Tuesday 31 August 2021

Pan Mee, Loh Mee & Spicy, Sour Mustard Green

Have been raining the last few days. Gloomy sky most of the days.

Morning sky at 7:15am
On the reverse side, clear view of Kledang Hill.
Can you see the communication towers on the hill?

From here, we crossed the road to the right to where the shops are to buy breakfast.
2 pieces of tapioca cake (left)
Steamed cake or "angku" kuih.
Green is with grated coconut filling, red is with red bean paste and the yellow is with bean paste.
Next, we walked over to another shop.
To buy 4 pieces of my favourite yam bean (sengkuang) fritters.
Our neighbour bought lunch for us.
And 1 set of Chili Pan mee served with Amaranth spinach soup.
Dry version pan mee served with fragrant spicy chili.
1 set of Loh Mee with thick gravy.
Noodle and gravy were placed separately.
Pour the loh mee gravy over the noodle.
Dark rice vinegar was added to the noodle.
Both the noodle portions were big.
Spicy and Sour Mustard Green (kai choy).
I cooked spicy and sour mustard green with 1 roast pork leg for dinner.
After a heavy lunch, we didn't want any rice and just enjoy the appetizing dish by itself.
A set of Chinese Calligraphy Writing And Painting Tools at the Gopeng Museum.

Do not let any part of your bodies become tools of wickedness,
to be used for sinning; but give yourselves completely
to God - every part of you - for you are back from death
and you want to be tools in the hands of God,
to be used for his good purposes.
(Romans 6:13, The Living Bible-TLB)

Monday 30 August 2021

Enjoy Mooncakes While They Are Freshly Baked

We thought there will be no morning walk when we woke up because it was raining. Surprisingly, it stopped a short while later. When we started out, the ground was still wet and the air fresh and cool. Today, I am combining 2 days posting into 1 post.

Day #1

The top of Kledang Hill was shrouded in mist - 7:30am.
Morning sky with dark cloud looming over us - 7:40am
A lone bird perched on the power cable.
Home cooked instant noodle with steamed pork rib with preserved black bean, leftover from the previous day's dinner.
I prefer to add some dried shrimp chili to my plate of noodle.
We stopped at a roadside stall selling biscuits, cakes and unbranded mooncakes. The mooncake festival is about 4 weeks away but mooncakes are already on sale. I have not bought mooncakes for many years, whatever we had were gifts from friends and neighbour. I couldn't resist because the mooncakes were freshly baked. I ended up buying 2 different types of mooncakes to taste.  
This is 5 mixed nuts mooncake which is my favourite.
Love this 5 nuts mooncake but now I have to take a long time to chew on the nuts because my gum is not as strong as before. It is fresh, tastes good, less oily and not very sweet.
This is white lotus paste with single salted egg yolk mooncake.
This is hubby's favourite. I took a piece (cut into 8 pieces) to taste.
This is also fresh, tastes good, less oily and not very sweet.
Simple home cooked dinner.
Just 1 dish (sambal stinky bean with minced pork and dried shrimp) dinner. This dish is best eaten with white rice. 
My neighbour doesn't eat stinky beans so I kept this extra portion in the fridge for another day's dinner.

Day #2
A cool morning after a whole night's rain.
Mist or low cloud surrounding the hill.
Received 2 big steamed buns (tai pau) from our neighbour.
1 for hubby and 1 for me.
Steamed big bun filled and packed with delicious ingredients.
Since we like and enjoyed the mooncakes, I went back to the same stall to buy 4 more mooncakes:
2 white lotus paste with single salted egg yolk (RM6.80 each),
1 with 5 mixed nuts (RM7.80 each)
and 1 with 5 mixed nuts with Chinese ham (RM8.40).
No more buying of mooncakes, enough for this year.
The cook was in lazy mode, so we went out to buy dinner.
We bought fried noodle (Mamak mee goreng), 2 pieces fried chicken and some potato fries.
Since the vaccination program started, coconut water has been a hot selling item. There are about 5 stalls selling coconut water and they are enjoying roaring business. People has been queuing up to buy coconut water. It is believed that drinking coconut water helps to reduce side effects of vaccine such as fever and etc.

