Tuesday 19 July 2016

Getting A Beauty FaceLift With A Vacation In Thailand.

Recently I came across an article I read in a magazine while waiting at the dental clinic. In this article there were two photographs of a woman. One showing her in the before surgery and another showing the after surgery. I can see the vast difference in the two photographs. In the after surgery photograph, there was no sagging on both sides of her lower jaw and no wrinkles on her neck.

The article talked about facelift surgeries and how women can be made to look younger by giving their face and neck a new lease of life and increase their self-confidence through the surgery. Some women upon reaching middle age, their skin lose their elasticity and the skin on the lower face and neck started to sag. I then remembered how the skin on my neck sagged when I lost weight and my friends commented on it. Now that I have gained back my weight, the sagging skin disappeared. If I cut down my weight, I will have sagging skin on my neck. If I do not want the sagging skin on my neck, then I better retain my weight. But if I want a slim body, then I have to do something about the sagging skin on my neck. The option is whether I want to have a surgery done to remove the sagging skin.

In this article, there was a list of hospitals in Thailand with highly qualified doctors performing these surgeries. They have experiences in many types of beauty lifts and one particular hospital that stood out is YanheeHospital, possibly because the name sounds like Chinese and is easy to remember. It is written that to have a surgery done in Thailand is way much cheaper than in some of the western countries. Not only is it cheaper but they are of high quality standards and patient standards in the international community. The many positive reviews from their patients vouched of their credibility.

The increase in oversea clients is because Thailand has some fantastic holiday destinations to enjoy. Most clients took the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by choosing to have a facelift in Thailand done and at the same time to treat themselves to a vacation before or after the surgery. I find this to be a win, win situation. For those of us in Malaysia, Thailand is very near and we can easily cross over for a holiday and at the same time book to have a facelift done. I have not been to Thailand for twenty over years and I think it is about time to enjoy a holiday in Thailand.


  1. A beauty lift and a travel is great. I have not been to Thailand and I heard they have many bargains there too for shopping.

  2. I have heard it's done there commonly.

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