Tuesday 31 January 2023

Steamed Chinese Pomfret Fish & Sengkuang Cooked With Pork Strips

On Sunday morning, I was bored with noodles so I told hubby I will walk over to the dim sum restaurant near my house to buy the following items back and brought them to our regular coffee shop.

#1 - Baked bbq bun for me.
#2 - Steamed bbq bun for me.
2 fishballs: 1 for me and 1 for hubby. 
Hubby bought a piece of Chinese cruller and Chinese fried doughnut for himself (no photo to show). We ordered unsweetened milo for me and Chinese tea for hubby.
Beautiful altar flowers at the church on Sunday.
Home cooked dinner.
To clear the stock from the freezer, I will try to prepare home cooked lunch and dinner for both of us.
Steamed 2 slightly bigger than palm size Chinese pomfrets.
I have 2 more Chinese pomfrets in the freezer for the next meal.
Yam bean and carrot strips cooked with pork strips.
I bought the yam bean thinking I will be making pie tee shells for the new year but it was not to be.
Chinese or Lunar New Year greeting from Eu Yang San Medical hall in Ipoh old town.
The new and the old.
Saw this 90's Classic Barber Shop at the side of a corner shop which was recently renovated.

When someone becomes a Christian,
he becomes a brand new person inside.
He is not the same anymore. A new life has begun!
All these new things are from God who brought us back to himself
through what Christ Jesus did.
And God has given us the privilege of urging everyone
to come into his favor and be reconciled to him.
(2 Corinthians 5:17-18, The Living Bible-TLB)

Monday 30 January 2023

Edibles Growing In My Garden

These days, I have not been out for foodie hunt so today, I will share about the edibles growing in my garden.

Bitter Lettuce.
I got the seeds from a friend.
From the first sowing of seeds, only 2 seedlings sprouted successfully.
I thought the success rate was low, so I sowed all the remaining seeds and these sprouted. These are now grown in the veggie patch in front of my house next to my neighbour's.
Corn plants in the front veggie patch.
I have 4 yam beans growing in black plastic bags in the front garden. Hope there is something for me to harvest in the near future.
Skinny cauliflower plants.
Green brinjals.
Chili plants are still fruiting.
Snake long beans seedlings newly transferred to these big pots.
We found the following mural during our short trip to Penang in 2022.
Children flying kites.
This mural was painted on the side wall of a corner shop.

Linking to Monday Mural.

The rich man thinks of his wealth as an impregnable defense,
a high wall of safety. What a dreamer!
(Proverbs 18:11, The Living Bible-TLB)

Saturday 28 January 2023

Koi Or Japanese Carps

This was one week before CNY 2023.

Morning sky at 7:05am.
Setting out on our morning walk.
We drove out to Ipoh old town for breakfast at Kedai Kopi Ah Chow.
I ordered noodle in clear soup at RM6.50
I don't know if the price has been increased.
There was a prawn, few pieces of roast pork and chicken meat.
Hubby ordered dry curry noodle at RM6.50 from the same stall.
We were with friends at this place and there is a fish pond with lots of beautiful Japanese carps swimming in it.
The sky reflected in the water.
The water is very clear.

Again, the Kingdom of Heaven can be illustrated
by a fisherman - he casts a net into the water and
gathers in fish of every kind, valuable and worthless.
When the net is full, he drags it up onto the beach and
sits down and sorts out the edible ones onto crates
and throws the other away.
(Matthew 13:47-48, The Living Bible-TLB)

Friday 27 January 2023

Lunch at Restoran Nam Hing Loong, Temoh, Perak

Yesterday, 5th day CNY 2023, hubby had a gathering with his course mates. A few of them met up in one of their house and spent some time catching up with one another. They came from Singapore, Johor, Kuala Lumpur and Perak and this is their once a year gathering. I was home with my son. They ordered the following dishes for their lunch.

Venison with young ginger slices and spring onions.
Pork tender.
Brinjal or eggplant.
Sang cheong (innard or pig's intestine).
Blanched green veggie.
According to hubby, everyone was giving thumbs up for the dishes.
In spite of the crowd, they only waited for half an hour to be served.
The following sky photos were taken in September, 2022.
Sunrise at 6:55am.
Spotted a rainbow during our morning walk at 7am.
Took another shot of the rainbow before we continued on our morning walk.

Linking to Skywatch Friday.

For I will see the rainbow in the cloud and
remember my eternal promise to every living being on the earth.
(Genesis 9:16-17, The Living Bible-TLB)

Thursday 26 January 2023

Food On The 3rd & 4th Day CNY 2023

On 3rd day of CNY 2023, I cooked black vinegar pork leg for lunch.
I served half portion for lunch because there were only 3 of us eating. Younger son went out for lunch with his friends. I kept the other half portion to be frozen for another meal.
Broccoli and carrot and I used some of the egg white left behind from another recipe.
4th day CNY 2023, elder son will be returning to work in the city after breakfast. We thought of having breakfast at the dim sum restaurant nearby our house.
When we saw the overflowing crowd at the dim sum restaurant, we changed our minds and walked over to the opposite food court. There, we were told that the steamed buns were all sold out.  Elder son ordered curry noodle while hubby and I shared a plate of braised pork noodle.
Braised pork noodle.
I didn't take photo of son's curry noodle.
We don't light firecrackers but we do have a pot of blooming orange firecrackers in our garden.
Simple home cooked dinner on 4th Day CNY 2023. 
Son's favourite: Fish paste & minced pork patties.
Hubby's favourite: Stewed chicken feet.
Cooked napa cabbage with carrot.
I added a can of abalone (received as a gift). There were 10 small abalones in the can. Sad to say that the abalones, even cut into small pieces were all very rubbery. This is the first time I come across such rubbery abalone.
Yellow cucumber + carrot and pork bones soup.
The weather is usually hot when we celebrate CNY but for this year, it was an exception. For once, we are enjoying nice and cool weather throughout CNY 2023.

Sound the trumpet!
Come to the joyous celebrations at full moon,
new moon, and all the other holidays.
(Psalm 81:3, The Living Bible-TLB)

Wednesday 25 January 2023

Updates From My Garden January 2023

I have been busy cooking lunch and dinner for the family and for most of the meals I have forgotten to snap photos of the dishes that I have cooked. So, no food post for the time being. Instead, I will update on my garden plants.

Okra or ladies' fingers.
Currently, I have 2 okra plants growing in the same pot.
This long okra was harvested a day late and it was not good for food, hard and fibrous.
Green brinjals / eggplants /aubergines growing in my garden.
This must be harvested before the seeds harden.
Sometimes, it can grow quite long and still is tender.
I sowed a few yellow cucumber seeds and only one is successful.
Cranberry Hibiscus blooming away.
This patch of land which I used to plant green and purple amaranth has been infested with tiny snails and they will eat up all the young leaves. I will try to plant corn instead and see if the snails will attack the corn plants.

Like sheep you wandered away from God,
but now you have returned to your Shepherd,
The Guardian of your souls who keeps you safe from all attacks.
(1 Peter 2:25, The Living Bible-TLB)
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