Saturday 31 December 2022

Dinner At Restoran Sam Can Cook Seafood

There was no rain for about a week now and the weather is getting hot.

Sunrise at 7:20am - halfway through our morning walk.
I don't feel like eating noodle, so I ordered a bowl of minced meat dumplings or wantons in clear soup @ RM5. 
For dinner, we went to Restoran Sam Can Cook Seafood. 
This restaurant has upgraded and have shifted to this new place at Laluan Perusahaan Menglembu 1, Kawasan Perusahaan Menglembu, Ipoh. We reached slightly after 6pm and the place was not croweded.
Wall decoration.
Wall decoration.
Chinese tea for 3 people. I ordered a glass of hot water.
We ordered the following dishes.
Brinjals with minced meat and salted fish in clay pot.
Sweet potato leaves in clay pot. I couldn't get a clear shot because it came piping hot.
Steamed Tilapia with savoury sauce. I took the fish without the spicy sauce.
Sorry for the blurry photo.
After dinner, we attended a wake service.
This is the Euphorbia geroldii or Thornless Crown of Thorns plant in my front garden.
A friend shared this photo of a herd of deer in Taiping zoo.

The lame man will leap up like a deer,
and those who could not speak will shout and sing!
Springs will burst forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert.
The parched ground will become a pool,
with springs of water in the thirsty land.
Where desert jackals lived, there will be reeds and rushers!
(Isaiah 35:6-7, The Living Bible-TLB)

Friday 30 December 2022

Arrowroot + Lotus Root Soup & Steamed Brinjals

When we stepped out of our gate for morning walk, a lovely sunrise greeted us.

Sunrise at 7:07am.

Since I am already feeling very much better, I spent some time tidying up the garden.
I haven't been cooking since my gastric problem started. Feeling energized, I decided to cook dinner yesterday evening.
Arrowroot (fan kok) + lotus root + carrot + red dates + goji berries + pork bones.
I had some home grown green brinjals and 1 purple brinjal in my fridge. Normally I will steamed the brinjals and later peel off the skin.                                    Compared to the purple brinjals, the skin of green brinjals is thin which makes it difficult for peeling. When cooked, I left the skin on the brinjals, slit them in half and drizzled them with oyster and soy sauce and garlic oil down the centre. The brinjals were soft and nice but the single purple brinjal took a longer time to soften. If you don't like to eat the skin, you can easily scrap off the soft flesh from the skin.

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Since we, God's children, are human beings - made of flesh and
blood - he became flesh and blood too by being born in human form;
for only as a human being could he die and
in dying break the power of the devil who had the power of death.
(Hebrews 2:14, The Living Bible-TLB)

Thursday 29 December 2022

Fish Noodle, Pork Noodle & Roasted Duck Rice

After about 4 days without rain, I get to get some sunrise clicks yesterday morning. 

7:10am - starting out on our morning walk.
For yesterday's breakfast, I ordered grouper fish meat with rice vermicelli. Normally, this fish noodle will come with salted sour vegetable which I enjoy very much. Since I am not suppose to take sour food, I asked to omit the salted sour vegetable.The fish is fresh and the soup is sweet.
Looking east, this was yesterday's evening sky at 7:30pm.
Looking west, this is the sky at 7:30pm.
Today's breakfast after morning walk.
I ordered pork noodle and I requested for wheat flour (mee sua).
I am feeling much, much better today and I have the energy and mood to do some tidying of the outside garden.
This is my one and only bougainvillea plant and it does need some trimming. This is an old photo and it has grown into a bush. Initially, I thought of just giving a trim to make it a bit like a mushroom top. But after I started to trim, I found that underneath the leaves were a lot of dead and rotten twigs. So I started to remove and clear all the dead twig and the end result is a bald top for my bougainvillea plant. Lol!
The trunk has shown sign of rot due to the rainy season and hopefully by removing all the leaves and branches, the sun will put a stop to the rot. Bougainvillea is a sturdy plant and I hope new branches will appear soon.
After all the hard work, we went to Restoran Tuck Kee to buy roasted duck rice for lunch. I asked for breast meat rice @ RM7. I wanted to order for Chinese New Year and was told that the new price list for 2023 will only be out in January.

