Friday 6 January 2017

My First Shopping List For The New Year.

The first week of the new year, 2017 is almost over. It is strange that I wasn't in shopping mood at the end of last year when there were grand sales going on. Now that Christmas and New Year celebration is over, I find myself in the mood for shopping. Someone recommended me to look up the products available on StyleWe. I did just that and I am glad I did!
I found this simple 2 piece midi red dress. I am comfortable with crew neck cutting and 3/4 length sleeve. I prefer non hugging dresses. I have just added this item on my shopping list.
Another item on my shopping list is a swimwear. I hadn't been swimming for many years and the swimwear in my cupboard couldn't fit me. Instead of waiting to slim down to fit into that swimwear, I think it is easier and faster for me to get a new one. My friend had been wanting to take me swimming. There is a wide range of lovely and sexy one piece swimwear to choose from. Not easy to make a choice. What do you think of the above pink floral top with black bottom swimwear?
There is another item that deserves my attention. I would like a pair of shoes for formal wear. The ones I had are high heels. Nowadays, I prefer shoes with low chunky heels.
Besides shoes, there are also deodorants on sale. Deodorants help to mask the sweaty odor especially in our hot weather. I am familiar and comfortable with some of the brands of the deodorants. Dove, Yardley and Nivea are among the brands listed under Best Deodorants for Women. Looks like my shopping list is getting longer. First, I will need to look into my budget!

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