Saturday 29 June 2019

Steamed Chicken Legs & Angled Luffa Cooked With Prawns

The weather is really warm and humid. We couldn't feel any cool breeze in the early hours of the morning at the park. 
 As long as it doesn't rain, these and many others continue their exercises.
As I was walking up this small slope, there was this little puppy sitting at the edge of the path looking down at its mama dog.
Later I saw the same puppy playing with its mama dog watching over it. I suppose these belong to one of the residents from the nearby flats.
And this one is taking a dog nap beside the walking path.
 These angled luffas and white bitter gourds were harvested from my garden. I love these home grown vegetables especially the luffas.
 I bought 2 chicken legs, cut them into 2 to get 4 pieces. I rubbed the chicken pieces with salt, and steamed with pounded ginger and gojiberries.
Angled luffas cooked with garlic, prawns, and I added in some fresh chilies harvested from my garden. Simple and tasty home cooked dinner for 2 people.

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Only a simpleton believes everything he's told!
A prudent man understands the need for proof.
(Proverbs 14:15, The Living Bible-TLB)

Choose Homecoming Dresses To Suit Your Body Type

When we are young, we look forward to parties where we meet up with family members and friends. And it is usually at parties that we get to know new friends. We usually chat, joke, laugh and dance at parties. One of the parties many of us look forward to is the homecoming party. After having left school, college or university, it is good to meet and catch up with our classmates, schoolmates, college mates or course mates from the same university, many with whom we may have lost touch with.
Celebration of homecoming parties can be casual or formal. The organizer of the party will have to decide which it should be and will have to inform the participants whether it is going to be a casual or a formal party. Depending on whether it is a casual or a formal party, the first thing most young women will do is think about what to wear to the homecoming party. If you are attending a formal party, a lace homecoming dress will be very appropriate.
Next, you may have to consider the length, colour of the dress and the accessories and shoes to go with that dress. The reason why women go through so much trouble is because women want to look their best whenever they attend special occasions.  Making a good impression at the homecoming party is important because there will be lots of photos taken and everyone wants to look their best in photos.
These days, there are many online dresses stores and buying homecoming dresses is very convenient. There is a wide selection to choose from and you can just visit anyone of them, for example Yesbabyonline store to pick your ideal dress. It is a matter of choosing a short or a long dress. Both lengths are suitable for formal wear and it all depends on what you are comfortable in or what suits your body type. There is no fixed or definite rules concerning which length is the right length.

Looking Beautiful And Elegant In Lace Evening Dresses

I have always have a liking for lace materials. I remember as a young child, I used to admire my mom’s traditional “kebaya” top made from embroidered or lace materials. The lace materials used are soft and delicate to the touch. These lace “kebaya” tops are usually kept and worn for special occasions because they are expensive.
Until now, I still have this special liking for lace dresses even though I only have one or two dresses made from lace materials. These days, lace materials are not common and those available are not cheap. Recently, I found some lovely laceevening dresses as I was going through some dresses website. There are many types of lace materials. 
Depending on the fabrics and the types of threads used, some lace materials may feel coarse and irritating to the skin. There are also those using higher quality fabrics and threads to make lace materials that are soft and do not irritate the skin. I will always look for lace materials that are soft to the touch.
In my opinion, there is something special and elegant about lace dresses. Like my mom, I like to wear lace dresses for special occasions. Even a simple lace dress can make you pretty and presentable enough for any special event. You can find a wide selection of lace dresses online. Depending on your style and preferences, there is a wide selection for you to choose from Yesbabyonline store.
If I were to choose lace dresses from online stores, I would prefer to choose those that are of darker colours such as deep red, blue, green, burgundy and even black. These colours are suitable for those who are fair and dark colours tend to make the person look slimmer and taller.

Friday 28 June 2019

Dinner At Restoran Kok Thai & Leaning Tower In Teluk Intan

This is the 5th and final posting for our one day trip to Bagan Datuk. From the biscuit shop, the bus took us to the new Restoran Kok Thai in Jalan Kastam, Off Jalan Maharaja Lela, Teluk Intan where we will be having our dinner.
 Most of us were not really hungry because we had a late lunch.
Plus, my friend and I ate a piece of Teochew kuih on the bus.
 For starter, we were served a bowl of appetizing soup with ingredients such as white tofu, salted veggie, tomatoes, seaweeds, etc.
 Followed by the above plate of Ice Vegetable salad as an appetizer. It's a first time eating Ice Vegetable for most of us and we enjoyed it very much. I am going to keep my eyes open for this Ice vegetable the next time I visit the supermarket.
 I think this is deep fried tofu cubes stir fried with diced beans, dried prawns, onions, and etc.
 Fried tofu with toppings of minced meat and spring onions.
 Tender chicken meat stir fried with yellow, red, green capsicum and carrot.
 Fish head in clay pot.
 Deep Fried Prawns
 Crunchy Deep Fried pork knuckle. It was served with the meat separated from the bones. Sweet sour chili sauce for dippings. Overall, it was a good dinner with flavourful and tasty food. Most of us enjoyed the dishes without eating much rice.
 The night scene with the lighted up leaning tower of Teluk Intan was the final highlight of our one day tour. I took a video to show the changing of colour lights but it didn't turn out well.
And finally, a group photo in front of the leaning tower for our album before we headed back to Ipoh. 
*     *     *     *     *
I take this opportunity to thank every one in this tour group for a wonderful trip. "Thank you" to the people concerned for organizing the tour, pre-ordering of the snacks, taking photos, and those that I didn't mention here. Thank you, Stella for introducing this tour to me and also not to forget the bus driver and partner for the smooth and safe ride. Hope we can get to enjoy more tours together and may God bless you all!

