Tuesday 21 September 2021

Rolled Oats With Banana, KFC & Salad

Today (21st September, 2021) is Mid-Autumn Festival.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

to those who are celebrating this festival.

We started out on our morning walk at about 7am on this particular Wednesday. There was no sunrise to greet us as we stepped out of our gate.

This was after we have walked for about 10 minutes.
Sunrise reflected on the clouds at 7:23am.
Same as above.
Still no sign of sunrise at 7:48am.
Fried dough (ma keok & kap zong) for hubby.
Home made black coffee for both of us.
Rolled oats with almond slices, walnut chunks, dried cranberries and fresh banana for me.
One last mooncake (gifted by a friend) waiting to be eaten.
We ate half of it for morning tea time.
We went to the bank and we passed by KFC.
I was just mentioning that we haven't eaten KFC for a long time.
That was how I ended up buying the 3 pieces set for sharing.
Included in the set: a bun, mashed potato and coleslaw.

There were 2 pretty mushrooms under the Bauhinia Kockiana plants. One was squeezed in between a block of wood and the concrete brick.
Simple dinner.
Instant noodle and the leftover chicken with glutinous rice wine soup for hubby.
I also made salad with steamed prawns (blessed by neighbour), cucumber, tomatoes and hard boiled egg with Kewpie roasted sesame dressing.
This is an extra big egg with double egg yolk selling at 80 cents per egg.
I had this for dinner.
Prawns, tomato slices, shredded cucumber, egg slices, almond slices, walnut chunks, dried cranberries and roasted sesame dressing. It was delicious and filling.
This old photo was on display at the UTC Ipoh in May, 2015.
View of the bridge in Hugh Low Street.
This is the new look of the bridge.
Hugh Low Street is now named Jalan Sultan Iskandar.

We all have happy memories of good men gone to their reward,
but the names of wicked men stink after them.
(Proverbs 10:7, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. Wow such a nice event, this sunrise pic is so beautiful <3

  2. They restored the bridge? Good work! Best to preserve the original look, preserve the heritage...and not renovate into something quite horribly modern.

    I notice that it is bright already but the street lights are still on. The Tenaga people must adjust the timing, such a waste of electricity.

    You certainly have a very good neighbour, always giving you things. So blessed!

    I haven't had KFC for a long time too. Mot really into these franchise places but if I am passing by the place, like you, I may just stop by and buy something.

    1. I think the bridge was rebuilt and reopened in 2010 (can't remember exactly when). KFC is nice when eaten once in a while.

  3. I have not eaten from KFC in many years.

    1. We used to be crazy over KFC before the other fast food were available.

  4. Awwww... I haven´t had KFC in ages! They are so far away.
    When I still worked in Wolfsburg I drove past there every day and once a month or every second... hmmm. Long ago.
    Beautiful mushrooms.
    I love my pickled eggs cooked 6 minutes, so they´re still a bit soft.
    Beautiful new bridge, too. Here the one they made new came out ugly and the balustrade is that high I have to tiptoe to see River Oker.

  5. Your food pics are great,
    never fails to make me feel hungry.


  6. ...we have some bridges here of a similar design, this one is lovely. Thanks Nancy for sharing, take care and enjoy your week.

  7. I love the steamed prawns! Beautiful morning cloud.

  8. Love all the food and we've not had KFC in a long time either. I love your dinner. Yummy looking.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Nancy. ♥

  9. I love your prawns salad! There is a nasi lemak stall in kl named hugh low nasi lemak so I wonder is there a famous nasi lemak in Ipoh in hughlow street?

    1. Thank you, Mun. As far as I know, I haven't heard of Hugh Low nasi lemak in Hugh Low street.

  10. The mushroom looks like a flower! And the mooncake is too pretty to eat. The fried dough woud be MINE!

  11. I'm wondering this mooncake taste:) thanks for your sharing...

    1. If you like sweet cakes, your will love the mooncakes.

  12. I love your banana breakfast it looks fabulous and the sky shots are great. Keep safe Diane

  13. Me gusta el pollo frito y la avena. Te mando unb eso

  14. It been a while since I been to KFC
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  15. For me too, it's been a long time eating KFC chicken and those pieces tempt me. Nice comparison with the old and new look of the bridge, and I like the view of the mountains in the old one.

  16. Here, KFC is very popular, we love chicken base snacks. Sky photos are great Dear friend. Thanks.

    1. KFC used to be the most popular but now it has to compete with so many other fast food.

  17. It's fun to compare the bridge then and now.

    Love your sky photos and those oats with fruit and nuts look so good!

  18. As usual I would prefer your hubby's meals hehe. Yours is... too healthy. :p

  19. Tus comidas siempre se ven muy bien. Besos.


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