Thursday 11 January 2018

Changing Hairstyles With The Use Of Human Hair Weaves

When we have been wearing long straight hair for a long time, it can be boring. If our natural hair texture is straight, then it is better to leave it straight instead of perming it wavy or curly. Our hair might be damaged due to regular perming. Sometimes we do want a change of hair style every now and then, so instead of perming our hair we now have a choice because of the availability of hair weaves or extensions. We can choose whatever hair style we want from the many types of hair texture available. We can easily buy them from online websites.

If we want a wavy hairstyle, we can easily get a deep wave weave or a body wave weave without having to subject our natural hair to the perming treatment and expose our scalp to the chemical. Some women do not like the smell of the perming chemical.

For a good quality deep wave hair weave, it is good to buy Virgin Brazilian as the hair is sleek and shiny with a natural luxurious feel. With proper care and maintenance, a good quality human hair weave can last for a long time, and can be reused many times.

Instead of dyeing our own natural hair, we can dye the human hair weave into whatever colour we like. We can choose to wear a bodywave weave for as long as we want to enjoy the hairstyle. Once it is not in use, we can have it removed, have it washed and put aside for future use.

Before we wash the wavy hair weave, we need to first use a finger comb to carefully loosen any tangles. It is advisable to use a preconditioning treatment before you start to shampoo the hair. Use a mild wig shampoo and rinse gently with lukewarm water to prevent the hair from drying.

To maintain and care for the deep wave hair, always use a wide tooth finger come. Start from the tips of the hair and slowly work up towards the roots. To keep your Virgin human hair weave from tangling, loosely bind up your deep wave hair with a single twist and wear a soft cap over it before you sleep.

When the curls starts to look frizzy or dry, you can either spray it with water or use a good quality leave-in conditioner to calm down the hair.  You can also use a wet-and-wavy spray in place of the leave-in conditioner. When the hair starts to look dull, a light polishing mist can be used to bring back the shine.

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