Tuesday 31 May 2022

Flowers From My Garden

Instead of sharing a food post, I will share some of the flowers from my garden.

Cockscomb flower.
Once you have grown this in your garden, they will self propagate from the seeds fallen on the ground. They will just sprout out of the ground every now and then.
A Gardenia bloom.
Pink Mexican Pertunia (Ruellia Simplex).
Yellow Alder or Buttercup.
Deep Pink Balsam.
White bougainvillea.
Pink Cleome or Spider flower.
This Taiping clock tower is located at 55, Jalan Kota, Taiping.
The original timber building was built in 1881 and was rebuilt with bricks in 1891. It was once used the Town Police Station and also served as a Fire Station. During the Japanese occupation, it was used as a torture center. Today it operates as a tourist information center.

Unless the Lord builds a house, the builders' work is useless.
Unless the Lord protects a city, sentries do no good.
(Psalm 127:1, The Living Bible-TLB)

Monday 30 May 2022

Mee Jawa, Fried Noodle, Fish Slices + Bitter Gourd Soup With Mee Sua

We started our morning walk at about 6:45am. 

Sunrise at 6:46am.
Above us, the moon was still bright at that time.
Our breakfast at Restoran Tet Shin, Ipoh.
Mee Jawa and unsweetened coffee for me.
This is our favourite mee jawa, Indonesian style.
Unsweetened coffee and fried noodle for hubby.
Fried rice vermicelli with prawns, egg and beansprount.
I harvested this white bitter gourd from my garden and will be cooking it for dinner.
I cooked fish slices with white bitter gourd slices soup. I didn't have carrots but found 2 tomatoes in the fridge. I cut the tomatoes in wedges, put in some goji berries, ginger slices, and some wine.
I prepared 2 bowls of mee sua (given by a Sitiawan friend) and some sambal belacan.
It was a delicious and satisfying dinner.
A painting of a rooster on a tree trunk at the Gunung Lang Recreational Park. I hope this can be considered as a mural on a tree trunk.

Linking to Monday Mural.

There are three things that are stately in their stride,
four that move with stately bearing:
a lion, mighty among beasts, who retreats before nothing;
a strutting rooster, a he-goat, and a king secure against revolt.
(Proverbs 30"29-31, New International Version-NIV)

Saturday 28 May 2022

Lunch At Restoran Fan Chen Mei, Bercham

After our visit to Gunung Lang Recreational Park which I shared in yesterday's post (please click here if you are interested), we had lunch at Restoran Fan Chen Mei, 3a, Persiaran Medan Bercham 3, Taman Bercham Baru, Ipoh. We were the first customers and we occupied the biggest table. There were 7 of us. We were early and we have plenty of time to go through the menu. Our friends finally settled for the following dishes.

Ordered 2 types of soup. One is the double steamed coconut chicken soup. I didn't snap photo of this soup.
The 2nd soup is this spicy sour fish maw soup Foo Chow style.
Tofu with minced pork.
Stinky beans with minced pork and sambal belacan.
The beans were tender and everyone enjoyed this dish.
Steamed fish (I don't know the name of this fish).
Fried soy sauce prawns.
Everyone enjoyed the delicious lunch. Hubby's friend and family will be returning to this restaurant the next evening with his siblings.
The following photos were taken at the Gunung Lang Recreational Park.
There are many monkeys on the other side of the lake but this one stood out from the rest. It wasn't afraid of people and came quite close to us.
It was watching hubby and probably expecting food from hubby.
Good thing it didn't disturb us because we were not carrying any food items except for some bottle of drinking water.
It didn't mind when I pointed my phone camera in its direction.
Finally, it decided to give me a good pose by looking directly into the camera. Thank you, my little friend.

A mirror reflects a man's face,
but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses.
(Proverbs 27:19, The Living Bible-TLB)

Friday 27 May 2022

A Visit To Gunung Lang Recreational Park, Ipoh

Hubby's friend and his family were in Ipoh for a few days to visit his brother. Hubby made appointment to meet up with his friend and family members at the Gunung Lang Recreational Park, Ipoh. I tagged along because I have not been over to the other side of the lake on my first visit.

Gunung Lang Recreational Park, Ipoh was opened to the public in the year 2000.
When it first opened there was a cascading waterfall coming down from the top of the limestone hill.
On my first visit a few years ago, we didn't take the boat over to the other side of the lake.
Operating hours.
The short boat ride to and fro: 
RM3.00 for adults & RM1.50 for senior citizens.
While waiting for the boat ride, I saw this funny looking palm tree. It is a double-headed or double trunk palm tree.
This boat will take us over to the other side of the lake.
Someone wanted to take a closer look or maybe take some snapshots but was called back by one of the staff.
Time to get on the boat.
This lake was an old mining pond.
The lake is surrounded by limestone hills.
Up ahead is the jetty.
It was a hot sunny day.
Nice reflection in the water.
There were more than 10 people in this boat ride.
Nearing the jetty, ready to disembark.
I was ready to explore and discover what is on this side.
I think this is the model of a "Rumah Perak" or "Perak House".
No occupant but we saw a few monkeys loitering around.
A "Flame of The Forest" tree.
Signs showing the things of interest.
Nice to walk under these shady trees that blocked out the sun.
This is one of 2 watch towers.
A young man ran up the watch tower and ran down again.
We saw 2 pairs of feathered critters and some animals in cages that I will be sharing in my next posts. The place is a lovely place but needs better care or maintenance. Once we were back on the other side, we went to Bercham for lunch.

The Lord is my fort where I can enter and be safe;
no one can follow me in and slay me.
He is a rugged mountain where I hide; he is my Savior,
a rock where none can reach me, and a tower of safety.
He is my shield.
He is like the strong horn of a mighty fighting bull.
(Psalm 18:2, The Living Bible-TLB)
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