Thursday 6 July 2017

Preparing For A Homecoming Party

For most graduates, a homecoming party is a very special event for them. It means that they will be meeting up with their course mates, friends or even their mentors before they step into the next chapter of their life. The girls will usually get very excited and started day dreaming of the important event. The practical ones will know what to do and prepare themselves well for the special day.

If you don’t know what or where to start in your preparation, here are some helpful suggestions:

Ø  First, think of what you want to wear to your homecoming party. If you haven’t any suitable dress to wear, then it is time to shop for one. Shopping for a cheaphomecoming dress takes time. Last minute shopping usually ends up with the wrong and expensive choice.
Ø  Choosing your dress will depends on whether it is for a formal or informal event. You will also have to decide on whether you want a long flowing elegant dress or a simple, shorthomecoming dress.
Ø  Your dress will not be complete without accessories, e.g. handbags, earrings, necklaces, etc. Another important thing to look into is a pair of suitable shoes to go with the dress.
Ø  After you have settled on what to wear, the next focus will be on your hair. Does your hair needs a new hairstyle or just a trim? If your hair is looking dull, then it needs treatment to bring back its healthy glow.

Ø Probably you will need a facial wash or cleansing treatment at the salon. Or if you like, you can do a simple facial scrub or wash to unclog the pores. Stay away from too much outdoor activities to avoid too much sun tanned skin.

Ø  And lastly but not least, make sure you have your beauty sleep. Sleep is important for healthy eyes, hair and skin. You wouldn’t want your lack of sleep to give you dull looking eyes, hair and skin on that important night!
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