Thursday 26 November 2015

Shopping For Party Dresses

Once again December is just round the corner. It is the time of the year where invitations to wedding dinners, festive celebration or party dinners, business year end dinners, etc. will be issued.

We have just received 2 wedding dinner invitation cards and it took me awhile to realized that I do not have "something nice" to wear to these occasions. I have been wearing the same old party dresses that I have worn so many times. Come to think of it, its about time to get one or two "something nice" for myself.

This morning, as the ground was still wet after the early morning heavy downpour, it was a good excuse to sit in front of my computer and did some browsing in search for party dresses. This is the part that I like and enjoyed, even as a retiree to enjoy visualizing myself in lovely dresses. Lol! Daydreaming!

I came to this particular website at JesicaDress and found some lovely party dresses which I think would fit into my kind of "something nice" for special occasions.

There was this gorgeous dress (right) that I came across from my browsing. It is a one shoulder purple chiffon dress with sequins around the waist. It is a simple yet pretty floor-length dress. Enjoys a 53% discount.

Another one that attracted me was this high low dress in royal blue chiffon (left). It has an asymmetrical scoop neck. Enjoys a 54% discount. 

And finally when I spotted this dress (right), I fell in love with this floor-length flowing dress. It has a square neckline crystal detailing. I love the design and the colour especially. Enjoys a 53% discount.

The review - It is of high quality and the wearer received many compliments when she wore this dress.

I think I have found my "something nice"! Now, should I order one, two or all three?

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