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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Checking Out Some BestHairBuy Hair Products.

What is a wig? It is a head covering made from natural human or animal hair, or a mixture of both, or from synthetic fibre. Wigs have been around for a long time and one example is the wigs that judges and lawyers wear in courts.

Why do people wear wigs? Wigs are worn to disguise baldness due to scalp problem, medical reasons, or hereditary issues. Wigs are usually used as the less expensive alternative compared to intrusive surgery which may not necessary be the answer to baldness. These days, people also wear wigs for hair styling purposes and no one will be able to tell that you are wearing a wig.

Understanding and choosing between synthetic and human hair is important when selecting a wig or hair bundles. Natural hair bundles or wigs are made from harvested human hair and they look and feel like your natural hair. Synthetic hair are created from artificial hair using specialized technology to make the hair look and feel like human hair.

Synthetic hair vs. human hair.
  • Human hair such as Virgin Brazilian hair, Indian hair or Malaysian hair are costlier than synthetic hair.
  • Human hair need to be washed, conditioned and re-styled frequently. Synthetic hair can be washed, left to dry and a few shakes will bring the hair back to its original style.
  • Human hair can become limp, dry, or frizzy depending on the weather condition. Synthetic hair is not affected by weather condition.
  • Synthetic hair hold their colour better than human hair.
  • Human hair is more lasting than synthetic hair and can be style with heated styling tools.
  • Human hair are heavier than synthetic hair and they require more effort and skill to style.
Below are some BestHairBuy virgin hair products and customers’ reviews on the product.
360 Lace frontal band with 3 bundles body wavy Brazilian virgin hair.
Good quality. It feels silky, soft and comfortable without tangle and with minimal shedding. It blends well with the wearer natural hair.
10"-30" 3 Bundles Straight Virgin Brazilian Hair Natural Black 300g.
Good quality, soft texture, no shedding and satisfied that the product lasted for about a year. Affordable price, product and website highly recommended.
Diamond Virgin Hair Deep Curly 3Bundles.
Beautiful hair, great feel and full to the end. Soft and pretty curls. Fast shipment and excellent customer service. No tangle and no shedding. Will return for more purchase.
10"-30" 3 Bundles Deep Curly Virgin Brazilian Hair Natural Black 300g.
Love the texture, soft and pretty. The bundles are soft, the wefts are well crafted, the ends are healthy, and the hair is thick from beginning to end. Fast shipment and great customer service.

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