Tuesday 31 July 2018

Hotpot or Steamboat Dinner At Restaurant Shabu-Shabu, Ipoh.

We came to know about this Restoran Shabu-Shabu quite some time ago but have never been until recently. Finally one Saturday evening, our friend remembered and wanted to try the buffet steamboat. We don't know what to expect as it was our first visit to this place.
We were there at about 7.15 pm and it was still bright.
The restaurant is at Jalan Gopeng and near to the Impiana Hotel.
We were informed that the tables in the air-conditioned room were all reserved and we had no choice but to accept the table allocated to us without the air-con.
We chose 2 types of soup base - chicken soup and seafood soup.
The ladies were busy picking the different foodstuffs for the table and I totally forgot to take snapshots of what we had picked. I only managed to take a few photos when I was seated.
Here are some seafood after being cooked such as prawns, crabs and some shellfish. You will have to request for the crabs and prawns from the servers.
Some crunchy deep fried fish paste dumplings.
They even have bbq skewered meat aka "satay"
We picked some beef and chicken satay.
Overall it was a wonderful steamboat dinner.
For senior citizens like us, we got to enjoy a cheaper rate @ RM 26.00.
2 days later, the rate was increased to RM 28.00
Shabu-shabu is a Chinese-Japanese nabemono hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water or chosen soup base.
I caught sight of this building left in ruins with creepers and filled with undergrowth. Another thing that caught my attention is the mini bicycle hanging under the big letter G.

But those who listen and don't obey are like a man
who builds a house without a foundation.
When the floods sweep down against that house,
it crumbles into a heap of ruins.
(Luke 6:49, The Living Bible-TLB)

Monday 30 July 2018

Dinner At Wah Chai Seafood (Menglembu) Sdn. Bhd.

Someone wanted to eat soft shell crabs and I remembered having soft shell crabs at a restaurant in Menglembu. So we got together, and all 6 of us were in Menglembu to check out if they still serve that dish. We were the earliest customers, so food was served real fast!
The first 3 dishes were served.
Deep fried soft shell crabs @ RM 35.00
Sweet sour chili sauce as dipping for the deep fried soft shell crabs.
Stir fried assorted treasures and chicken in yam or taro ring with overflowing garnishing of lettuce and crackers @ RM 30.00
Spicy belacan sauce Stinking beans and minced meat with spicy belacan sauce @ RM 25.00. This dish will tempt you to eat more rice.
Yau Cham San yu or translated as Snakehead fish cooked in oil @ RM 71.50
This was the portion of rice that I took.
Total cost of dinner for 6 people = RM 173.00
(incl. rice, peanuts and wet towels)

Work hard and cheerfully at all you do,
just as though you were working for the Lord
and not merely for your masters,
remembering that it is the Lord Christ who is going to pay you,
giving you your full portion of all he owns.
He is the one you are really working for.
(Colossians 3:23-24, The Living Bible-TLB)

Saturday 28 July 2018

Seafood For Lunch At Kedai Makanan Tepi Sungai, Kuala Sepetang.

After a short walkabout and buying of some dried seafood stuffs, it was time to think about our tummy. 
 Kedai Makanan Tepi Sungai (riverside restaurant)
 The restaurant is on the 1st floor.
"Come, follow me!"
 We passed by these Mantis Prawns in a water tank.
 A close up of a Mantis Prawn.
 The 1st floor restaurant over looking the river scene.
A typical fishing boat on the river.
 A jug of iced umbra fruit juice for 6 people 
 Deep fried wontons or dumplings.
 Deep fried soft shell prawns in batter.
Needn't have to bother with the shells, all can be eaten!
 Nyonya assam fish (local call this "chicken meat fish")
 Steamed drunken prawns
 Sweet sour and spicy mud crabs
 We didn't order any rice or noodles.
Five types of dishes plus the drink about RM 180 for 6 people.
Customers can also order these fresh live cockles
And prawns kept fresh in this ice box.
On our way home, we stopped in Taiping for cendol ice.
And a plate of Pasembor (rojak).
We each had a small bowl of cendol ice.
A plate of Pasembor rojak.
Everyone gets to taste a little of it.

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Even honey seems tasteless to a man who is full;
but if he is hungry, he'll eat anything!
(Proverbs 27:7, The Living Bible-TLB)

Friday 27 July 2018

From Ipoh - Kuala Kangsar - Kuala Sepetang.

We didn't drive straight to Kuala Sepetang. We made a few stops along the way.
Our first stop was in Kuala Kangsar where we dropped by a friend's motorcycle shop to pay a visit.
Checking out some of the bright coloured bikes.
The yellow one above and the white one below are good for shopping purposes.So convenient with the metal basket in front, center and a back carrier.
We chatted for a while, refreshed ourselves, and we were on the road again.
Back on the highway
Going out of the highway in search of durians.
We came upon a roadside stall, stopped to find out the price.
The durian fruits look fresh.
Our friends checking out the durians.
"Watch out for the thorns!"
See, the "makcik" or auntie on the left opening the durian fruits for us.
Come, let's enjoy!
Yummy durian fruit.
Sorry about the colour, due to reflection of the pink coloured shade.
After we had our fill of durians, we continued on our journey.
If you want a boat ride, this is the place!
This is a common fishing village scene.
Taking a rest and a snapshot.
"Mind where you sit, don't fall over into the water!"
Sweet couple!
Click to play a short video.
3 thumbs up for this wonderful trip!
The natural drying process under the hot sun!
Fishes laid out on metal mesh frames to be dried.
Salted fishes.
Fishes cut, laid out to dried under the hot sun.
Drying shrimps on the hot cement floor and under the hot sun.
Close up of the shrimp.
Decorative fence surrounding a mini garden.

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Though I am surrounded by troubles,
you will bring me safely through them.
You will clench your fist against my angry enemies!
Your power will save me.
(Psalm 138:7, The Living Bible-TLB)
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