Thursday 2 February 2023

Sweet Sour Pork Rib & Poached Chinese Pomfret

Even though we woke up a bit late, we still got ready for morning walk.

Sunrise at 7:30am.
Lunch for 2 people.
Sweet sour pork rib.
2nd half portion of yam bean.
Instead of rice, we had thin yee mee noodle.
Pink Mexican petunias.
Dinner for 2 people.
Poached Chinese pomfrets.
The day before, I steamed the 2 pomfrets and hubby complained of the fishy smell. This time, I poached the pomfrets just like how I poached the chicken. All the fishy smell went into the water and this time, there was no complain from hubby. He did request for extra spring onions and ginger strips. Lol! so much garnishing until the pomfrets couldn't be seen.
Leftover sweet sour pork ribs from lunch.
Leftover yam bean from lunch.
For dinner, we had steamed brown rice.
For the time being, I wouldn't need to buy any meat.

So I am not writing to you as to those who need to know the truth,
but I warn you as those who can discern the difference
between true and false.
(1 John 2:21, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. Doesn't look like our favourite sweet and sour spare ribs at one of our favourite restaurants here. Dunno when we'll get to go there and enjoy that again - going some place else for Chap Gph Meh this Sunday. What about you? What have you got planned?

    1. This is stewed sweet sour pork rib. No plan for Chap Goh Meh.

  2. I don't mind noodle sometimes. Like this morning I fried some noodle. Have leftover for lunch, so had that to go with dishes....

    Had sweet sour pork not long ago. Cooked myself, clearing the leftover fried pork slices.

  3. Beautiful and yummy food as usual

  4. ...your pink Mexican petunias brighten my cold morning, thank you..

  5. Wonderful food and sorry hubby didn't like the smell! Hugs, Valerie

  6. I'm glad you found a way to poach the fish to take care of the smell. Pretty skies and flowers.

  7. I loved the thin yee mee noodles. I would add the shrimps with it.

    Cruisin Paul

  8. Ricos fideos. Te mando un beso

  9. The food looks amazing as always! I'm glad you found a way to cook the pomfrets to remove the fishy smell!
    Julia x


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