Friday 7 October 2022

2 Dinners At Weng Fatt Restaurant, Pasir Pinji, Ipoh

This post is about 2 dinners we had 2 days in a row at Weng Fatt Restaurant in Pasir Pinji.

On the 1st day:

The first day started at about 6:40am.
I stopped to take some snapshots of this strange looking plant that we passed by on our morning walk.
Google Lens identified this plant as Flueggea Virosa.
The plant contains alkaloids but has medicinal value. It has small white berries. The matured fruit will fall off from the bush. The fruit is edible and is juicy and sweet but with a slightly bitter taste.
6:10pm - It was a rainy evening.
Dinner with friends at Weng Fatt Restaurant in Pasir Pinji, Ipoh.
Steamed Tilapia in lime sauce, very appetizing dish.
Deep fried tofu.
Fried chicken with pickled ginger cubes, another appetizing dish.
Total cost of dinner for 4 people = RM62.
On the 2nd day.
After morning walk, we went out to Ipoh town because I need to go to the bank and after that we had breakfast
I ordered the above continental breakfast consisting of spaghetti, chicken chop, 2 sausages and salad. Hubby ordered pork noodle (no photo to show).
I received the above gift from a friend.
A pack of Arabica Brown Rice Coffee with organic soy milk.
2 sachets inside the packet.
This is my first time tasting this coffee.
I quite like the taste.
Ingredients: Brown rice, non-GMO soy bean powder, Arabica coffee powder, and fructose.
On the 2nd day evening, we had dinner date with a friend. Since we enjoyed the dinner at Weng Fatt restaurant the previous evening, we don't mind going back to the same place as it is very near to this friend. When we ordered the food, it was still early and bright. But when the food came, it was getting dark and it was only then we found out the some parts of the restaurant had no power supply. We were sitting in a place where the fan was working but without lighting. I took these photo with flashlight mode.
Steamed Tilapia with savoury sauce.
Our friend found it a bit too spicy for her taste.
Since we enjoyed the fried chicken with pickled ginger, we ordered it again.
Plain stir fried Chinese kai lan with garlic.
This dinner for 3 people cost RM64.60.
Lighted candles were provided for some tables but since we were sitting under the fan, the candle light will be blown out. The power supply only returned when we were half way through our dinner.

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nothing can be added or taken from it;
God's purpose in this is that man should fear the all-powerful God.
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  1. What a strange and unusual plant you discovered!

    1. Yes, have been passing by this way many times but this is the first time I was aware of this plant and the white berries.

  2. The food must be good for you all to want to go two days in a row!

    1. We enjoyed our first dinner so we don't mind going back for the 2nd dinner.

  3. The coffee sounds interesting.

  4. What a great sky pic :) thanks for your sharing...

  5. Thank you Nancy. I thought you ate 2 Dinners At Weng Fatt Restaurant, Pasir Pinji, Ipoh on the same night. Lolx! 😅 Wah, no light, just use candlelight to see the food. The white berries on the tree look like mushrooms. Did you try the white berries? Did they taste as per the online description?

  6. 🐰 𝓗𝓲, 𝓝𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂!
    I have never seen this bush with fruits before (っ◔◡◔)っ
    Very interesting😀❣️ 𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓴 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕤𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘 👍👏🏻🙏
    And in Chinese it is named 白飯樹, meaning : 𝓦𝓱𝓲𝓽𝓮 𝓡𝓲𝓬𝓮 𝓣𝓻𝓮𝓮.

    💎第七十六集:白飯樹 Flueggea virosa
    💎密花白飯樹, 白色果實密佈枝頭,特殊景觀 Chinese Waterberry

    1. Thank you for the youtube links. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Tofu, please! And the chicken with ginger.
    I never heard of Brown Rice Coffee!
    I think Ingo once made Tilapia (Jamie´s recipe) and I liked it!

  8. Me encanta la tilapia en sus dos versiones, así como el pollo que también tiene una pinta riquísima.
    Si no fuera por el ventilador hubiérais disfrutado de una romántica cena a la luz de las velas, pero no pudo ser y más que después volvió la luz eléctrica.
    Un cordial saludo, Nancy.

  9. Both dinners look really appetizing. Brown rice coffee sounds really interesting..

  10. The chicken is my favorite, too. Sorry about the lack of lighting. Bummer! Gigi hawaii

  11. Beautiful sky shots and beautiful food. I want some of each dish. So delicious looking.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Nancy. ♥

  12. That was a beautiful morning! The food looks good.

  13. Seguro que pasaste un bonito día con los amigos. Besos.

  14. I don't mind going back to the same shop if dishes are good and fit our taste.

    1. This is added to our list of favourite eateries.

  15. Me dio ganas del pollo. Te mando un beso.

  16. Salivating at the pictures of the food!

    What unusual white berries. Also unusual in that they're edible as wild ones here are normally poisonous.

    1. Thank you, Stacy. I don't know if the berries are eaten by humans or birds. It was planted by the roadside.

  17. I see from your blog you order steamed tilapia (done different ways and they all look yummy) quite a lot, so I'm guessing you like eating this fish. In your opinion, which one tastes better...the black or the red tilapia? ;)

    1. In my opinion the red ones looks nicer but I think the black ones taste better. I am looking forward to try another way of cooking this fish with lotus leaves.


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