Tuesday 3 November 2015

Knowing How It Works

Lately, I have been spending quite a bit of my time browsing through some online shopping and mail forwarding service websites to read about their services. I have to humbling admit that I am still very much at the learner's level and even though I may find it interesting, it is also quite challenging to learn and grasp everything.

For most of my friends and I who belonged to the older generation, we used to buy only imported products that are available locally. We depended on the importers to bring in these imported products from other nations but now in our present times, many are able to enjoy oversea products without having to depend on the importers. As tourists we can buy some of these products from the countries we visited e.g. USA which my friends visited recently to buy back some branded handbags and wallets for their family members and friends or we can shop online and have these products forwarded to us through a package forwarding company. 

Some friends were on an exchange program to Algeria for a year's stint and they shared about their overseas online purchases. Even from Algeria they were also able to enjoy purchase from US through online shopping. But they will have to depend on a reliable mail forwarding service company to where they were staying in Algeria. What they need is a reliable US address and recognized payment cards to enjoy US online shopping and get these items shipped to their address without any problem. There are some very reliable service companies and one of them is the USGoBuy that provides dependable US shopping services and international package forwarding services.
Customers will receive a US mailing address which will enable them to enjoy online shopping from US retailers after they have registered with this service provider. Once their online order went through, their product will be shipped to the US address before being reshipped to Algeria. Using a reliable service provider ensures our friends in Algeria timely arrival of their purchases. Free forwarding services provided by USGoBuy includes repacking & consolidation service, free 90 days storage and concierge service.


  1. It takes quite a while for me, as well, to catch onto some of the new things out there. But once I learn it I am O.K. I still haven't ordered anything online and prefer shopping in my chosen stores. Take your time and explore, and if you want to pursue this venue, I hope everything goes well for you. Sending you a hug. :)

    1. Thank you, Linda. Once we have learned and get familiar, then we have the confident to use it. So far everything is going well. Have a beautiful day!

  2. I have no friends in Algeria to use this service. LOL!

  3. I wouldn't have friends abroad to take advantage of the service.


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