Monday 7 December 2020

Using Creative And Fun Backdrops For Photography

I am sure that for many of us, the coming Christmas and New Year celebration will not be the same as before because of the virus pandemic. Most families will not be able to invite family members and friends over to their house for the celebrations. So for many of us, we will be celebrating on a smaller scale with limited number of guests permitted.

Even though we cannot enjoy a grand celebration or do what we have planned to do with our friends and love ones, we can still share our memories with them by taking lots of fun photos and post it on our group chats. We can still stay connected and not let this pandemic dampen our festive mood and joy.  For both new and seasoned photographers who are now spending most of their time at home, they can get creative by coming up with interesting backdrops for their photography. For a start, they can begin to work with mixture of colourful paintsplots on whatever material they can get hold to make beautiful backdrop for children’s photography.

During this pandemic, it is not possible to go too far away from your house take photo but you can create some interesting abstract art pieces with paint splaters as backdrops on the brick wall of the garden.

If you want to create a vintage background for your photography, you can also use darker colours paintsplatter to get the right effects. Paint splattering is very easy and fun, and you can choose to use your own hands or paint brushes to splatter the paint on the surface. If you have younger children to help you, I am sure you will get to see their creativity side.

If you have no place to get messy with paint platter or paint splatter, then you can think of buying such backdrops from online websites such as starbackdrop and etc.

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