Tuesday 28 February 2017

Home Cooked BBQ Pork Belly And Salted Fish Beansprout.

It was home cooking day again. Last week, I had this last piece of frozen pork belly in my freezer and I have forgotten what I wanted to cook with it. I finally decided to cook it BBQ style. I used whatever ingredients I have available in my fridge to create my own BBQ version. Lol!

First I sliced the pork belly into slices and marinated the meat slices with a special sauce. I can't quite remember but I think I used oyster sauce, sugar, honey, dark soya sauce for colouring, red fermented bean curd (nam yee), etc. I left the meat in the fridge to marinate for a few hours.

When it was time to prepare dinner, I took out the meat from the fridge, laid the meat slices in a baking tray and cook them in the oven with approx. 200 deg. C. with the oven fan on. I am not sure for how long but I was keeping watch over the meat. I didn't want the meat to be overcooked and dry or get burnt. My cooking is all "agak-agak", estimation only. My recipe is forever changing.
 The cooked pork belly taken from the oven and placed on a serving plate.
 Whatever remaining thick sauce in the baking tray, I transferred onto the pork belly slices. Coated with the thick sauce, the meat slices taste wonderful and delicious. Good thing I cooked just enough rice for hubby and myself and no extra or I would be tempted to go for 2nd helping.
 I bought some taugeh or beansprout from the nearby mini market and stir fried the beansprout with some crispy fried salted fish. We love crunchy beanspout that is not overcooked.
*     *     *      *     *
The following photos are for joining Tuesday's Treasures.
We found the following treasures at the Gopeng Museum.
 An old antique flower pot/vase with floral and birds design.
I found these posters in a food court. I like the top picture of the green van. What was once common is now considered a priceless treasure.

But this precious treasure -
this light and power that now shine within us -
is held in a perishable container, that is, in our weak bodies.
Everyone can see that the glorious power within
must be from God and is not our own.
(2 Corinthians 4:7, The Living Bible-TLB)

Monday 27 February 2017

Beef Soup Noodles For Dinner With Friends At Cheong Kee (Tong Sui Kai), Ipoh.

Our friends commented that they have not eaten the Beef Soup Noodles of Cheong Kee for a long, long time. So last Friday evening together with our friends we were at Cheong Kee, stall no. 47 for dinner. Cheong Kee is at Tong Sui Kai (Cantonese), Jalan Sultan Ekram, Ipoh.
Beef Balls for 4 people
Beef Tripe & Brisket Soup for 4 people
3 bowls of plain flat rice noodle in soup.
It looked like very little noodle.
After stirring, the noodle was not that little.
My friends mentioned that the taste of the beef soup noodle was not as tasty as it used to be in the old days.
 We also ordered 2 bowls of fried wanton (dumplings) from the next stall.
The 2 plates of chili sauce came with the beef noodle.
 Hubby wanted to try the wanton noodle from the next stall and he added BBQ pork slices. The noodle was topped with some crispy deep fried pork lard. 
 The plate of wanton noodle was accompanied by this bowl of wanton (dumplings) with some greens in clear soup. 
 For drinks, hubby and I had lemon juice with sugar. I added some dried salted sour plum to my lemon juice for added flavour.

 "Good salt is worthless if it loses its saltiness;
it can't season anything. So don't lose your flavour!
Live in peace with each other."
(Mark 9:50, The Living Bible-TLB)

Sunday 26 February 2017

Home Cooked Herbal Chicken Soup & Mixed Vegetables.

We had a very heavy downpour last night and knowing that my plants were all well watered, I lingered on bed for a little longer. We had breakfast before attending the Sunday church celebration and after church, we came straight home. We had for lunch some fruits, biscuits and I made tea with the tea leaves from Germany given to me by a friend.
Looking at the clouds, it looked like there will be another heavy downpour tonight. I could hear the thunder rolling at a distance. Since we had a light lunch, we had dinner early. It is better to have home cooked dinner in the comfort of our home than going out in the rain looking for dinner.
This is the pretty tin container for the tea brought back from Germany by a friend. Everything is written in German so I have no idea what type of tea leaves but we love the fragrance of the tea. We drink it pure without sugar or milk.
 I cooked herbal chicken soup with a free range chicken (kampung chicken) and a packet of dried herbs. This time I used this vision pot to slow boil the soup.
I had the skin removed from the chicken. I chopped the chicken into big pieces and I boiled the soup until the meat easily came away from the bones.
I cooked a plate of mixed vegetables with the broccoli which I bought from the newly opened Cash & Carry Econsave in Jelapang. It was selling for less than RM 2 for a head of broccoli. This was our home cooked dinner without any rice.

It is God's will that your good lives should silence those
who foolishly condemn the Gospel without knowing
what it can do for them, having never experienced its power.
(1 Peter 2:15, The Living Bible-TLB)

Saturday 25 February 2017

My Kind Of Breakfast, Hot & Spicy Noodles!

I have a liking for hot, spicy and sourish food. Very seldom do I take mild or bland food. I have no problem taking food that is hot, spicy or sourish for my first meal of the day. The times when I take mild tasting food, it is usually when I am not feeling well or when I have an upset tummy.

