Saturday 16 September 2017

Choose Dresses To Fit Your Body Shape

Whenever we shop at the shopping malls or clothing boutiques, we will usually look around at the dresses on display and then pick a few dresses that we like. Then we try them on one by one in the fitting room and if we can find a good fit before we buy that dress. But if we can’t find a good fit, we walk away to another shop and continue our search. We all know that not every pretty dress will necessary looks good us. It may look good on some people but might not necessary look good on others.

When it comes to online shopping, there is no way we could try the dresses first before we order. Recently, I came across a short article on how to choose dresses to fit our body shape. So, when I did my online shopping at Pickedlooks, I remembered some of the simple tips.
First, we have to know our own figure. What fits us and what does not. Whatever our figure measurements, we can still find dresses to flatter our figure and makes us look good.

For those with broader upper body and narrower hip, try to choose dresses that do not hug your narrow hip to make it look even smaller. Try to choose something loose like a flare skirt to add curves to your hip and balance up your broad upper body.
Those who have hips that are broader than their upper body or a pear shaped figure, should choose dresses or blouse to add volume to their upper body. Wearing skirts or pant with darker shades will help make your broad hip look narrower.
As I looked through the promdresses NZ selection, I kept in mind my own body shape. No longer do I choose dresses just because they look pretty on display but to visualize how they will look on me when I put them on. I also take into consideration how the colours of the material and the designs could also affects our body shape.
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