Monday 7 November 2016

It Is Shopping Season Again!

Now with the year coming to a close, many shopping malls are having grand sales with really cheap prices. This morning on my walking rounds at the recreation park, I overheard some ladies talking about their previous day's shopping experience at one of the newest shopping mall near our place. I heard that there was a big sale on and the place was so crowded with very long queues at the payment counters.

I am someone that do not like big crowds and long queues. I usually won't go for grand sales because very likely I will end up buying nothing. I prefer to shop at leisure when I can have a clear and peaceful mind to decide on what I wanted to buy. Online shopping in a way helps lessen the stress of big crowds and long queues.
With Christmas coming round the corner and Chinese New Year following close after, its time I get something new for myself. I came across this website at Stylewe which has a wide range of beautiful clothing with big selection of new arrivals. You can find an almost complete range of dresses, tops, bottoms, outwear, jumpsuits and overalls with beautiful designs and attractive colours. 
After my recent holiday up at the highlands, I found that my old sweater was a bit worn out. I too needed to get a new sweater or some knit wears before my next highland getaway. To my delight, this website also has a wide selection of hoodies and sweaters. Besides these, there are lots and lots of trendy and lovely knit wears available.
You can click here at Instagram if you wish to view more dresses.

And one more thing before I forget, they even have a Flash Sale event that starts at noon ET everyday where you can get from 30% to 80% off on designers fashion with limited supply.


  1. Nice outfits, Nancy! I really do not like large crowds, either!

  2. It is always nice to buy something new woman loves it

  3. Wonderful selection, this is really nice shop :-)

  4. great wishlist :) I waiting my new post :)

  5. Hi there Nancy I was already following you on Google Plus but now doing so here as well. Thanks for following and commenting on my blogs.


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