Let the peace of heart that comes from Christ be always
present in your hearts and lives,
for this is your responsibility and privilege as members of his body.
And always be thankful.
(Colossians 3:15, The Living Bible-TLB)

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses According To The Weather

I am sure you have heard it said that good things come in threes. Well, this saying seem to be true because recently, I received three wedding invitations one after the other. I have to quickly set these important dates in my smartphone calendar to remind me as the dates draw near. Two of the three wedding dates are very near to each other and I have to confirm with the hosts that the weddings do not fall on the same date. What a relief it was that they are on different dates. That means we get to attend both weddings.
One of the wedding invitation is from a very close friend of mine whose only daughter is getting married after a long courtship. Being close friends, we shared many things with each other, especially the wedding. During one of my visits to my friend’s house, the bride to be was in the midst of discussing the wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses with her friends and bridesmaids. Majority of the bridesmaids suggested chiffonbridesmaid dresses, and the bride accepted their suggestion.
Since our weather is warm throughout the year, choosing the right chiffon fabric is important for those wearing the dresses. The fabric should be light, airy and breathable. You can easily find a wide range of lovely bridesmaid dresses if you were to search online and most probably your search will lead you to Yesbabyonline store.
The bridesmaid dresses are usually flowing and of floor length but there are also others that are shorter. Some prefer sleeveless dresses with plunging necklines while others may prefer with long sleeves. For those with hour glass figures, they can afford to choose any of the sexy, figure hugging dresses to complement their shapely figure.

Which Colour Prom Dress Should I Choose?

It is every woman’s desire to dress well and look dazzling in a special event. Looking good gives her the confidence and she feels good when she makes heads turn wherever she goes. I am sure this is true for every woman, with the exception of some very shy ones who prefer not to be the centre of attraction.
Every one of us has our favourite colour but we cannot pick our dresses in the same colour. We may have a few favourite colours but the thing is some of our favourite colours may not look good on us. We need to find the colours that suit us best and to avoid those colours that do not. Wearing the right colour or colours makes a great difference. It could either flatters your skin tone and makes you look stunning in that dress or it could turn out to be the opposite.
Generally, women with fair skin will look their best in deep purple or deep red. So if you are looking for some dresses for a special occasion, you can try some burgundyprom dresses or other deeper coloured dresses. Picking the right colours or different shades of the same colour for your clothing will depends on your skin tone.
The best way is to try on the different colours of the same dress to see which colour or colours suit you. Usually, you will find a certain group of colours that makes you look your best and you will then pick clothing from these range of colours. Once you know your group of colours you can easily order your dresses from online stores such as Yesbabyonline. Surprisingly, you may find that the colour that suits you may not be suitable to your friend who is also of fair skin. 

Thursday 27 June 2019

Snacks Shopping In Bagan Sungai Burung & Teluk Intan

Everyone was happy and satisfied with the delicious and fresh seafood lunch in Bagan Sungai Burung. After lunch, it was time to take a walk to look around for anything interesting. Earlier, when we were walking to the restaurant, my eyes caught a nearby stall selling fresh dried prawns. Since I use a lot of dried prawns in my cooking, I bought a packet.
 Next, it was time for my camera to get busy.
We found this archway formed by the hanging roots of a Banyan tree (if I am not mistaken) behind a stall.
 Thanks to my friend and tour partner who found this place making Teochew kueh. It is inside the shop which is behind the stall where I bought the dried prawns. 
Steamed Teochew kueh with filling.
My friend and I bought 2 pieces each. They were fresh from the steamer and once we were seated in the bus, we ate one and it was very tasty.
*     *     *     *     *
Our next stop was in Teluk Intan to collect the chee cheong fun (steamed rice noodle). According to the boss, he is the 3rd generation running this business. We noticed that just next door, there is now a business rival competing with him.

Workers preparing the chee cheong fun for steaming.
 I ordered 4 packets of the above chee cheong fun with dried prawns......
But when I reached home, I found out that I had the above with yam bean filling. Anyway, it tasted good after steaming it for a short while.
Next, we were taken to this biscuit shop a short distance from where we collected the chee cheong fun.
A friend recommended this biscuit to me. These are just biscuits without the sweet filling. The skin is crispy and flaky, very nice to eat as snack. Our tour leader had to order this biscuit in advance to make sure that everyone gets his or her share.
These are some of the dry stuffs I brought back from my one day tour. From left to right: 2 packets of biscuits, 2 packets of banana chips, 1 packet of dried prawns......
I also bought a packet of this ground peanut biscuit which was my old time favourite.
If I were to walk back into the shop, I will end up buying some other snacks.

In front of the biscuit shop, these fruits caught our eyes.
Yellow flowers from the same plant growing in a pot
 We were told that these are Jujube fruits (Chinese red dates).
 This fruit looks good to eat.
Now, where can I get this plant?
Or can I try to grow from the dried red date seeds?

If he sows to please his own wrong desires, he will be planting seeds
of evil and he will surely reap a harvest of spiritual decay and death;
but if he plants the good things of the Spirit,
he will reap the everlasting life that the Holy Spirit gives him.
(Galatians 6:8, The Living Bible-TLB)
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