Tuesday 30 January 2018

Experimenting With New Exotic Weave Colors.

These days, wearing a weave is quite a common thing and those who wear them are not shy about it. Those days, it was only people who have scalp problem, balding or thinning problem or going through chemotherapy would be wearing hair weave. Many do not want others to know about their problem, whatever it may be.   Hair weave has now become one of the hair accessories found in the possession of many women who love to change hair styles frequently. 
Hair weaves are not only worn by celebrities such as actors, actresses, models, etc. but are now worn by everyday normal people like you and me. Modern and fashionable women everywhere experiment with hair weaves or hair extensions of various length, colours, and textures. Hair weaves or hair extensions are commonly used to add length and volume to the wearer’s natural hair.  They are also used for fashion and styling with a variety of weave colors. 
We all know that frequently dyeing or colouring of our natural hair will in the long run damage our natural hair. For the adventurous ones who are always trying out new exotic colours, it is best to try it out on the hair weaves or hair extensions. You could easily don a blondeweave to experience being a blonde! You have heard so much about blondes and you wonder how it feels to be a blonde or how you would look like with blonde hair. 
When you feel like sporting a pink hairstyle, a pinkweave will come in very handy. Later, when you feel like adding some shades of other colours, you can easily dye or colour the parts of the pink weave with the colours you want. Wouldn’t it be fun to play with colours and not worry about damaging your own natural hair?

Besides experimenting with colours, you might also want to wear your hair in various lengths. Whether it is about sporting a short hair or a long hair, a weave will save you all the trouble of having to cut your lovely long hair short or having to wait for your hair to grow long after it has been cut short.

There is a possibility that you might be bored with your natural wavy hair and wanted to wear a sleek straight hairstyle or vice versa.  Instead of applying heat or relaxers to your real hair to achieve the result, again you can use a hair weave or hair extension.
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