Thursday 9 November 2017

First Day In Cameron Highland

When my son knew that we were going to Cameron on Thursday 26th, he informed me that there will be thunderstorm and to be careful. It was so hot in the lowland but I took heed of what he told me. Thank God, even though the sky was overcast throughout the drive up to the highland and for the whole day in Cameron, it didn't rain until the evening.

After we have checked into the same apartment that we stayed on our earlier trip, we rested for awhile until everyone is ready for lunch. We went back to Tringkap Restaurant, No. 14, Taman Puncak for our lunch. The following were the dishes we had for lunch for 6 people. It was about 1 pm and no lunch crowd, so we didn't have to wait long to be served.
Pig Trotter in sweet, sour black vinegar. This is good, very appetizing.
Green, fat, juicy and tender beans stir fried with dried shrimps.
Their signature dish - deep fried crispy Talapia fish.
This time the fish slices were very crispy, not like the previous time.
Tofu with assorted vegetables in clay pot.
Lunch including rice & drink for 6 people cost MYR 95.
Fence #1
We passed by this school just before Taman Puncak.
Saw a new apartment project, drove round it to check it out. It was raining, so look from inside the car. No sign of occupancy.
Timed a quick snapshot after the screen wiper cleared away the raindrops.
Back to the main road. Went back to The Square near our apartment where there is covered parking.
Went up to the top floor (entertainment). Very quiet, we were the only visitors. Great for taking photos of posters on the wall.
Kids would love this place.

Fence #2

Fence #3
The rained stopped. Our next stop is a Mushroom farm, located at the S-Corner.
My first visit to this place selling organic mushroom.
This is how mushroom is cultivated.
The Lingzhi mushrooms used for its medicinal benefits.
Harvested mushrooms for sale.
Mushroom farm
Information and mushroom products for sale.
Before we left, our friend bought 2 packets of Passion fruits.
Next is coffee time!
Afternoon coffee (4.25 pm) at Starbucks, Tanah Rata town.
We-fies for sweet memories.
Nice cool weather to enjoy coffee while watching the passing traffic.
Fence #4
Taken from the balcony of the apartment.
Resting, fellowship, "whatsapping" and waiting for dinner time!

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He isn't really being slow about his promised return,
even though it sometimes seems that way,
But he is waiting, for the good reason that
he is not willing that any should perish,
and he is giving more time for sinners to repent.
(2 Peter 3:9, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. nice food, nice outing place and nice group of company you had Nancy! It's a great blessing:)

  2. Delicious food and good friends...that's fun!

  3. Eyeing the food, they look good, Nancy.. now everywhere also raining.. good of your son, so concerned... give him 10 Likes! LOL..

    1. Lol! His forecast was very accurate. Thanks, Claire!

  4. Seems like you had a great time with good friends and great food!

  5. ...Pig Trotters, that's an interesting name.

  6. Children would enjoy that place, and it looks like the adults were having a good time, too!

  7. Looks like a lovely place to visit! And the food ... well ... what can I say? You made me hungry. :)


  8. I guess you missed the thunderstorm. Have a great day Nancy. See ya.

    Cruisin Pauil

  9. Precioso día con los amigos. Besitos.

  10. I like all the dishes except the deep fried crispy fish, I prefer my fish to be steamed

    1. I like Cameron Highlands, so relaxing and slow pace life

    2. I love both fried and steamed.

    3. I like Cameron Highland for the same reasons plus the flowers!

  11. What a lovely meal. I love your foodie posts. I love your travel posts too.

    Have a fabulous day, Nancy. ☺

  12. Great photos around Cameron Heights, Nancy!
    The mushroom production is amazing!

  13. Replies
    1. This is the 2nd windmill I have seen in Cameron Highlands.

  14. OMG the food looks delicious.. amazing
    Would you like to follow each other?

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my last post.

    Maybe you’d like to see my new post: Blue stripes dress: Zaful

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    Much Love
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  15. I love pigs trotter, they are full of flavour. Great set of photos. Keep well Diane

  16. Gosh, I jumped when I saw your friend in the red and white striped sweater. She looks so much like me! My favorites are the beautiful school wall, the windmill...and so very interesting about the mushrooms. What a fun trip you had!

  17. A nice place to visit for sure, Nancy.

  18. Anything steaming hot would taste good in Camerons!

    Eh why are the pictures inverted starting just before the "Starbucks" one.

  19. A visit to mountains is always enjoyable and looks u had good time really relaxing coming around the place with friends. The visit to mushroom farm sounds interesting and it blooms like big flowers! Sure the play area will give amusement to kids… but for me the views are wonderful

  20. I would have loved to see all those mushrooms! That is so interesting.

    1. I am looking forward to the next trip to find out more about the mushrooms.


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