Wednesday 16 December 2015

Shopping Dresses For A Bridesmaid

Recently, I paid a visit to an ex-classmate at her house. It has been quite a while since we last saw each other. It so happened that my visitation was near her area and I messaged her to say that I will be dropping by to visit her. I received a instant reply to say that she is looking forward to my visit.

My friend received me with a wide smile on her face. We hugged each other and a sweet young lady was next to her smiling shyly. She was my friend's youngest daughter, Julie. From a tall, skinny girl she has grown into a sweet, pretty lady.

I was told by my friend that before I came, they were both browsing through some Prom dresses hoping to find something suitable for Julie. Julie was asked to be her youngest aunt's bridesmaid in a few months' time. Both mother and daughter were so excited and her mom wanted Julie to dress her best for the special occasion.

Both mom and daughter invited me to join them and out of the many dresses, we all agreed on 3 dresses that will look good on Julie.
1st dress is a Bateau Sleeveless Short Black Cocktail dress. Julie can order an Ivory, Tulle to wear for the church wedding ceremony as a bridesmaid.
Julie needs 2 dresses for the 2 wedding dinner, one for the groom's side and one for the bride's side. 2nd dress is this A-line Scoop Sleeveless Knee-length Appliques Chiffon Dress.
3rd dress is this A-line Straps Knee-length Champagne Tulle Cocktail dress.

We were very happy to have found these 3 bridesmaid dresses and I know Julie will be a very beautiful bridesmaid on that day. In spite of our different age group, we enjoyed our girlie jokes and giggles and this is one of the simple things that strengthen our friendship bond.

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