Tuesday 30 November 2021

Lunch At Qi Fu Vegetarian Restaurant, Ipoh

This was last Sunday. Our elder son, sister-in-law and family were back in Ipoh for the weekend. Sister-in-law and family rented a homestay in Menglembu which is quite near to our place.

We and elder son took non-vegetarian breakfast on our own which I have posted in the previous post. It was curry noodles at Curry Keng Restaurant.
After breakfast, we went home.
We were to meet up with sister-in-law and family at the above Qi Fu vegetarian restuarant for lunch. We needed 2 tables because sister-in-law also invited a few of her old friends. Brother-in-law sat with us and he ordered the following dishes because we were not familiar with vegetarian dishes.
We don't want rice, so he ordered fried noodle (Mamak style) for us.
I only took this snapshot after we have served ourselves the noodle.
Sweet potato leaves.
Vegetarian fish
Stir fried beansprout with vegetarian salted fish.
Transparent noodle and cabbage cooked with red fermented tofu (nam yee).
The only one who took rice with the dishes was brother-in-law.
After lunch, we went home to rest and elder son need to get ready to drive back to his home.
Later in the evening, we visited sister-in-law and family at their rented homestay in Menglembu.
Then together we went out in 2 cars for dinner. The young people wanted vegetarian hotpot.
This is where we had our hotpot dinner.
No snapshots of the food we had because the seating arrangement made it difficult for taking snapshots.
It was raining when we finished our dinner. We bid each other goodbye because they will be leaving for home early next morning for their booster vaccine jab in the afternoon.
Old fashion or antique granite mortars and pestles and grinders found at the Gopeng Museum when we visited in 2015.

You cannot separate fools from their foolishness,
even though you grind them like grain with mortar and pestle.
(Proverbs 27:22, New Living Translation-NLT)

Monday 29 November 2021

Curry Noodles, Meat Balls, Fish Balls & Beansprout For Breakfast

This was last Sunday. We couldn't go for morning walk because there was a light drizzle.

No sunrise shot that morning because of the gloomy sky but I received a sunrise shot sent to me by a friend from Penang.
Bauhinia Kockiana blooms from my garden.
Breakfast with elder son at Curry Keng Restoran.
Both hubby and son ordered curry noodle (dry version).
I ordered curry noodle (wet version with curry broth).
I usually ordered flat rice noodle because I like the soft and silky smooth texture.
Side order: meat balls and fish balls in curry broth.
Side order: Blanched beansprouts.
Later, we will be meeting up with my sister-in-law and family for vegetarian lunch.
Back in my garden: Baby cucumber.
Because of the rainy season, my cucumber vines are not growing well.
Cucumber and long beans are first fruits.
Green brinjal from an old plant.
A boy and a girl blowing bubbles mural painted on the back wall of a shop.

Linking to Monday Mural.

A man without self-control is as defenseless as a city
with broken-down walls.
(Proverbs 25:28, The Living Bible-TLB)

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Saturday 27 November 2021

Reunion Dinner At Vegan Delights, Ipoh

After many months of lockdown, we finally got to meet up with our love  ones. Now that the borders are open for interstate travel, our elder son came back to visit us last Saturday. Also, my sister-in-law and family also travelled from Seremban to Ipoh and we were able to meet up with them.

This was last Saturday morning.

Setting out on our morning walk at 6:55am.
On the reverse side, Kledang Hill.
The rest of the day was gloomy and rainy.
Since my sister-in-law and family are full time vegetarian, we were invited to have dinner with them at Vegan Delights. She made reservation for 2 long tables.
I ordered this blended mixed fruits drink that came in a bottle and place in a metal container with ice water.
My sister-in-law ordered this blended sweet purple potato drink but was mistakenly served to hubby.
Hubby without realizing that it was not what he ordered, took it and drank from it. Lol!
So when his blended mango drink came, his sister had to take it.
Someone ordered mushroom soup.
Hubby and son ordered mutton curry and rice set.
For the 3 ladies, my sister-in-law ordered the following for sharing.
Japanese set with rice.
Aglio Olio spaghetti. 
And this was a duck dish with salsa sauce.
Photos of rooster and hen from our morning walk.
We have since changed our walking route and have not walked passed here for some time.
There used to be one big family of chickens but this morning, we only saw the rooster and the hen.

There are three things that walk with stately stride - no,
four that strut about:
the lion, king of animals, who won't turn aside for anything,
the strutting rooster, the male goat,
a king as he leads his army.
(Proverbs 30:29:31, New Living Translation-NLT)

Friday 26 November 2021

Herbal Fish Soup, Kung Pao Fish Slices & Sweet Potato Leaves

It was a Friday. The morning was clear, nice and cool, great for morning walk.

Sunrise at 7:07am
On the reverse side, low cloud over Kledang Hill - 7:09am.
Sunrise at 7:10am.
On the reverse side, reflection of sunrise on Kledang Hill - 7:12am.
Sunrise partially blocked by dark clouds - 7:32am.
Kledang Hill - 7:35am.
This was another day with overcast sky.
Back in my garden.
This is one of 2 pots of cauliflower in my garden.
This is what is left of the 2nd cauliflower plant. The grasshopper had eaten most of the leaves. I had to shoo, shoo, shoo the grasshopper away, hope it will not return to my garden.
Dinner with friends at Restoran Makanan Laut Piew in Falim.
We ordered snakehead fish (san yu in Cantonese).
The fish slices cooked as "kung pao" style.
The bony part of the fish was used for cooking herbal soup. There was very little wine in the soup. We could hardly taste the wine, more of a herbal soup.
Sweet potato leaves in claypot.
Overall, it was a yummy-licious dinner for 4 people on a rainy evening.

With good men in authority, the people rejoice;
but with the wicked in power, they groan.
(Proverbs 29:2, The Living Bible-TLB)
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