Tuesday 28 February 2023

Growing White Corn In Pots And In the Ground

The days are dry and hot. Whatever we have growing in the garden are not doing well. One of the plants that are doing well is the white corn which doesn't seems to be affected by the hot and dry weather.

This is the 2nd time I am growing white corn. These are grown in pots.
The white corn is not nice to eat on its own but I will be using them to boil soup.
These 2 plants are grown in the ground outside my house.
I saw these 2 motorcycles when we were holidaying in Penang.
These 2 treasures were parked in front of a restaurant.

Your laws are my joyous treasure forever.
(Psalm 119:111, The Living Bible-TLB)

Friday 24 February 2023

Struggling With Poor Appetite

On this particular morning, hubby suggested going out to town for breakfast for a change. 

Sunrise at 7:43am.
Our weather is getting warmer with less rain.
I have nothing in particular that I wanted to eat. Just looking for something in clear soup just to fill my tummy.
I ordered flat rice noodle with bbq pork (char siew) in clear soup while hubby ordered curry noodle (dry version). I managed to finish the noodle as the amount was not big but the bbq pork was a bit hard.
For lunch, I had a small bowl of plain rice porridge with some vegetables at the chap fan stall in my area.
After lunch, I had some freshly cut papaya. The taste of the sweet juicy papaya was so soothing to my taste buds and throat.
For dinner, I was looking forward to having some hot soup but that evening the soup was not to my liking. So we ordered the above dishes.
 I managed to finish a small portion of white rice with a little bit of the above dishes. Hubby had to finish the remaining. Thanks to hubby for his patience having to bear with my weird appetite. I felt like I am going through a period of morning sickness. This is worse than what I experienced when I was expecting my 2 kids.
10 birds on the line.
This was in front of my house. Which are birds and which are not?

Look at the birds!
They don't worry about what to eat - they don't need to sow
or reap or store up food - for your heavenly Father feeds them.
And you are far more valuable to him than they are.
(Matthew 6:26, The Living Bible-TLB)

Wednesday 22 February 2023

Sea Hibiscus Has Seeds For Propagation Too

I have a big pot of Sea Hibiscus growing outside my gate in front of my house.

This is the colour of the Sea Hibiscus flower when newly bloomed in the morning.
It blooms all the year round but the flowers only last for a day.
By mid day, it will starts to change from yellow to the above colour and by evening, the flower will drop off from the plant.
I have propagated a few baby plants for friends using cuttings from the mother plant.
Recently, I noticed some dried seed pods on the plant. Maybe they were there before but I didn't notice them.
 Some of the seed pods were opened and I could see tiny seeds in them. So, it shows that Sea Hibiscus can multiply through seeds. I have not tried using seeds but I think plants that grow from cuttings tend to flower faster.
A flower bud (above) and a dried seed pod (below).
Everyday, there are new buds on the plant. This is a hardy plant and does not need much care.

Blessed is the man who reveres God,
but the man who doesn't care is headed for serious trouble.
(Proverbs 28:14, The Living Bible-TLB)

Monday 20 February 2023

It Is Good To Be Back

Hello everyone! It is good to be back again. I have been missing in action since Friday 10th, February (last post). As far as I can remember, I think this is one of the worst flu and cough that I have experienced. Probably, it could be due to the fact that I am no longer young as before but have aged. Plus, since beginning of this year, I have not been eating well due to my stomach problem.

Thank God, hubby and I are now on the road to recovery with a bit of cough now and then. Thank you to friends who on their own initiative bought and deliver medicines, cough mixtures and lozenges to my house. Thank you also for your prayers. I hope to receive complete recovery soon.
I felt better today so I went to town to run some errands and much needed housework.
I will try to post as often as I can and I will be hopping by to visit your blogs whenever possible. 
A circus mural.
Can you remember when was the last time you had been to a circus?

Linking to Monday Mural.

