Thursday 30 September 2021

Pork Noodle, Heong Peah, Claypot Chicken Rice

This was last Thursday. We had some things to do in town. After our morning walk, we got into the car and drove out to town.

Morning sky at 7:55am.
After having settled everything, we stopped at one coffee shop to buy breakfast.
We bought 2 portions of pork noodles. I ordered noodles with minced pork and sliced pork, without the innards. Mee sua for me and bihun+mee for hubby.
We received 2 packets of biscuits from my sister.
One packet is the fragrant biscuits (heong peah). The skin is flaky, crumbly pastry with sticky malt and shallot filling.
Heong Peah is best eaten when freshly baked.
The 2nd packet is the sesame puffs or sesame biscuits.
After hubby had finished setting up a bricks boundary for my vegetable patch, he went out to the nearby food court to buy ice kacang with extra ice shaving.
The cook was lazy and not in the mood to cook.
Hubby went out to buy claypot chicken rice and stewed duck.
We didn't finish the stewed duck. The leftover was kept in the fridge and used to served with instant noodle for hubby's next day lunch.

Jesus told them,
"In this world the kings and great men order their slaves around,
and the slaves have no choice but to like it!
But among you, the one who serves you best will be your leader.
(Luke 22:P25-26, The Living Bible-TLB)

Wear Waist Trainer Or Body Shapewear For Instant Effect

Before the pandemic, we stay fit and slim by going to the gym for workouts, jogging in the park or joining a line dance group. Once the lockdown started, all these activities were stopped and many of us were confined within the walls of our home or rented room. Our activities include mainly sitting, sleeping and eating. No wonder, our bodies have grown sideways and our waists have expanded.

With more work places opening up, we need to buckle up and prepare ourselves before we are called back to the office. First, we need to try out our work clothes and see if we can still fit into them, especially clothes that are slim fitting. I won’t be surprised if most of us will find that our waist have expanded and need to trim down our waist line. If this is so, despair not, for there is a solution to our problem. We could either get a waist trainer or a body shapewear as a temporary measure until we lose that extra inch.

What is a waist trainer? It is a thick fabric undergarment with hard metal boning, something like a corset or girdle. It is worn around the waist to shape or tighten, giving the wearer a slimmer waist. Wearing a waist trainer may decrease our appetite and also give us better posture. These are some of the benefits of waist trainer though it is not recommended for long term use. Waist trainers are available online and can be sourced from waist trainerwholesale vendor such as
What is a body shapewear? It is a piece of undergarment that helps to make our body look slimmer. A body shapewear is able to help us achieve the perfect figure eight body or an hour glass body temporary without having to sweat it out. If we were to wear this piece of garment the right way, it can even help correct our posture. A body shapewear is cheaper solution compared to weight loss, diet or fitness programs. This undergarment is not visible even if we wear slim fitting clothing over it. These undergarments can be found on the wholesale shapewear websites.

Good quality waist trainer or shapewear that are specially designed can display instant smaller waist, flatter tummy and instant slimming body.

Wednesday 29 September 2021

ABC Ice Dessert, Roast Duck & Peanuts With Minced Meat Porridge

This year mid-autumn festival was on 21st September. For the past years my opposite neighbour celebrated this special day with a big gathering of family members, relatives and friends. Due to the pandemic, there was no celebration and everything was very quiet.

Sunrise on the morning of mid-autumn festival at 7:23am.
Hibiscus by the roadside.
Afternoon sky at 1:40pm.
On the reverse side, Kledang Hill.
Feeling thirsty, we bought cold dessert for lunch.
Cream corn, evaporated milk and sugar syrup with ice shaving for hubby.
ABC ice or mixed ice (ice kacang) with palm sugar for me.
Our simple dinner.
Peanut + minced meat porridge.
Stir fried kangkong (green veg) with shrimp paste (no photo).
We were blessed with the above roast duck by our neighbour just as we started on our dinner so thanks to our neighbour, it was not a simple dinner after all.
Sunset at 7:20pm.
That night a friend shared his mid autumn moon photos with us.
Moon photos credited to BKC.
Full moon (mid-autumn festival)
According to Chinese calendar, it is on 15th day of the 8th lunar month.
Beautiful golden moon.

He assigned the moon to mark the months
and the sun to mark the days.
He sends the night and darkness,
when all the forest folk come out.
Then the young lions roar for their food,
but they are dependent on the Lord.
(Psalm 104:19-21, The Living Bible-TLB)

Tuesday 28 September 2021

Peach Gum Longan Sweet Drink, Egg Prata & Sambal Chicken

This was eve of the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival. The morning was cloudy.

Morning sky at 7am.
Sunrise behind dark cloud at 7:07am.
On the way back from morning walk, walked to the Mamak shop to buy egg prata (roti telur).
Quite a lot for 1 piece of prata with egg and onion (roti telur).
I cooked oat for myself, added almond slices, walnut chunks and cranberries.
A friend came over to give us 2 mooncakes.
Red bean paste filling (left) and pandan flavour paste filling (right).
We took a long time to finish these 2 mooncakes.
I boiled sweet drink with peach gum with cane sugar and I added in dried persimmon slices and a can of longan. Gave some to neighbour.
I was not in the mood to cook so we went out to the Indian stall to buy dinner.
We bought fried noodle, egg prata (roti telu) and 2 sambal drumsticks (ayam masak merah).
We like this fried beehoon, usually sold out very early.
This egg prata or roti telur has no onion and is smaller than the one we bought in the morning from the Mamak shop.
I like this sambal chicken drumstick (ayam masak merah).
It was a rainy evening and I couldn't resist buying 2 pieces of fried chicken from the next stall in the same restaurant.
Evening sky at 6:55pm.

Trishaw on display at the Antong Coffee mill in Taiping when we visited in Jun, 2016.

The heavens are telling the glory of God;
they are a marvelous display of his craftmanship.
Day and night they keep on telling about God.
(Psalm 19:1-2, The Living Bible-TLB)

Monday 27 September 2021

Curry Noodle, Nyonya Kuih, Dim Sum & Sweet Drink

Time really flies even during pandemic. There is no chance to feel bored as I have activities such as gardening, blogging, cooking, housework, and etc. to keep me busy.

Morning sky at 7am.
Sunrise and hills.
Clouds reflecting the sunlight 7:08am.
Sunday breakfast.
After morning walk, we went out to town to buy breakfast.
We bought "Ma Jie" curry noodles from Restoran Yee Lock.
Dry curry version (left) for hubby and soup version (right) for me.
I also bought the above Nyonya kuih.
Neighbour boiled sweet drink with monk fruit (luo han guo), dried longan and white fungus and gave us some.
My neighbour bought fish balls (above) and glutinous rice in lotus leaf (below) for us. So, we ate Nyonya kuih, fish balls and tong sui for lunch.
We kept the above glutinous rice in lotus leaf for dinner.
Steam to heat up and good to eat.
Chinese art mural on the wall of a Chinese school.

Linking to Monday Mural.

May there be peace within your walls.
May all go well within your houses.
(Psalm 122:7, New Life Version-NLV)
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