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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Unplanned 3D2N Stay In Genting Highlands.

Hello, my dear friends. I am back after a 3 days break from blogging. It was an unplanned getaway in Genting Highlands. It all started with a phone call invitation from a friend. Due to her blunder in the online room booking, she had an extra room which cannot be cancelled. Since I have not been to Genting for a long, long time, I agreed to join her and company. I didn't know what to expect from the 3 days and 2 nights stay there but I just went in faith, trusting everything will be fine and enjoyable and I am glad I went!

On the morning of our departure, I drove to my friend's house and we had breakfast at a nearby shop. After that, all 6 of us gathered at her house to wait for the van to pick us up at about 8.30 am. It was a beautiful day and we had a pleasant journey all the way to the highlands.
Its time for my friend to see to the checking in while the rest of us did some legs stretching.
As for me, its time to awaken my camera after a few hours of slumber. This was taken in the hotel's lobby.
This photo is taken outside the hotel's entrance. I quickly stepped back into the hotel lobby away from the cold wind blowing outside.

Once we checked into the first room, we settled down for a simple yet delightful lunch brought all the way from Ipoh by the sisters. Then we made our way to check into our room at the second hotel. It was about a 15 minutes walk between the 2 hotels but most of the distance is covered by escalators.
This was our humble yet comfortable room at level 26. Everything looks new and clean. After we have freshen up, we started our walking tour of 'Genting Indoor City' - name coined by me.
Front entrance to Ripley's Believe It Or Not.
Statue of Liberty in Genting Highlands!
A closer look of Statue of Liberty.
Big Ben clock tower in Genting Highlands!
Gifts, souvenirs and accessories stall. This photo was taken from one floor above.
I just found out that Halloween's day was on Monday, 31st October, the day we arrived at Genting Highlands. This white fencing is for joining Good Fences.
The Halloween arch or gate entrance to spooky land.
We stopped to watch candy making at a stall.
The candy was stretched and cut into long thin sticks/bars.
Time to collect the cooled candy sticks.
Then the candy sticks were easily broken into small pieces.
A wishing well. Make a wish and toss in your coin.

Temptation is the pull of man's own evil thoughts and wishes.
(James 1:14, The Living Bible-TLB)
*     *     *     *     *
The following photos are for joining Good Fences.
Metal gate at entrance and fence at Allan's Water, Fraser's Hill. 
Metal fence at Allan's Water, Fraser's Hill.

Linking to Good Fences.


  1. What a beautiful place for a holiday.

  2. Nancy, I am glad you had a great time in Genting. Claire must be very relieved that you girls could help her take up the rooms hah..hah..

  3. How wonderful to get a break away. Looks like a fun place to visit.

  4. Lovely place. Thanks for sharing

  5. Gostei de ver estas fotografias fantásticas.
    Um abraço e continuação de boa semana.

  6. The most unexpected things make us happy :-) Great post my dear, I love all photos:-)

  7. Hello Nancy, looks like an awesome place for a getaway. Wonderful collection of photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  8. How long is the journey from Ipoh to Genting?

  9. The Halloween decoration is so cute and nice...

  10. Wonderful spontaneous trip and excellent photos for fences ~ thanks.

    Wishing you a week of your choice ~ ^_^

  11. What a fun trip. So many things to see and do and a very nice hotel to rest in. Very fun.

    Have a fabulous day Nancy. ☺

  12. I was wondering why no post from you until I saw your photos on Claire's blog. Nice of you to take over the room from her so that she does not need to waste her booking. You are a good friend to her.

  13. Hello Nancy!:) Lovely photos!:) The metal fence is very pretty, and there is so much to see that I hardly know where to start. The candy making was a cool thing to watch, and it looks like Genting Highlands is a fun place for a getaway with friends.

  14. The hotel is really beautiful!! So you both stayed at two different hotels, or different rooms in the same hotel? Ripley's Believe It Or not would have been so much fun!! I love the huge clock, and the roof in your last picture. An awesome trip for sure and great things to see.

  15. That looks like a fun and unplanned getaway, and the lobby of the hotel is very deluxe.

  16. It looks like you had an amazing time and great photos for us to share with you. Thanks Diane

  17. What a fun and lovely place, Nancy! I have never been to a Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, but I am sure I would enjoy it. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely and enjoyable tour!

  18. What a fun trip you had. There was a lot to see for sure. I've been to a Ripley's Museum before and they are fun. Enjoyed the Pumpkins and their fencing & well just everything.

  19. Sounds like you enjoyed yourselves!

  20. I enjoy the cooler weather in the highlands.

  21. A very sweet blunder. I bet you had a nice holiday in Genting enjoying the sight-seeing and cooler air.

  22. i think you had a great surprise non-planned getaway!

  23. it was like comedy of error. You must had blast there.. enjoy...

  24. Interesting trip and me too have not been to Gentings since my kids were small.LOL

  25. Oh u were with ReanaClaire! Good that u all enjoyed yourselves in Genting. Always great to travel with good friends.

  26. Yes, indeed we had an enjoyable time! This trip is a Blessing in Disguise... memorable!

  27. Unplanned holidays are nice!

  28. Just as I wonder why you also going to Genting Highland the same as Claire, then after reading some of the comments, I realize you are Claire's solution to her blunder

    Thanks for sharing the photos, I enjoy reading and viewing them

    I love Genting cos it is cooling but some said the weather there not as cold as last time le

    Did you guys visit the casino?

  29. Great photos and nice to hear you had a good time and am glad you went

  30. Hi Nancy,
    Hmmm... that reminds me ... my last trip to Genting was almost 15 years ago. Nice photos.


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