Monday 22 February 2021

Choosing The Right Shoes And Sandals

When shopping for shoes, most of us will probably buy the shoes based on the look, style, the feeling of comfort, and of course what is within our budget. Not many of us really stop to think about whether that pair of shoes is right for our feet or our posture. Some shoes may be comfortable when we first wear it but if we are wearing it for most of the day, in the long run our feet may start to hurt. A comfortable pair of shoes may not be the right and proper pair of shoes for our feet.

Women's flat casual shoes
In this post, I would like to share some of the shoes and sandals that I like very much from Shoessee when I visited some online websites recently.Whether we are looking for a pair of trendy shoes or a pair of vintage shoes, here are some tips to help choose the right pair of shoes on your next shopping trip.
Chunky heel comfort vintage heels

  • Choose shoes with good lateral support. The shoes should not bend easily towards the centre of the shoe and it should not be easily twisted. Plus the shoes should be able to support the arch of our feet.
  • The shoes should not be too tight where the toes are and also should not be too tight in length. The shoes should not bite the back of your ankle when you walk.
  • The shoes should not be heavy that it wears you out if you need to do a lot of walking.
  • The inside of the shoes should be soft and smooth that it won’t be rubbing against the skin of your feet.
  • The sole should be anti-slip to prevent slipping.

Women's lightweight open sandals
We all love to buy and wear cute sandals but not all cute sandals are good for our feet. Here are some tips to help you choose the right sandals.

  • First, examine the base or sole of the sandals. The base or sole should be as wide and as long as your feet to provide the proper support. Your toes should stay on the base of the shoe and the back of the base should cups your heel. The base or sole should be thick with a low heel to absorb shock and protection when you walk around.
  • The design of the base should support the arches of your feet.
  • Preferably the sandals should have adjustable straps for stability and support of your feet.
  • The sole should be anti-slip to prevent slipping.

Women's casual comfortable sandals

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