Saturday 5 December 2020

Product Review: Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow

Searching For A Suitable Pillow

I always have a hard time choosing from the wide range of pillows available in the market. It is not about the quality or price, it is about what suits me. Every time I buy a new pillow, I need some time to get used to the pillow. Either it is too high or too low for me or it is too hard or too soft for me. Once I get used to a pillow, I will try to use it for as long as possible but as we all know, most pillows do not last very long.

Lately, I have not been sleeping well because of my pillow. It has gone very flat and it has not been providing the right support for my head and neck. In the midst of my conversation with a friend, I complained about my flatten pillow and my need to shop for a new pillow. That was when my friend told me about this OriginSuperior Coolmax Latex Pillow. She said to me, “why not give this pillow a try? It might turn out to be the right pillow for you”. At first I was not so keen but on second thought, I changed my mind. That is how I ended up trying out this pillow and writing this review.

The founders. Credit to Express Photography.

This Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow is designed in Germany by a team of experts and is one of the products under Origin Mattress. Its founders, Shaun and Gee knew buying a mattress involves a long term investment and that shopping for one brought endless unfamiliar terminologies and pushy salesmen. Together, they ended the overwhelming and confusing experience by doing away with the unnecessary hassles to come up with Origin Malaysia. This Origin Mattress’s pillow is also featured as 1 of the Best 8 pillows to buy in Singapore 2020. You may check out the article Best 8 Pillow in Singapore.

Let us check out the pillow. Size of the pillow is 65cm x 40cm x 13cm. The material used for making the pillow is Natural Latex + Coolmax® Cooling Gel. It is designed by orthopedics to alleviate pain and aches. It has breathable ventilation. It comes with a removable and washable Tencel Fabric Pillow Cover which is softer than common cotton material. It is hypoallergenic and anti-dust mites. It has a 2 years warranty. For most people, the size of the pillow is just right.

I tested out the pillow by sleeping on it for about 3 nights and I even tried napping on it in the afternoon but I just couldn’t get to sleep comfortably or soundly. I think the problem is that I am used to sleeping on my back. I find the height of the pillow too high and uncomfortable for my neck. I gave up testing on the pillow and told my hubby about it. Hubby told me to pass the pillow to him and surprisingly, he has no problem sleeping on it and finds it comfortable.

Since then, hubby has been sleeping on the pillow and he has no complain regarding the pillow. In fact, his back pain seems to lessen after sleeping on this pillow. He enjoys sleeping on the new pillow that works for him and I am now comfortably sleeping on his pillow. All worked out well for both of us because we have found our own perfect pillow.

Disclaimer: I received the pillow for free in return for an honest review.

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