Tuesday 14 September 2021

Yam With Pork Belly For Dinner

This was a lovely Sunday morning. 

I was just in time to capture the sun coming up from behind the hard cloud.
Sunrise at 7:25am
Floating white fluffy clouds at 7:27am.
Nice clear and blue sky.
Walking out to the nearby shops to buy breakfast.
I bought my favourite snacks: Rempeyek and muruku.
Hubby bought hum chim peang and ma keok for himself.
We also bought 2 steamed bun (nam yee pau).
The cream crackers and jam was for me.
Purple bougainvillea in front of a house.
More flowers than leaves.
This is my purple bougainvillea plant with variegated leaves in front of my house.
Sometimes, I couldn't think of what to cook. Actually, I was thinking of yam with pork belly. The last time we had this was in April this year when we were able to dine-in with our friends. That was before the full lockdown.
I called up the restaurant to order 2 portions of yam with pork belly (about RM18 per portion). I gave 1 portion to our neighbour.
I only cooked the above dish: cabbage, carrot, 2 ladies fingers and spring onion from my garden.
The above photo of the old Lido cinema was taken in 1957.
This image was on display at the UTC Ipoh in 2015.
The Lido cinema is no longer in operation but the building remains.

Even when we are too weak to have any faith left,
he remains faithful to us and will help us,
for he cannot disown us who are part of himself,
and he will always carry out his promises to us.
(2 Timothy 2:13, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. Yam with pork belly! I love that!!! Can't remember the last time I had it at one place in town, so so long ago. We had the Lido Cinema here too in my growing up years right through till the 80's and maybe the 90's. Eventually it was burnt down in a fire. So sad.

    1. Miss the good old days when my friends and I watched movies and ate popcorns in the old cinemas.

  2. Wonderful photos, and once again lots of yummy food. Crackers and jam are familiar to me, but the other dishes not. And I love how yo and your neighbours share with one another! Have a great day, stay safe, Valerie

    1. Thank you, Valerie. Have a great day and stay safe too.

  3. ...it's wonderful to see this classic cinema restored. Thanks Nancy for sharing it, take care and enjoy a safe week.

  4. Pork belly with yam is my favourite. Wow! I love the floating clouds, look like cotton puffs. I love to eat ham chi peang and ma keok as snacks too.

  5. Purple bougainvillea looks really beautiful. And I love that pork belly taro dish!

  6. Your bougainvillea looks wonderful mixed with variegated leaves, and also your neighbors look good with a lot of flowers. Great capture on the sunrise and pretty blue skies!

  7. I like your bunga kertas. So many flowers! Any special way to make them have so many flowers?

    1. I occasionally feed the plant with flower inducer fertilizer and trim off some of the leaves.

  8. Oh the food. I love the food.

    The cinema looks very much the same after all these years. That's awesome.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Nancy. ♥

  9. Very beautiful and delicious.

  10. Loved the sky photos and isnt it nice to remember what once was


  11. Beautiful photographs of the sky. Delicious food makes you feel better. Have a nice week:)

  12. Great post dear! Photos are amazing !

  13. Your flowers are gorgeous and abundant. And I won't even try to spell their name!

  14. Tus buganvilias se ven muy lindas, Te mando un beso

  15. I love looking at the morning sky and flower. Used to have a Lido cinema here but no more. Good to see the building is still exist although not in original design.

  16. Your blue skies made me happy, we have rain today. Lovely flowers and it's nice that the building is still there, even if it's not the same business.

  17. Sometimes bougainvillaea really go wild!

    The Lido building and its neighbour look so funky now.


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