Turn from all known sin and spend your time in doing good.
Try to live in peace with everyone; work hard at it.
(Psalm 34:14, The Living Bible-TLB)

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Updates From My Garden

I am still having poor appetite but still have to eat or else my gastric or wind problem will get worse. 

So after morning walk, went to eat rolled chee cheong fun. It is steamed rice flour with yam bean filling with non spicy gravy. Hubby had his with curry gravy. 
I have to take my time to chew because it so happened that that morning the yam bean was not cooked till soft.
4 pieces of fried fish balls and fried stuffed bean curds for sharing.
Back home in my garden.
Yellow and green Croton plant.
After harvesting the ginger, I replanted some baby ginger.
I sowed some cucumber and yellow cucumber seeds but only this one appeared. Don't know whether this is a cucumber plant or a yellow cucumber plant.
I have yam beans planted in 3 black plastic bags. This is my first time planting yam bean so I don't know whether I will get to harvest any yam bean or not.
Cranberry Hibiscus flowers.
This was before I trim them down to size.
Looks like this is the only hibiscus plant that is not affected by the excess rain. The rest have either died or still hanging on.

Anyone you forgive, I also forgive.
And what I have forgiven - if there was anything
to forgive - I have forgiven in the sight of Christ for your sake.
(2 Corinthians 2:10, New International Verion-NIV)

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Some Of My Breakfast Food

I am running out of food photos to post because I have been eating more or else the same food that I have posted before.

Loh mai kai or steamed glutinous rice with chicken from the drink section in Restoran Yee Lock in Ipoh new town.
One of our favourite curry noodles from Kedai Kopi Ah Chow in Ipoh old town.
We also like the garlic bread from the drink section.
Due to my poor digestion or gastric problem, I have to go on a bland diet. No coffee, tea, spicy or sour food and no fried stuffs. I have to be a good girl and obey the doctor's instruction. Hopefully, I will recover soon because I am getting bored with the bland diet.
Algaonema Pink Lady from my garden.
Flower of the Aglaonema Pink Lady.
This is hubby's vertical garden project, growing lettuce.
I received some miniature purple brinjal or eggplant from a friend.
The green brinjal is from my garden.
Whenever I don't feel like going out to eat, I will think of frying rice with onions, dried shrimps and egg.
This is the City Hall in Penang.
From the internet: It was completed in 1903. This 2-storey building combines Edwardian Baroque and Palladian architectural styles. It has been listed as a national monument since 1982 under the Antiquities Act 1976. The building was last renovated between 2004 and 2005. Although the City Hall retains much of its original form, the original arcades or loggias on the ground floor have been enclosed with windows.

Let me share in the prosperity of your chosen ones.
Let me rejoice in the joy of your people;
let me praise you with those who are your heritage.
(Psalm 106:5, New Living Translation-NLT)

Monday 26 December 2022

Christmas Eve Bible Hymnal Gathering & Pot Bless Dinner

On Christmas Eve, we gathered for a pot bless dinner and a Christmas Eve Bible Hymnal Gathering in church. The pot bless dinner was scheduled to start at about 7pm.

Christmas tree and the nativity scene put up by the children and their teachers.
The following food were contributed by the participants for the pot bless dinner. Some brought cooked food while others bought ready cooked food.
Fried items such as stuffed bean curd and etc.
Black vinegar pork leg.
Steamed stuffed white tofu.
Stewed pork belly with fried bean curd stick, baby napa and carrot.
There were other items which I didn't take snapshots such as blanched beansprout, butter cake and others which I can't remember.
And 2 combs of bananas.
After dinner, we adjourned to the sanctuary for the...
Christmas Eve Bible Hymnal Gathering.
Altar flower.
After singing of hymns and reading of scripture, came the lighting of candles.
Thank God and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ for a nice and peaceful Christmas Eve celebration.
Christmas decorations on the notice board.
Grateful for from Him and through Him and to Him are all things - Romans 11:38.
Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfil His promises to her - Luke 1:45.
Thankful to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever - Psalm 107:1.
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