Monday 14 November 2016

Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

We are all getting excited over a church wedding! Our close friend's daughter is getting married next month, in December and we are recruited to help decorate the church and getting it ready for the wedding ceremony. Some of us will be helping with the floral arrangements, cutting and tying of ribbons and others that need some helping hands. Since we are close friends, we are the aunties to the bride because we have watched her grow up from a cute little child into a beautiful lady. We have the privilege to share the joy of celebration with her family.
Another exciting thing is in choosing bridesmaid dresses for the flower girl and 2 bridesmaids. We had a wonderful and fun time going through the dresses and finally deciding on the dresses. The bridesmaids happened to be identical twins and they are really excited to be bridesmaids for the first time! We all agreed that online shopping for bridesmaid dresses are so much cheaper than getting the dresses sewed locally by the tailor or buying from the shops. We checked out a few websites and found the beautiful bridesmaid dresses under 100 at d-daydress.

Both are lace dresses and from these 2, the majority including the twin bridesmaids preferred the design on the right. If an order is to be placed, the choice of colour will have to be white to match with the white wedding dress of the bride. 

The bride will be wearing a lace mermaid wedding dress which look something like the wedding dresses shown above. Whenever I look at wedding photos like these, I think all brides and grooms are the most beautiful and happiest people on their wedding day! Just like in the story books, that they live together happily ever after.


  1. Such a lovely event and some stunning dresses.

  2. Always a pleasure to attend a wedding.

  3. Sure it will be lots of fun preparing. Diane

  4. Nice! I love looking at wedding dresses.

  5. I still can't forget the happy feelings when I attended my youngest sis's wedding in 2014, weddings always give us that happy and joyful feelings


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