Tuesday 29 August 2023

The Tower Of Strength

INTRODUCTION:  My name is Claire and I am Nancy's ex-colleague/friend/buddy for many a years now.  I am now writing on behalf for Nancy who has given me the privilege to update her blog from now on....

AT THIS TIME OF WRITING, Nancy is resting in bed, she could not get up to do her normal chores for now.  Other than that, she is still Nancy, spiritually and mentally strong.... physically, she may be crushed but not broken because she has the body of Jesus living in her....  as in the Bible verse says...

II Corinthians 4:8-9 
We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed
Perplexed but not in depair
Persecuted but not abandoned
Struck down but not destroyed

My friend, Nancy is going through her journey of faith as each day passes by.  She has a tower of strength eventhough every move she makes brings excruciating pain.  

We can continue to encourage her through prayers... prayers of comfort and peace upon her and family..

I went through my photo gallery a moment ago and with Nancy's permission granted, here are some of our trips we have taken together after our retirement.... 

Happy Memories!

At the Penang Times Square....
Row, row, row our boat......
Busking along with Mr. Tin Drummer....
Mari... mari... Teh Tarik!
Care to join us for a scrumptious dinner?
Discussing our home affairs....
Waiting for our Mr. Right.... LOL
My BFF.....
Nancy, my Lady!

Thursday 17 August 2023

On Hold

Since the 8th chemo, I have not been feeling too well and I'm afraid blogging will be put on hold for now. 

Once I feel better, I will update my blog and let you all know.  Please continue to pray for me, I really need that.

I appreciate all of you who have been following my updates all this while and praying for me.

Thank you very much to all my readers, far and near.... 

God Bless...

Sunday 6 August 2023

Anxiously Waiting For CT Scan Result.

Today is Sunday and tomorrow I will be admitted once again into the hospital for the 8th chemo treatment. I pray and hope that God will give me the strength to manage on my own when in the hospital. Lately, I have grown weaker and getting out of bed is a struggle on my own. most of the time, i have to grit my teeth to endure the pain.

Sunrise at 6:40am.
On the way for admission.
Same as above.
This is a precious plant given by a dear friend.
Told hubby to shift it to a shady place so it will not dry up when hubby forgets to water the plants.
This was only part of crowd waiting for their turn to do the CT Scan test,
Finally it was my turn to be wheeled down and wait for my turn.
A stray dog which is well fed by some of the residents here guiding the road in front of our house.
Photo creditted to Julie Chong, the artist.

Linking to Skywatch Friday, Saturday's Critters & Monday Mural.
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