Friday 31 May 2019

Changing Sky & Yummy Breakfast, Lunch And Home Cooked Dinner

On this particular morning, we didn't go for our morning walk because when I woke up it was drizzling. We waited for the drizzling to stop before we went out for our breakfast.
 Morning sun peeping through the dark cloud - 7: 20 am.
When the drizzling stopped, I went out to open the gate.
 A few minutes later (7:25 am) the sky brightened up and surprised us with this rainbow.
 My Bauhinia Kockiana orange blooms and papaya tree on the left.
The papaya tree is no longer there now.
 After a short display of the rainbow, the sky darkened - 7:31 am.
 The dark clouds appeared and disappeared within a few minutes.
Time to go looking for our breakfast.
 We decided to have breakfast nearer to home. We ordered this yummy-licious fish noodles. So far, this is the best fish noodle I have tasted so far. I am sure, those who have tasted this will agree with me. You can't get the same taste elsewhere.
 Came back from breakfast and quickly harvested the above from my garden.
 Once the bitter gourd or melon turns white from light green, it is time to harvest before it starts to ripen. This white melon is more crunchy and has only a slight taste of bitterness compared to the common green ones.
For lunch, I ordered this baked egg custard for my myself. It was served with a glass of ice water.
*     *     *      *     *
I cooked the following dishes for dinner that evening.
 Our favourite stinky beans with sambal dried prawns. Actually, this alone will be enough for us but I just want to taste my freshly harvested angled luffa.
I cooked the angled luffa with the following ingredients: garlic, dried prawns, carrot, black fungus or cloud ear fungus, egg, and etc.
So happy to see the bigger than palm size single petal yellow hibiscus blooming in my garden.

A happy face means a glad heart;
a sad face means a breaking heart.
(Proverbs 15:13, The Living Bible-TLB)

Thursday 30 May 2019

Breakfast With Friend And Home Cooked Dinner

We woke up early this morning and we were out of the house earlier than usual for our morning walk at the park.
 Beautiful morning sky at 6:30 am
 6:55 am
 The sun rising from behind the mountains - 7:17 am
 After we have finished walking, I bought these 2 cute red capsicums from the stall at the park.
 I need to quickly water my plants because I need to get ready to go out with a friend. Took a quick snapshot of the pink Cleome Spider flower. This plant sprung out probably from a seed that fell into that flower pot.
 My friend and I went to Kafe Little Nam Yeong for the above "kai si hor fun" noodle for breakfast. We added 2 fish balls to our noodles. As usual, the place was fully packed with customers.
For dinner, I used the red capsicums that I have bought to cook the white bitter gourd. As I have been harvesting bitter gourd quite regularly, I need to cook using different recipes so as not to get bored eating bitter gourd so often. Ingredients used were fish paste, red okra, white bitter melon, red capsicum, salted black beans, etc.

Now your attitudes and thoughts must all be
constantly changing for the better.
Yes, you must be a new and different person, holy and good.
Clothe yourself with this new nature.
(Ephesians 4:23-24, The Living Bible-TLB)

Wednesday 29 May 2019

Some Flowers From My Garden

We are now having a mixture of hot and wet days. Some nights we need to switch on the air-con and some nights we only need the fan to sleep.
 On misty morning at the park. The mist were there only for a short while before it disappeared.
 White periwinkles. I don't remember planting them but am happy to be blessed with these white periwinkles.
 Cute miniature pink hibiscus.
 I harvested these Plantago Major plants to boil as herbal drink, good for cleansing of urinary track and bladder.
 It was gloomy for the whole day.
The little black specks were birds flying across the sky.
 Japanese roses in full bloom
 I also don't remember planting this colour but am blessed with such lovely unique colour.
Blessing of abundant clusters of yellow and orange flowers from our Bauhinia Kockiana plants.

You sent abundant rain upon your land, O God,
to refresh it in its weariness! There your people lived,
for you gave them this home when they were destitute.
(Psalm 68:9-10, The Living Bible-TLB)

