Monday 28 February 2022

Chicken With Pickled Ginger, Nyonya Steamed Fish & Steamed Pork Salted Fish

This was 2 Fridays ago. After morning walk, we drove to Menglembu for breakfast.

Our breakfast at Restoran Meng Meng Kee, Menglembu.
As usual, hubby ordered the above Hor Hee mung bean noodle (glass noodle) and a glass of Chinese tea.
I ordered the above because I don't feel like eating noodle that morning. I requested for the butter and kaya to be served separately.
Some of you might have guessed that I wanted the butter to be served separately for this purpose - that I can put in a little of the butter into my coffee.
Just a little butter will do. Give it a quick stir and enjoy the coffee while it is still hot.
That evening, we went to a new place which a friend recommended for dinner.
Restoran WSF 33 at Taman Hover, Ipoh.
We ordered this fried sticky chicken with pickled ginger cubes.
Steamed minced pork with salted fish.
Steamed Tilapia Nyonya style.
Total cost of dinner including rice for 4 people - RM77.00
Will be returning to try the other dishes.
This is one of the routes we take for our morning walk. This wall surrounds a Chinese school in our area. The wall is covered with many Chinese art murals.
This is one of the murals on the wall.
This is probably a soldier bidding farewell to his mother and family members before he rides off on his white horse.

Linking to Monday Murals.

Dear brothers, don't be too eager to tell others their faults,
for we all make many mistakes; and when we teachers of religion,
who should know better, do wrong,
our punishment will be greater than it would be for others.
(James 3:1-2, The Living Bible-TLB)

Saturday 26 February 2022

Home Grown Vegetables, Tai Pau Or Steamed Big Bun

On one morning last week, I harvested the following from my garden.

A cucumber and a tomato.
4 small white bitter gourds.
The last batch of long beans from the dwarf long bean plants. I have pulled up the aging plants to free the pot for some other plants.
Home grown from my garden.
Can you see the spots on the small tomato? When I cut the tomato, there will tiny worms inside the tomato. I hope that by wrapping the remaining tomatoes with recycled plastic bags will save the tomatoes from worms.
My neighbour gave us 2 big buns (tai bao) which I re-steamed to heat up for our lunch.
Inside the steamed big bun.
Update on the arrowhead shoots.
Sad to say that the arrowheads have turned yellow and it was a failed project.
Simple home cooked dinner.
I added 2 white bitter gourds to the remaining portion of stewed duck.
1 dish dinner with steamed brown for hubby and I.
I forgot where I saw this cat. It was sunbathing on the tar road and not disturbed by my presence.

Your throne is founded on two strong pillars -
the one is Justice and the other Righteousness.
Mercy and Truth walk before you as your attendants.
Blessed are those who hear the joyful blast of the trumpet,
for they shall walk in the light of your presence.
(Psalm 89:14-15, The Living Bible-TLB)

Friday 25 February 2022

Sky Watching & Growing Tomatoes In My Garden

The following sky photos were taken end of 2021 on our morning walk.

Sunrise at 7:05am.
Sunrise at 7:13am
Morning walk at 7:26am
View of Kledang Hill at 7:28am.
The following are photos of tomato plants growing in my garden.
This is Grand Roma Tomato Round.
The seeds were from the "Jom Tanam" packaging.
Tomato flowers.
I grow these tomato plants in pots.
I have 4 pots of tomato plants with 2 plants in a pot.
The plants in one pot was not doing well, so I remove the plants.
Even though there are not many tomatoes, I am happy to see these few tomatoes on the plants.
Took this snapshot after a rainy morning.
The rain droplet still hanging from the base of the tomato.
This is the first time I have grown this type of tomatoes.
Beautiful tomato.
It is ripening.
So far, I have harvested 3 tomatoes from my garden and I ate them raw, fresh from the garden. I am looking forward to use some of the tomatoes for salad.

We are saved by trusting.
And trusting means looking forward to getting something
we don't yet have - for a man who already has something
doesn't need to hope and trust that he will get it.
(Romans 8:24, The Living Bible-TLB)

Thursday 24 February 2022

Pickled Vegetable Pork Belly Noodle & Curry Noodle

On this particular morning, we were out early for morning walk.

I had to stop both hubby and myself to take this snapshot. Just the two of us but we had 6 shadows.
For breakfast, I ordered a polo bun sandwiched with a piece of ham and egg.
Figs from my garden.
I have to wrap the figs so that I get a chance to enjoy my own figs. I use recycled plastic bags for wrapping the figs to prevent the birds from eating my figs.
We went out with our friend for lunch. She recommended a place which we haven't been to. The place is Restoran Yat Yat Seng Fei Lo Wu at No.15, Jalan Center Point 2, Center Point, Ipoh.
Hubby ordered their signature curry noodle with prawns, roast pork and shredded chicken. This bowl of curry mee costs RM8.
Both my friend and I ordered this Pickle Veg Pork Belly noodle. She chose flat rice noodle while I chose rice vermicelli. The bowl of noodle came with pork belly slices, pickled veg (hum choy) tomato, lettuce and chilies. Love the sourish broth, very appetizing. This noodle costs RM8:50.
I harvested the above vegetables from my garden for dinner.
Steamed the home grown vegetables and drizzled with garlic oil and oyster and soy sauce.
Finally, we get to finish all the ngoh hiang or lobak from our fridge.
We had plain rice porridge for dinner which I didn't snap photo.

Finishing is better than starting!
Patience is better than pride!
Don't be quick-tempered - that is being a fool.
(Ecclesiastes 7:8-9, The Living Bible-TLB)

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Curry Noodle, Rice Porridge, Prawns With Glass Noodle

This was on Valentines Day. It was just like any ordinary day.

Morning sky at 7:55am.
Sun rays shining through the dark clouds.
After morning walk, we drove to Pusat Makanan Ye Sing, Taman Bandaraya for breakfast. We ordered our favourite curry noodle. Current price is RM6.50 per bowl.
I collected some of the arrowhead shoots from the compost, washed it and placed them in a mini fish bowl. I am curious to see whether these shoots will grow well in water.
We had something to settle in town, so we ended up having lunch in Restoran Kar Heng, Jalan C.M. Yusuff (former Jalan Chamberlain), Ipoh.
Hubby ordered chu chap chook. I ordered pork porridge.
Mixed innards porridge (chu chap chook) with fried intestine.
We shared this plate of deep fried fresh water fish.
Surprisingly, hubby enjoys this deep fried fresh water fish.
Total cost of lunch - approx RM17.
I want to see if these arrowhead shoots will make good household plants.
For Valentines Day's dinner, I tried out a recipe which my elder son recommended to me. It is a Thai dish called Goong Ob Wonsen which is Ginger Shrimp & Glass Noodle.
I had home grown ginger, big prawns and glass noodle (mung bean noodle) at home. I have to do without the spring onions and cilantro. No problem because hubby doesn't like cilantro.
It is a very easy recipe to follow.
I used the only packet of mung bean noodle available at home.
It was just enough for 2 portion. Each portion with 4 big prawns.
It was very delicious and will hope to cook again soon. 1 packet of mung bean or glass noodle is not enough for 2 people. In future, I need to use one and half packet of glass noodle or try substituting the glass noodle with rice vermicelli.

Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord! How good you are!
Your love for us continues on forever.
Who can ever list the glorious miracles of God?
Who can ever praise him half enough?
(Psalm 106:1-2, The Living Bible-TLB)
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