Thursday 16 November 2017

Checking Out Hair Extensions At BestHairBuy

There are now many types of hair extension for sale and if you are new to hair extensions, you may not know which best hair extension to look for or buy. Sometimes, the sales persons may not be able to properly recommend the right product to you. So before you shop for human hair extensions, it is better to have some basic information. There are two types of human hair extension and they are referred to as Virgin and Remy hair.

Virgin Hair is natural human hair that has not been chemically processed e.g. bleached, permed, dyed or altered in any way. With proper care like regular shampoo and conditioning, the virgin hair may last longer than a year. It will continue to look healthy and natural.

Remy Hair is natural human hair collected from a single hair donor. The hair cuticle is intact and untouched. The hair is aligned in such a way that the cuticle runs in the same direction like the normal human hair.

Since human hair extension is natural human hair, it is definitely more expensive and more costly in maintenance. It needs to be shampooed, conditioned and re-styled. Let us look at some of the more common types of Virgin hair extensions.

Virgin Brazilian Hair is one of the most popular hair extensions because it is beautiful, soft and smooth. The colour ranges from light brown to black. The hair is thick and can last with proper care. It styles easily and holds curls better than other hair types. The extensions come in wavy, straight or curly forms. It blends well with Caucasian to African American hair textures.

Peruvian Hair is thicker than Brazilian hair and coarser in texture. It is an all-purpose hair that blends well with normal African-American and Caucasian hair textures. It is lightweight and easily manageable, easy to colour and more durable. It comes in straight, wavy and curly forms.
Malaysian Hair is soft and silky. The hair holds curls well and is suitable for those who wants volume and body fullness. With proper moisturizing, the hair will not need regular washing. 

Indian Hair is naturally silky and has a lustrous appearance. It is versatile and blends well with African American hair. They are naturally dark and come in straight, curly and wavy form.  They are also more durable and need less maintenance.

I hope these basic information will be of help in choosing from the wide range of hair extension from BestHairBuy or other hair websites to suit your need and style.

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