Tuesday 28 May 2019

Roast Turmeric Chicken & Bitter Melon With Salted Black Beans

On this particular morning I didn't have to water the plants because it rained heavily the night before. I only have to water the few pots that are placed under the shelter away from the rain. I have plenty of time to do some weeding and trimming of the plants.
 One of my yam or taro plants in a pot.
The small plants you see growing in the pots are the Plantago Major (herbal plant) or the "Teen Koon Choe" which is good for cleansing the urinary tract and bladder. Due to the wet season, the plants are sprouting all over the pots.
 Rain water collected in a taro or yam leaf.
 Chive flowers
 I adopted this Adenium plant from an ex-colleague. It was cut bald when it was given to me. A friend gave me the 2 Adenium babies. I have to keep reminding myself not to over water the Adenium plants.
So far, so good. Looks like my adopted Adenium plants are adapting well to my garden and my care.
 This Begonia plants will appear during the wet season.
They grow wild in between the pots and some sprouting out from the soil in the pots. 
 Recently, I harvested some Turmeric ginger from my garden.
 I used some of the home grown Turmeric to roast 2 chicken legs. Ingredients: fresh turmeric ginger, shallots, garlic, salt, pepper & some oyster sauce.
 I also used a home grown white bitter gourd or bitter melon to cook the above dish. Ingredients: salted black beans, dried prawns, garlic, dried bird's eye chilies since I don't have fresh red chilies.
*     *     *     *     *
I snapshot the following image at the National Museum.
 The necklace made of brotia costula and brotia spinosa shell was found in the Gua Harimau or Tiger Cave in Lenggong, in the state of Perak, Malaysia.

But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward
to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.
So then, dear friends, since you are looking forward to this,
make every effort to be found spotless,
blameless and at peace with him.
(Hebrews 4:13-14, New International Version-NIV)

Shopping For Women's Clothing This Holiday Season

So far I have received two wedding invitations from very close friends and I have bookmarked these two very important dates in my calendar. I even set notifications in my smart phone just to remind me of the coming dates in case I forget.  I am glad that the invitation cards were sent to me early to give me ample time to look out for women’s clothing sales online when I can shop for some decent clothing to wear for the two special occasions.
I usually do not keep too many new clothes in my wardrobe because at my age, I can easily put on weight. And when the time comes for me to wear these new clothing for a special function, I find that the clothing is either too tight or too loose for me. Because of this, I usually buy only when there is a need for a special occasion.
I remember those days when I was young, I usually get a tailor to sew my dresses, blouses and half skirts. Those days, the tailor charge reasonable fees and it was quite affordable especially when we were working. We will go shopping for few pieces of cloth once every few months after our pay day and send them to the tailor. These days, it is expensive to send for tailor made dresses and we find it much, much cheaper buying clothes from the stores.

With the many online clothing stores available to us through our smartphone or electronic devices, we can easily buy cheap clothing from these stores. We can easily browse and choose from the wide selection of choices and buy according to our style and preferences.
As I was visiting some online stores this holiday season, I happened to chance upon this website which has a wide selection of nice blouses and some sexy tops. I found that there are also cute women's tops for cheap discounts and good bargain. These days, instead of wearing dresses to special functions, I prefer to wear a blouse and a pair of pants which I find very comfortable. I also find it convenient and cost saving where I can cross mix or match with other blouses and pants.

Monday 27 May 2019

Thank God For Providing Good & Tasty Food

We woke up to another beautiful morning and we were ready for our early morning walk at the park.
 Morning sky at 6:35 am.
 The newly installed spotlights (from the left and other places) help to light up the walking path.
 Early walkers get to enjoy the cool fresh air at the park - 6:50 am
*     *     *     *     *
The shop we went to for breakfast was closed that morning.
So we ended up in Taman Mirindy for the "kai si hor fun" noodle.
2 bowls of "kai si hor fun" or flat rice noodle with chicken meat strips, prawns, and chives. We have to wait more than half an hour for these noodles even on a Friday morning.
 I also ordered 4 Fuzhou fish balls with minced pork filling. 
Hubby ordered 2 pieces of steamed yam bean dumplings or "choy kok".
Some of the harvest from my garden.
 Purple Custard Apple fruit. Other names are Sweet Apple or Sweetsop.
 From the look of these knobbly segments, the fruit is ready to be plucked. Once the fruit is slightly soft, it can be consumed.
 This is how the fruit looks like inside. Most of the white fleshly segments have a black seed inside.
 I found some left over glutinous rice sweet cake (ready cut) and I used it to fry with egg and flour batter. We ate this for lunch.
*      *     *      *      *
My brinjal or eggplants are not fruiting yet, so I bought some for dinner from the road side stall at the park.
 I peeled the skin off the eggplants and steamed them. I drizzled some garlic oil, scallop sauce and soy sauce over the eggplant before serving.
Stuffed white bitter melon or bitter gourd (harvested from my garden) with fish paste and minced pork. These 2 dishes were enough for our dinner without eating any rice.

Do you want to be truly rich?
You already are if you are happy and good. After all,
we didn't bring any money with us when we came into the world,
and we can't carry away a single penny when we die.
So we should be well satisfied without money
if we have enough food and clothing.
(1 Timothy 6:6-8, The Living Bible-TLB)
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