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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Dinner At Restoran Kim Lian Kee, Petaling Street.

We sat through the first session of the teaching conference with more than 500 participants. It was from 2 pm to 6 pm with a 30 minutes coffee break.
 It started with a time of praise and worship to God.
 After the session ended, we took the short cut to Petaling Street for our dinner.
 The evening stalls were preparing to start their business.
 Hubby and I were with a group of 5 young adults and they are good tour guides and great company.
 We had our 1st dinner at Restoran Kim Lian Kee.  
 It was a busy place but we were able to find a table on the 1st floor.
 While waiting for our dinner, I went to the window to take some snapshots.
 A view on Petaling Street from the 1st floor of the restaurant.
 Many were beginning to set up their stalls.
 Pretty vase and porcelain container near the window.
 A framed up picture of an old antique painting of Petaling Street in the old days.
 Cute container for the spicy chili paste.
Hubby and I ordered the same dish. "Tai Lok" meen or Fat noodles with beef slices. I enjoyed this noodle when I was working in Kuala Lumpur many years ago. This plate of noodle will last me till supper time later in the night. Lol!

Every day Jesus went to the Temple to teach,

and the crowds began gathering early in the morning to hear him.

And each evening he returned to spend the night on the Mount of Olives.

(Luke 21:37-38, The Living Bible-TLB)

Monday, 25 September 2017

Train Journey To Kuala Lumpur & Lunch In Petaling Street.

Hubby and I together with some friends have signed up for a Christian teaching conference in Kuala Lumpur. Since we have decided not to drive there, we booked our accommodation with a Christian hostel within walking distance to the conference venue. The first teaching session was on Friday, after lunch.
  So early Friday morning, a friend sent us to the Ipoh railway station to catch the 9 am train to Sentral Kuala Lumpur.
I had the window seat, so my camera was kept busy. In between chatting, playing e-games, I snapped photos with my mobile phone.
 View of some "kampung" houses.
Banana plantation
A cement factory.
It is just next to the railway track.

Getting ready to alight from the train.
We have reached Kuala Lumpur!
Waiting for the LRT train to take us to Pasar Seni.
We alighted from the LRT train and walked to the hostel which is a short distance away.
We passed by the Gospel Hall, Kuala Lumpur.
We checked into our rooms and waited for the rest of our group to reach. We rested awhile before we took a short cut to Petaling Street to look for lunch.
We didn't want to go far because we didn't want to be late for the conference.
We had 1 hour to finish lunch and walk back to the conference hall.
All these roasts were so tempting!
Roast duck and bbq pork for hubby's lunch.
It included a plate of rice.
Spicy dry version Ban Mee for me.
Here you can see the flat noodle. It has minced pork, wood fungus strips, fried crispy anchovies and green veggie.
The spicy dried ban mee was served with a bowl of soup which included 2 meat balls and green veggie. This was our first meal in Petaling Street.

They worshiped together regularly at the Temple each day,

met in small groups in homes for Communion,

and shared their meals with great joy and

thankfulness, praising God.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Dinner At Kopitiam 1 Curve & Hospital Visitation.

We were at the restaurant having dinner with friends when we heard that the child of our close friends was admitted to hospital. We decided to pay a visit to the child after our dinner. But first, let us enjoy the delicious dishes we have ordered for our dinner.
Deep fried chicken wings marinated with "lam yee" (red fermented bean curd). Sweet sour chili sauce for dipping.
Steamed red Tilapia fish with savoury sauce.
Crispy skin tofu, with the inside silky and soft.
It is topped with salted black beans, dried shrimps, etc.
Stir fried kai lan with assorted ingredients.
*     *     *     *     *
The following photos taken at the children's ward are for joining Saturday's Critters. These critters may not be real live ones but they are so cute that I wanted to share them with you.
Photo #1
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
Photo #5
Photo #6
Photo #7
Photo #8
Photo #9
Photo #10
Photo #11 - A neighbour's pet.

Linking to Saturday's Critters.

Yes indeed, it is good when you truly obey your Lord's command,

"You must love and help your neighbors just as much as

you love and take care of yourself."

(James 2:8, The Living Bible-TLB)

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Dim Sum Breakfast At Restoran Sun Kim Aik, Falim.

One day as we were passing by this restaurant, we noticed that this place has been given a new face lift. We remarked that we have not been to this restaurant for many, many years. This is Restoran Sun Kim Aik, in Falim and as we remembered, it is known for its fast selling big steamed bun "tai bao".

So one fine morning on a Saturday, found the five of us trying out the dim sum in this restaurant. The place now looks brighter, cleaner and more comfortable for the customers eating there.
First, we ordered 2 plates of bbq pork chee cheong fun with bbq pork (steamed rice rolls). The chee cheong fun were served with generous portion of sambal paste.
Deep fried Yam Puffs cut into halves.
Bean curd puffs stuffed with fish and meat paste.
We ordered one "tai bao" (big steamed bao), cut into quarters.
4 fishballs, (har kow) prawn dumplings and (siew mai) minced meat dumplings.
Fish balls and siew mai are popular dim sum items.
Deep fried prawn dumplings, best dipped into mayonnaise and chili sauce.
These bamboo steamers are better than metal steamers to keep the steamed bun piping hot.
We started our Malaysia Day celebration with a dim sum breakfast.
Restoran Sun Kim Aik, Jalan Lahat, Taman Farlim (Main Road).
*     *     *     *     *
The following photos are for joining Good Fences.
Fence #1
Fence #2

Linking to Good Fences.

May there be shouts of joy when we hear the news of your victory,

flags flying with praise to God for all that he has done for you.

May he answer all your prayers!

(Psalm 20:5, The Living Bible-TLB)


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