Below are my past 2 days' exciting and yummy-licious breakfasts to share with you.
 Curry Noodle - flat rice noodle with BBQ pork slices & blanched long beans. Preferably with additional curry paste to my bowl of curry noodle.
This curry noodle is at Restoran Blue Sky, Jalan Mas 1, Falim, Ipoh.
 Tom Yum Seafood Noodle - rice noodle with prawn, cuttlefish, fish paste, etc. I had this breakfast at Sin Choi Yuen Coffee Shop, Taman Pertama, Ipoh.
*     *     *     *     *
The following photos are for joining Saturday's Critters. 
 Can you guess what this is? I noticed this weird looking thing clinging onto my garden slipper one late evening. I have to switch on the porch light to have a clearer look. I hurried to grab my smartphone. It had 4 long slender projections or tentacles below it.
 Then it began to transform before my eyes and I was very puzzled. The long tentacles shortened and were with fluffy ends.
 The fluffy tentacles grew shorter and shorter.
 And it dropped to the ground and it turned out to be this insect.
If I hadn't seen it being transformed with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it was this insect.

Linking to Saturday's Critters.

For our earthly bodies, the ones we have now that can die,
must be transformed into heavenly bodies that cannot perish
but will live forever.
(1 Corinthians 15:53, The Living Bible-TLB)

Friday 24 February 2017

Beautiful Sunrise And Delicious Wanton Noodles For Breakfast.

Today is Friday and I am joining Skywatch Friday. As I was looking for some sky photos to post I found these beautiful sunrise photos taken in September 2016. It was a lovely morning and we were at the recreational park for our early morning walking exercise.
 Beautiful sunrise at 7.00 am.

 All the above sunrise photos were taken on the same morning.
*     *     *     *     *
After our walking exercise, we went to Ipoh new town for our breakfast at Comeson Restaurant.
 We love the texture of this wanton noodle which is very fine and springy.
We also love the sui kow in the flavourful soup and the sweet sour stewed pork rib. To enjoy these 2 items, we have to be there early before they are sold out.
This is one of our favourite wanton noodles in town.

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Look here, you people who say,
"Today or tomorrow we are going to such and such a town,
stay there a year, and open up a profitable business."
(James 4:13, The Living Bible-TLB)

Thursday 23 February 2017

Stewed Pork Rib And Brown Rice Porridge For Dinner.

This dinner is about 2 weeks ago. The previous night I look into the freezer to check on the stock. I took out a packet of frozen pork rib and place it in the lower shelf of the fridge to defrost. I intended to buy some green vegetables on the way back from breakfast the next morning but I totally forgot about it.

So when it was time to prepare dinner, I realized too late that there was no vegetable for dinner. Since I have already defrosted the pork rib and hubby said that it is okay with just one dish, I went ahead to stew the pork rib. 
Stewed Pork Rib with fermented beans (tau cheong), dried chilies and chopped garlic.
While the pork rib was being stewed, I boiled brown rice porridge.
Very easy. Just brown rice and water to cook the porridge.

I love Teochew porridge with savoury dishes and this stewed pork rib is one of them. 

 Hubby likes his porridge mixed with the gravy from the stewed pork rib.
I enjoyed this type of one dish dinner. Just nice for lazy people like me. Lol!
*     *     *     *     *
The following photos are for joining Good Fences.
 Photo #1 - A church fence.
Photo #2 - A kindergarten fence.

Linking to Good Fences.

"At that time, everyone will get along with one another,
with friendly visits across the fence,
friendly visits on one another's porches."
(Zechariah 3:10, The Living Bible-TLB)

Wednesday 22 February 2017

A Visit To The Fig Farm, Perak.

Last week we had prayer meeting in my house and a friend was telling me how she found the Fig Farm which we have been trying to locate. She not only found the farm but she also visited it and bought an avocado plant, a fig plant and a durian plant. This friend loves gardening and she has land behind her house to plant the fruit trees.

I was curious and also interested to visit the farm. We planned a trip there 2 days later and last Thursday morning, I drove to Batu Gajah where my friend stays to pick her and another friend. The 3 of us have the same interest and love for gardening. I don't know about my 2 friends but I kept telling myself not to be compulsive in buying the plants. I know my weakness so I have to keep reminding myself. Lol!

Together with my friends, I drove from Batu Gajah to Simpang Pulai with my friend directing the way. Though I have been on the same route before, I am still not very familiar when it comes to certain junction.
 This is the Fig Farm with the colourful bougainvillea flowers.
 Entrance to the Fig Farm. It is very near to the main road leading to Cameron Highland.
 It was a bright, sunny day. And this is a very welcoming sight.
 Directly opposite the Fig Farm is the Simpang Pulai Balai Bomba (Fire Station).
Most of these Fig plants are already bearing fruits.
There are many species of fig plants here.
Fig plants as low as this are fruiting.
I have to squat to take this snapshot of the figs.
 Look at these! They are with fruits! 
These plants are not cheap and I was very tempted.
 Especially when I see all these fruits on the plants and they are fruiting even grown in pots.
Black Pepper plants are also on sale.
There are also grape plants and this one is fruiting.
Grapes on the grape vine. 
 Small sized Red Grapes 
 Brinjal (Eggplant) seedlings, Tomato seedlings and Grape seedlings.
Healthy Fig Plants in flower pots. 
 My friend's Avocado plant which she bought on her first trip. 
 She also bought this Fig plant on her first trip.
Before sending my friends home, we had a simple Ban Mee lunch at a coffee shop diagonally opposite the Pusing town Police Station.
*     *     *     *     *
I didn't return home empty handed but bought the following plants from the Fig Farm.
I bought 2 Brinjal (Eggplant) seedlings.
I also bought a Petai (Stinking Bean) plant. 
And finally, I bought a small Fig Plant. I was told this is the Brunswick Fig.
 I especially hope to see these plants grow healthy and bear lots of fruits.

Linking to Floral Bliss.

He lops off every branch that doesn't produce.
And he prunes those branches that bear fruit for even larger crops.
(John 15:2, The Living Bible-TLB)
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