Thursday 31 December 2020

Lunch At Rajes Restaurant, Ipoh

Today is the last day of year 2020.

As we usher in the new year, here is wishing all my blogging friends and readers,


Last Sunday, we started off with a free breakfast. I received an early morning call informing us that breakfast was waiting for us at our regular coffee shop. After we have had our walk, we went to enjoy our breakfast.

Our friend bought us each a packet of steamed glutinous rice with diced pork. And she also bought some Chinese donuts for us.
First time having lunch at Rajes Restaurant at Jalan Tun Perak, Conally Road, Ipoh. A friend sent through Whatsapp some images of delicious looking food served in a restaurant. According to her hubby who has eaten there, the food is good. So, after a few days, hubby and I went there for lunch.
Picture on the wall.
Picture on the wall.
The following are pictures are some of the cooked food on the counter top. There are so many delicious choices to choose from. So, let me and my camera feast on the food first before I decide on what to order.
Fried fish and chicken on trays lined with banana leaves.
Seafood curries - squid and crab curries.
Clay pot chicken curry @ RM12.
Mutton and chicken curries.
Different types of mutton curries.
Different types of curries, sambal and cutlets.
This is one of my favourite - chicken varuval.
Finally, we order white rice, chicken varuval, mutton kurma and cabbage to share. For drinks, we ordered a glass of iced lime juice and a glass of plain water. Total cost of lunch came to about RM20 plus.
No cooking for dinner because we were still feeling full from the lunch.
So, we had a late dinner with boiled sweet potato in sugar water (tong sui) which I boiled earlier in the morning.
And ate some of the above cheese bread given by our neighbour.

If you love your neighbor as much as you love yourself
you will not want to harm or cheat him, or kill him or steal from him.
And you won't sin with his wife or want what is his,
or do anything else the Ten Commandments say is wrong.
All ten are wrapped up in this one,
to love your neighbor as you love yourself.
(Romans 13:9, The Living Bible-TLB)

Wednesday 30 December 2020

Post Christmas Day: Lunch, Snack & Dinner

We didn't go for morning walk the day after Christmas. Instead, we drove out to town for breakfast.

Sunrise at 7:20am
Morning sky at 7:45am.
From the look of the sky, rain was expected later in the morning.
We had leftover for lunch.
I steamed 4 baby corns (1 eaten by hubby before I took the snapshot), and I reheated the yam puffs (given by a friend) and 2 croissants (bought from Aeon Big Falim) for lunch. Happy to clear all the above items from my fridge.
I made Konnyaku jelly with cut orange because I couldn't find other fruits in my fridge.
My neighbour gave me a big papaya, cut half and kept the other half in the fridge. We had the above sweet treats for our afternoon snack.
I had a packet of stinky beans and some remaining sambal dried prawns which I need to clear from my fridge.
I cooked a plate of stinky beans with sambal dried prawns (bought from Penang). This time I cut the big stinky beans into quarters which makes it easier for us to bite.
Dinner for 2 people: Stinky beans with steamed rice.
I reheated the leftover beef with ginger and spring onions which I almost forgot about it.
We used to pass by this corner house on our morning walk. We are attracted to these round shaped cockscomb flowers planted by the roadside. I had to stop to take a snapshot of the flowers before continuing our walk home.

And when the green shoot comes up out of the seed,
it is very different from the seed you first planted.
For all you put into the ground is a dry little seed of wheat
or whatever it is you are planting,
then God gives it a beautiful new body-
just the kind he wants it to have;
a different kind of plant grows from each kind of seed.
(1 Corinthians 15:37-38, The Living Bible-TLB)

Tuesday 29 December 2020

Spicy Curry Noodle vs Thick Creamy Curry Noodle

When I was working, I struggled to get up early in the morning to get ready for work. Now that I am retired and can afford to sleep late, I couldn't. Even without the alarm clock, I automatically wake up early. So, the best way to spend the early hours is to go for morning walk, enjoy to cool, fresh air and have some form of exercise.

