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Monday, 9 April 2018

Searching For Beautiful Dresses For A Special Occasion.

Last month an old friend from the big city gave us a surprise visit. It turned out that this friend was on his round sending out wedding invitation cards to relatives and friends, not his wedding but his eldest daughter’s wedding. We expected the wedding to be soon, but didn’t expect it to be so soon! The wedding will be taking place in a posh restaurant in the city.

When I received the invitation, I was reminded that I have no proper dresses to wear to this wedding ceremony and dinner. It has been months I have not bought any dresses for myself. Since then I have grown sideways so this is the right time to get some decent dresses for the special occasion.

These days, it is easier to buy dresses online and they are much cheaper than tailor made. I have visited a few dresses websites including MillybridalUK and I have found some really nice dresses and currently, some of these websites are offering good discounts on the dresses. I have picked 4 dresses to share with you.
I came across some MillyBridal mermaidprom dresses like this red dress. I like this simple cutting but it is a 2-piece dress and I am not used to showing off my midriff.
Then I spotted this green dress which I think is more appropriate for my age. I have bookmarked this dress before I continued to look at other dresses.
I love lace materials and I saw this sexy prom dresses made of lace material. It has a plunging v-neck and is backless which is too sexy for my comfort.
Now what about this blue lace formal evening dress? I think you will agree with me that it looks elegant but it has a big open back. I think this dress would look as lovely and elegant with a covered back.

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