Friday 7 July 2017

Practical Suggestions On Clothes Shopping

This morning, we had breakfast at one of our regular coffee shop. There was a group of seniors sitting at a table next to us. Their main topic that morning was the price hike and how many businesses are finding it hard to sustain. At that moment, deep in my heart I was thankful for our jobs and the pay check we get at the end of every month. And it was a reminder for us to be wise in our spending and not be careless or compulsive shoppers.

Later in the morning, as I was sitting in front of the computer searching for homecoming dresses images, the conversation of the seniors came to my mind. Not only during this difficult time but for all times, we need to cultivate a habit of wise spending. Do we buy because that particular dress is the latest fashion or do we buy because we need a new dress? 
In my opinion, when choosing a dress or any piece of clothing or accessories, we should try to choose something we like and will be wearing it quite often to make full use of it. If we are just buying something to wear once or twice, then we need to think again about buying. When buying a dress for special occasions, as far as possible choose something that will also be suitable and practical for office wear. Anyway, we don’t want to be seen wearing this same dress for every special occasion.
It is safer to go for simpler designs and cuttings. Avoid too many frills or cuttings that are too revealing and not practical for office wear. Simpler designs won’t go out of fashion. Another thing to look for is the quality. Better quality dresses will not easily tear or get out of shape easily with frequent wear. Plain colour materials or soft prints always stay in fashion, so try to avoid the bright, bold colours or materials with big patterns or designs. This morning, I came across a dresses website at which to my opinion has many very lovely dresses which are practical and suitable for special occasions and office wear. The dresses are both elegant and classy and their fashion designs timeless. 
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