Thursday 8 December 2022

Lunch At V Nam Kitchen With Ex-Colleagues/Friends

This was the last Tuesday in November. 

The sky was clear so we had our morning walk.
After morning walk, breakfast and some time spent in the garden, I need to get ready because a friend will be coming to pick me for our ex-colleagues/friends lunch gathering. We chose V-Nam Kitchen for our lunch.
A friend ordered Vietnamese coffee @ RM10.50 and it was served as the above. The hot coffee was allowed to drip into the glass on the left hand side. On the right side, the frozen coffee in the shaped of a bear and ice cubes in a glass.
The rest of us ordered iced lemon juice with natural honey @ RM12.50 each.
This is a rice set with chicken, egg, and pork @ RM19.50
I hope I got the 3 types of meat right.
Sugar cane prawns @ RM16.50
Beef balls noodle soup @ RM16.50
The above raw beansprouts and basil leaves are for the beef balls noodle soup.
Vege salad with jelly fish @ RM21.50
Vietnamese spring rolls @ RM8.50 per set.
We thought the spring rolls were the dainty size so we ordered 2 sets.
Total lunch came to RM152.90
The following are some of the decorations in V Nam Kitchen.

The reapers will be paid good wages and
will be gathering eternal souls into the granaries of heaven!
What joys await the sower and the reaper, both together!
(John 4:36, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. I love Vietnamese food but I have never tried their coffee.

    1. I can't remember whether I have tried or not.

  2. The decor is great, and the food looks extra yummy.

  3. Love all that you all had especially the Vietnamese rolls. Vege salad with jelly fish doesn't look like anything I've seen before, not like our pickled jelly fish acar. Would love to try that!

  4. So much wonderful food and art, and the coffee looks very intriguing. Hugs, Valerie

  5. Wonderful you meet up with ex-colleagues/friends!
    Since COVID amd working from home in different cities all we do is WhatApp (at least every day).
    And such a nice place, too! To friendship, good food and fun!

  6. Thank you Nancy for show casing this eatery. Food looks good. The sugar cane prawns is prawn cake? Cos there is no prawn to be seen on that dish.

    1. And I was thinking where is the sugar cane hahaha. Expected the type with the prawn paste wrapped around a 'stalk' of sugar cane.

    2. Thank you, Mun. Yes, its prawn cake.

    3. Thank you, Stacy. I was also expecting the prawn paste wrapped around the sugar cane.

  7. The Vietnamese spring rolls sure look good. Have a wonderful day Nancy.

    Cruisin Paul

  8. Nancy, I'd like to try that jellyfish salad.
    I would like to know if they are pre-cooked.

    1. Taste good but I don't know whether if they are pre-cooked. Mostly probably blanched.

  9. Beautiful morning and a great time with friends. The food looks amazing.

    Have a fabulous day, Nancy. ♥

  10. That was a great lunch to share!

  11. Me dio ganas del café. Linda pintura y bellas lamparas. Te mando un beso.

  12. Can't see the little bear well. I was so tempted to buy the mould for it once, then decided I won't be bothered to keep making the ice.

    1. There are some things that I regretted buying. They are now just kept away without being used.


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