Sunrise at 7:08am
These birds sleep in the bamboo trees below. When they awake, these early birds assembled on the power lines above and sound their wake up call.
Sometimes, they will fly off in a circle and come back to the power lines.
Breakfast - Day 1
We have been passing by this corner coffee shop on our walk and I have been wanting to try the curry noodle. Finally, we did try. We were one of the first customers. Red and spicy curry gravy with generous mint leaves.
I was told these were homemade stuffed items.
Breakfast for 2 people.
We shared the bowl of curry noodle and stuffed items.
Back home in my garden.
These tiny baby grasshoppers were enjoying my hibiscus leaves for breakfast. I am glad that they have all disappeared and no more eating the leaves.
Breakfast - Day 2
The curry noodle we had on Day 1 tasted so-so only. Feeling unsatisfied, we went for curry noodle again on Day 2 at Yee Fatt Tea Shop.
We ordered our favourite "messy" dry curry noodle. Thick creamy curry gravy covering the noodle, chicken and bbq pork.
A bowl of free curry soup if you order the dry curry noodle.
Finally, a satisfying breakfast.
I took the following photos at a hotel in Malacca.
A poster on a door.
"The Small Machine With The Big Performance
everybody's motor cycle all over the world"
The same motorcycle shown in the poster.
Blur me! I only noticed this when going through the photos.

Don't ever forget the wonderful fact that Jesus Christ was a man,
born into King David's family; and that he was God,
as shown by the fact that he rose again from the dead.
(2 Timothy 2:8, The Living Bible-TLB)

Monday 28 December 2020

Lunch At Kafe Diamond, Menglembu

We have about 4 days of 2020 before we welcome in the New Year 2021. We are all hoping for a better year in 2021 but we are also reading about the new virus strain that is claimed to be more deadly. Many are placing their hope in the vaccines, yet many are also doubtful about the effectiveness of the vaccines because the virus is constantly mutating. We don't know when or whether our lives will return to normal. Whatever the New Year 2021 brings, we will still have to adhere to the SOP to protect ourselves and others from the virus. 

One afternoon, we went to Menglembu wet market to buy roast pork. From this photo, we can see that everyone queuing up was wearing a mask. These days, if we are in public places without a mask, we feel "naked" and quickly have to find a mask to cover up. Not only that, if we are caught without a mask, we will be poorer by RM1k! 
The roast pork was almost sold out and hubby bought the above for RM10.
Lunch At Kafe Diamond, Menglembu.
I ordered some fried bean curd items without noodle.
Hubby and I shared this bowl of Mango jelly dessert.
After lunch, we drove to Aeon Big Falim.
I had to stop to snap a photo of this colourful clown at the Grolier stall.
And next to the clown was this robot.
See the young lad watching the robot?
Lol! He was trying to get the attention of the robot!
I think he was trying to show the robot some nice moves.

The end of everything has come.
Therefore, be self-controlled and clearheaded so you can pray.
Above all, show sincere love to each other,
because love brings about the forgiveness of many sins.
(1 Peter 4:7-8, Common English Bible-CEB)

Saturday 26 December 2020

Lunch & Dinner On Christmas Day 2020

Early morning on Christmas day, our friend called up to inform us that she will be buying breakfast for us. She bought savoury taro cake (woo tau koh) for us. After breakfast, we walked home and waited for the online Christmas Day celebration to start.

Christmas Day Lunch

I reheated the prawns and pineapple curry which I took out from the fridge.
A walnut sesame bread which I bought from Aeon Big Falim.
I removed the corn from the cob, steamed and mixed with a little salt and butter.
This was our Christmas Day lunch.
Happy to clear all the leftover items from the fridge.
Christmas Day Homecooked Dinner
Beef slices with young ginger slices and spring onions.
Blanched Chinese mustard (choy sum) given by a friend.
Drizzled with garlic oil and soy sauce.
Our homecooked dinner with steamed rice.
A bee busy at work in the Okra flower.
A dog crossing our path as we walked home from morning walk.
This bird perched on my neighbour's roof was chirping loudly as I was watering my plants in the garden.
Can you see the bird perched on the Bauhinia Kockiana branch? I think it must be trying to fish from my guppies pond. I have covered my guppies pond with a mosquito netting to protect them from the birds.

You are my mighty rock, my fortress, my protector,
the rock where I am safe, my shield, my powerful weapon,
and my place of shelter.
(Psalm 18:2, Contemporary English Version-CEV)
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