or to give away....
Araru is also known as Ararao. Its scientific name is Maranta Arundinacea.
It grows well in normal garden soil with good water drainage.
 It can tolerate full sun and it is also resistant to pest.
It is easy to grow and maintain without any fuss.
The stems are straight and slender. 
I have decided to keep this plant and have transferred it to a pot.  
Besides the fine roots, there is a very young, tender rhizome growing from the base of the plant and a new shoot has started to grow from the tip of the rhizome.
From my visit to the Perak Herbal garden, I came to know that Araru plant has medicinal uses.
  • To cool down body heat - drink the juice extracted from the rhizomes.
  • To treat itchiness - juice extracted from grated rhizomes is used to apply onto affected areas.
Araru is said to be edible and is grown for its starch extracted from the rhizomes. To read and find out more about Araru and its many uses, you can go and check it out at

We know that the law is good if one uses it properly.
(1 Timothy 1:8, NIV)

Affordable Beds And Bedding Sets

For the past months hubby and I have  been looking for affordable and good quality double beds for our sons' room. Whenever our sons come back for their holidays, they still sleep on their old single beds. They have outgrown their childhood beds!

Even though they do not complain but we felt that the old beds are too small and uncomfortable for them. Another reason for changing into double beds will also be convenient if and when friends or relatives drop by for a visit, we will be able to offer our visitors proper bedding. Buying the double beds means I need to buy new bed sheets too. 

A friend suggested that I should try bedding online websites because she has bought a few sets for her home. I browsed through the products offered online and it looks like website offers high quality 3d bedding sets at low prices with a wide range of designs. offer artistic and creative bedding sets designed in track with the changing trends. I find the designs very unique and attractive. 
It is claimed that customers can also browse and order items offered on bedding sale in Melbourne through this website without experiencing any hassles and problems. 

I have found some nice designs and colours that are not too bright and glaring. First I have to check if these discounted items will be within my budget after the currency conversion. I am also hoping to squeeze in a bedding set for our bed too. For those who are also interested to check up on the bedding sets, you can visit

For the LORD takes delight in His people;
He crowns the humble with victory.
Let His faithful people rejoice in this honor
and sing for joy on their beds.
(Psalm 149:4-5, NIV)

Friday 28 August 2015

Walking Exercise, Trees And Sunrise

We have just resumed our morning walk after a long rest for more than a month. It started when hubby was down with influenza and after that I too caught the flu bug. This time my cough dragged on for more than 2 weeks. I allowed my body to fight its own battle. The only medication I took was some cough mixture.
Two days ago we went back to the recreation park for our walking exercise. It was a lovely morning and we got to see the lovely sunrise.

As I walk, I enjoyed looking at the trees and plants around me.

There is this tree bending down towards the pond. I name it drinking tree because it looks like it is drinking from the lake.

That morning, some one else also express interest in the drinking tree.

What should I call this tree? Curved or Bent tree?

Halfway through our morning walk, the track was blocked by a fallen branch. The branch must have broke off from the tree during the previous night's heavy rain and very strong wind.
We have to walk on the grass to continue our walk on the track.
The fallen branch had knocked off the lamp from the lamp post and the lamp post was in a dangerous slanted position.

Palm trees beside the lake.

Found this round wild mushroom beside the walking track one morning during the wet season. It was about the size of a tennis ball and it looked like a brain.
Some one planted this South African grass or African leaves in the park. It is said that eating the leaves helps to lower cholesterol but prolong and careless consumption may lead to poisoning and damage of internal organs.
There is also a Noni plant planted in the centre of a small roundabout in the park. This is a small unripe noni fruit.
Spider Lily Plants with flowers.

A leaning tree facing the low cost flats.

Trees planted in a straight, neat row beside the drain.

Linked to Skywatch Friday.

Hallelujah! O servants of Jehovah, praise His name.
Blessed is His name forever and forever.
Praise Him from sunrise to sunset!
For He is high above the nations;
His glory is far greater than the heavens.
(Psalm 113:1-4, The Living Bible-TLB)
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