If you love someone,
you will be loyal to him no matter what the cost.
You will always believe in him, always expect the best of him,
and always stand your ground in defending him.
(1 Corinthians 13:7, The Living Bible-TLB)

Saturday 28 August 2021

Assorted Pastries, Hokkien Fried Fat Noodle & Steamed Pork Ribs

This is another day with gloomy sky. As long as it is drizzling, we can still go for our walk.

A glimpse of the sunrise at 7:30am.
On the way back, we made a detour to the nearby shops to buy the above items for breakfast.
Top row: 2 yam puffs and 1 curry puff, 3 items for RM5.
Bottow row: 2 siew pau and 1 egg tart, 3 items for RM5.
Fried flaky bbq pau and hum cheem peang.
The bbq pork filling of the fried flaky siew pau is nice but the skin is too thick.
Hubby bought this and he couldn't remember how much he paid for it.
For lunch, hubby went out to buy Hokkien fried fat noodle for us to share.
Home cooked dinner.
Steamed pork ribs with preserved black beans.
Blanched home grown Malabar Spinach, drizzled with garlic oil, oyster and soy sauce.
Our neighbour bought for us stewed fish head. To heat up for dinner, I steamed it and added in the leftover roast pork I had in the fridge. This was more for me because hubby is not a fan of fish head.
I kept aside half of the steamed pork rib for next day.
I saw this unusual white butterfly fluttering on the tarmac road on our morning walk.
The following photo and video credited to Aislynn.
This is a mango loving dog. My friend recently took in a stray dog and it surprised her to see this dog enjoying a ripe mango that had fallen from the tree in her garden.
My friend shared this short video of her adopted dog enjoying the mango.

So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves.
Instead, you received God's Spirit when he adopted you
as his own children. Now we call him, "Abba, Father."
(Romans 8:15, New Living Translation-NLT)

Friday 27 August 2021

Roast Pork + BBQ Sausage Rice & Instant Kampua Mee Noodle

This was one of those mornings with clear sky and white clouds.

View of Kledang Hill at 7:15am
Kledang Hill at 7:28am
We walked over to the shops to buy breakfast.
We have tried the yam bean dumplings or chai kuih (right) and we like it, so we bought 3 sets. Kept 1 set for ourselves and 2 sets for our neighbour. We chose the set consisting of stuffed green chili, tofu, brinjal and bitter gourd. 4 sets for RM10.
Hubby walked over to the next door coffee shop to buy 1 packet of nasi lemak, 1 you tiao and 2 ma keok. Whatever we couldn't finish were kept for tea or lunch.
This nasi lemak is only RM1.50, cheap and tasty.
Deep red Caladium from my garden.
It is now growing well under semi shade.
Hubby went out to buy roast pork and bbq sausage rice. I taxed 2 spoonful and ate whatever was left from breakfast.
A friend dropped by to collect something from me and gave me 3 tuna buns. I ate one and then only remember to take a snapshot. These 2 were kept for afternoon tea.
These plants died a few times and I thought I lost them for good but after a while, surprisingly they reappeared. They seem to like this new place under semi shade, so I won't move them anywhere else.
For dinner, I cooked instant Sibu Kampua noodle (gift from a friend) to eat with fried chicken (from our neighbour) and home cooked sambal stinky bean with minced pork.
A big rainwater droplet collected on the leaf.
This is one of my favourite caladiums.

And remember that your heavenly Father to whom
you pray has no favorites when he judges.
He will judge you with perfect justice for everything you do;
so act in reverent fear of him from now on until you get to heaven.
(1 Peter 1:17, The Living Bible-TLB)
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