Monday 31 October 2022

Appetizing Dinner At Kedai Makanan Different Taste, Bercham

The cool weather helps us sleep better and we woke up later than usual.

Morning sky at 7am.
According to the weather forecast, rain was expected later in the morning. Sometimes, rain may mean a light drizzle.
The weather looked good, so we went for our morning walk. Anyway, if it does rain there is a foldable or collapsible umbrella in the backpack which hubby carries on our morning walk.
For breakfast, we drove out to Restoran Yee Lock for the curry noodles.
Hubby's breakfast on the left and mine on the right.
Unsweetened coffee for me and Chinese tea for hubby.
Custard apples from my garden.
Sometimes I forget to check the fruits and they become over ripen and have to be discarded.
Our lunch: home grown cucumbers and tomatoes with peanut sauce.
For dinner, we drove all the way to Bercham with our friends.
This is my second time here and first for hubby and friends.
Kedai Makanan Different Taste
#72, Persiaran Bercham Selatan 2, Bercham.
Stingray fish with assam sauce - very appetizing.
Steamed clams or lala with lime and garlic - another appetizing dish.
Cold Thai boneless chicken feet salad - hubby's favourite.
Blanched Romaine lettuce.
Total cost: RM100 for 4 people.
After eating the above dishes on a rainy evening, we don't feel full.
So we went to a nearby roadside stall to enjoy a bowl of hot tau fu far with ginger syrup before driving home.
I found the banner on the side wall of a corner shop selling Chinese herbal products in Menglembu.
The mural was drawn on a back wall behind Restoran Mun Ji, Menglembu.
Mural of the Menglembu Cultural Corridor banner.

Linking to Monday Mural.

But you have given us a banner to rally to;
all who love truth will rally to it;
then you can deliver your beloved people.
Use your strong right arm to rescue us.
(Psalm 60:4-5, The Living Bible-TLB)

Saturday 29 October 2022

New Sport Equipment At the Recreational Park

We haven't been walking in the recreational park since the pandemic. We now prefer to walk around the shops. There will be less people around in the early morning as most of the shops have not opened yet. On morning, we decided to take a detour to the recreational park to check out a new sport equipment.

We were interested in this new thing above.
Looks like it is built for those interested in climbing exercises.
This is more for the older kids.
Are these for training for wall climbing?
I hope this equipment will not be under utilize and become a white elephant.
That morning, no one was using this.
A public toilet at the recreational park built in 2019 before the pandemic. It is now opened to the public after the pandemic was declared as endemic.
A dancing exercise group with music.
A dog can be seen lazing on the grass enjoying the company and music.
Another 3 dogs sleeping to the sound of music and exercise instructions.
After morning walk, we drove out to town for breakfast at Yee Fatt Dry Curry Noodle, Kampar Road, Ipoh.
Hubby's dry curry noodle with chicken curry and bbq pork.
That morning, I don't know what happened to me. Instead of ordering the usual dry curry noodle, I ordered curry noodle (wet version). You can see the layer of oil floating on top of the curry noodle. It was my own mistake and I didn't enjoy my breakfast that morning.
This is the only place that I will order the dry curry noodle.
I hope I will not repeat the same mistake again.
After sky at 2:40pm. Expecting rain any time soon.
Another lazy day for me, so didn't cook dinner.
We went to WK Claypot Chicken Rice for dinner.
This round, we ordered the ready cooked dishes with white rice.
Stewed prok rib with fermented black beans.
Fried Senangin fish or Threadfin fish.
Blanched baby choy sum.
Thanks to a friend who shared this photo of elephants when he visited the Taiping Zoo with his daughter.

Feed the flock of God; care for it willingly, not grudgingly;
not for what you will get out of it but
because you are eager to serve the Lord.
Don't be tyrants, but lead them by your good example,
and when the Head Shepherd comes,
your reward will be a never-ending share in his glory and honor.
(1 Peter 5:2-4, The Living Bible-TLB)

Friday 28 October 2022

Lunch At Wong's Kopitiam, Ipoh

This was a Thursday. 

Sunrise at 6:55am.
Starting out on our morning walk - 6:55am.
Morning sky at 7:05am.
Someone recommended a new kopitiam to us, so hubby and I went to Wong's Kopitiam for lunch. We saw 4 men waiting outside and one of them told us that we will have to wait to be seated. 2 men didn't want to wait and they left. Since we were already there, we might as well wait. We needn't have to wait long, probably about 10 minutes.
Menu for rice or noodles.
Drinks and "tong sui".
I was looking forward to enjoy "bubur cha cha" but was told that it was not available that day. So disappointed.
We didn't order any of the above dessert because there were only 2 of us. While waiting for the food to be served, I took some snapshots from where I was seated.
Side wall.
Back wall. I was seated facing the back.
Behind me.
Floral enamel mug for holding cultery.
Since bubur cha cha was not available, I ordered sweet potato tong sui (sweet potato boiled in water with ginger and sugar added) - RM4.90
Hubby ordered iced lemon tea - RM4.90
Hubby ordered nasi lemak with fried chicken - RM12.90
Hubby enjoyed the nasi lemak and the fried chicken is nice too, not dry.
I didn't want rice, so I ordered fried beehoon with chicken curry - RM12.90
The fried beehoon looks plain but it was nice eaten with the sambal.
Thick and "lemak" chicken curry.
Total lunch = RM37.70
Wong's Kopitiam (opens from 9am to 5pm).
B-G-7, Jalan Dato Tahwil Azhar, Taman Jubilee.
That evening, we had a late dinner at Cheong Kee Wan Tan Mee in Buntong.
We ordered 2 plates of wan tan noodle (dry version).
Dry version is served with some pork strips.
When eating wan tan mee, the pickled green chili is a must have item.
Wan tan (minced pork dumplings) in clear soup (this is plus size).
The dumplings have been reduced to almost half of its former size.

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Oh, do not hold us guilty for our former sins!
Let your tenderhearted mercies meet our needs,
for we are brought low to the dust.
Help us, God of our salvation!
Help us for the honor of your name.
Oh, save us and forgive our sins.
(Psalm 79:8-9, The Living Bible-TLB)
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