Monday 18 July 2016

Choosing A Formal Dress For A Grand Function.

I received news from a close friend of ours that they will be returning home from overseas to celebrate their daughter’s wedding. She and her own family have migrated to Australia but her own parents are still in Malaysia. The groom’s parents are also in Malaysia and it is right for them to return to their homeland to celebration the grand function.

I realized that I needed a new dress for this grand function. Not just any dress but a formal dress suitable for a grand wedding celebration. The dresses in my wardrobe are getting too tight for me because I have put on weight.

A friend recommended me where there is an extensive selection of lovely formal dresses to choose from. I have browsed through the dresses on the website and I have found 2 lovely designs to my liking. I am struggling to choose one out of these two dresses.

The first dress (above) is a high quality appliques, floor-length sleeveless backless evening dress. It has a 75% discounted price. The second dress (below) is a trumpet/mermaid high neck sleeveless spandex floor-length evening dress. This dress has a 80% discounted price. I might consider buying these 2 dresses because I really like them both.
Shopping for formal dresses online is more convenient and less stressful. There is no driving around looking for parking places and getting caught in traffic jams. Just spending some time sitting in front of my computer and with a few clicks of the mouse completes my shopping. offers an extensive varieties of formal dresses. Besides formal dresses, there are wedding dresses, evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses, summer dresses and mother's dresses.


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