And remember that your heavenly Father to whom you pray
has no favorites when he judges.
He will judge you with perfect justice for everything you do;
so act in reverent fear of him from now on until you get to heaven.
(1 Peter 1:17, The Living Bible-TLB)

Friday 10 February 2023

Aloe Vera & Skywatch Friday

I think this time I have got the flu virus from hubby. This morning I woke up with a dry throat and I knew it was not a good sign. Hubby is on the mend after having the flu for about a week now.

Yesterday early morning, I propagated 2 baby aloe plants for hubby's friends. A friend's girl got her leg burned by a hot motorcycle exhaust pipe. Hubby recommended and cut a big aloe vera leaf for the girl to apply and the friends from our regular coffee shop requested for baby plants to grow. There are enough babies to share with his friends.
Sunrise at 7:05am
These photos were snapped in October, 2022.

Just a short post for today. Most probably, I will be taking a few days from blogging until I feel better. Hope to be back soon.

Linking to Skywatch Friday.

Don't envy evil men but continue to reverence the Lord all the time,
for surely you have a wonderful future ahead of you.
There is hope for you yet!
(Proverbs 23:17-18, The Living Bible-TLB)

Thursday 9 February 2023

Lotus Root Soup For Dinner

 We woke up early but waited for it to be brighter before we go out for our morning walk.

Sunrise at 7:10am.
#4 - 7:20am.
Initially, we wanted to have seafood porridge for lunch but it was closed. So my friend and I ended up having noodles for lunch at Tastefully Noodle House, Menglembu.
Shredded chicken noodle @ RM6.50 for my friend.
Pork noodle @ RM8.50 (without innards) for myself.
We both ordered monk fruit drink (loh hon koh).
Total cost of lunch was RM19.70.
My cranberry hibiscus has been infested with some kind of pest. I have trimmed off all the branches leaving behind about a foot of the plant. I hope it will grow back, if not, then it will be goodbye.
It was raining the whole afternoon and evening yesterday.
I cooked lotus root soup with carrot, red dates, goji berries and chicken breast meat for dinner. I cooked just enough for 2 bowls of soup so that we won't have to drink leftover soup the next day. Just this soup and some steamed brown rice for the 2 of us.

It is better to eat soup with someone you love
than steak with someone you hate.
(Proverbs 15:17, The Living Bible-TLB)

Wednesday 8 February 2023

Blanched Bitter Lettuce & Apple + Pear Soup For Dinner

After morning walk and breakfast, we walked home from the nearby coffee shop. The morning is bright and sunny. That morning, I need to go to the clinic to get my blood result. 

Sweet fragrant Gardenia from my garden.
Everything is good except for my cholesterol level. The doctor didn't prescribe any medication but advised me to watch my diet, avoid oily food and to exercise. I will have to go back in 4 months' time for another blood test.
It is time to harvest some of the bitter lettuce leaves for dinner. This is the 1st time I have planted bitter lettuce and I don't know whether the leaves will be too old and fibrous.
These were harvested from the 2 bitter lettuce plants. I washed the leaves under running tap water and the water just run off the leaves.
Blanched bitter lettuce for dinner. Drizzled with garlic oil and some soy sauce.
Apple and pear soup.
This is my first time boiling this soup. I don't have dried figs so I used honey dates and goji berries, 1 big red apple and 1 pear. For meat, I used chicken breast meat. Hubby was having cough so this soup is good for him. I like this soup too, very soothing for the stomach.

It is good for workers to have an appetite;
an empty stomach drives them on.
(Proverbs 16:26, New Living Translation-NLT)

Tuesday 7 February 2023

Snake Plant & Cordyline Plants Are Flowering

On Sunday, a friend sent the following photos from her garden.

Photos credited to Shirley T.

So nice to see her snake plant blooming.
Snake plant has such pretty flowers.
Her Cordyline Red Sister plants are also flowering.
The flowers are so pretty.
They do look like orchid flowers.
Once upon a time, I too had this plant in my garden but no more.
Found this truck model next to the lobby of the hotel we were staying in when we were in Penang.
And these portraits on the wall at the same place.
These must be some famous celebrities.

It is better to be slow-tempered than famous;
it is better to have self-control than to control an army.
(Proverbs 16:32, The Living Bible-TLB)
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