Saturday 29 October 2016

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner On A Friday.

On one Friday morning, after our walking exercise, hubby decided to eat somewhere nearby. We went to Kedai Kopi Sin Choi Yuen in Taman Pertama, which is within walking distance from the recreation park. This place is usually full in the morning.
Hubby's breakfast - fried noodle.
Ingredients: Flat rice noodle + yellow noodle, prawns, fish cake, beansprouts, chive, egg, served with chili sauce on a piece of cut banana leave.
My breakfast - a small plate of Hong Kong chee cheong fun.
Ingredients: Steamed rice flour rolls with bbq meat or prawns as filling, served with chili shrimp paste.
~     ~     ~     ~     ~
I try not to eat lunch and if I did, I will try to take a very light one. But very often, it turns out the other way. On this particular Friday afternoon, I accompanied hubby to the nearby GP foodcourt for his lunch and I intended to take a few spoonfuls from his lunch.
Hubby ordered Thai style Chicken with basil rice. When this plate was brought to our table, I was very surprised but I kept quiet. I know hubby wouldn't take basil because of its strong smell. Hubby started to eat and immediately he pushed the whole plate to me. I burst out laughing! It seemed he didn't know the green leaves were basil when the stall owner recommended it to him. Hubby went to order something else and I ended up eating the chicken, basil and half of the rice because I didn't want to waste the food. No wonder it is so difficult to lose weight!
~     ~     ~     ~     ~
 For dinner, both of us were not very hungry. Hubby went to the night market "pasar malam" and brought back 2 pieces of BBQ chicken legs for our dinner.
*     *     *     *     *
The following photos are for joining Saturday's Critters.
 These photos were taken at the Pet Fiesta held in Menglembu few months ago.
Though I am afraid of lizards, it did not prevent me from taking some snapshots of them. They do have some nice patterns on their skin.
This lizard has a spotted skin. I made sure I stood quite a distance away just in case it gets away...I zoomed in to snap this shot.
 These two with different patterned skin were in a glass case.
 These were also in glass case.
 This one was enjoying his siesta.
Linking to Saturday's Critters.

There are four things that are small but unusually wise:
Ants: they aren't strong, but store up food for the winter.
Cliff badgers: delicate little animals who protect themselves
by living among the rocks.
The locusts: though they have no leader,
they stay together in swarms.
The lizards: they are easy to catch and kill,
yet are found even in king's palaces!
(Proverbs 30:24-28, The Living Bible-TLB)


  1. Hello Nancy, I like all the lizards. My son used to have a Gecko, it seemed pretty calm. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great food! Have a lovely weekend!:))


  3. Ah you didn't stop him from ordering the Thai basil rice since you knoe he doesn't like the taste of thai basil?

  4. Food looks so tempting!! Love the lizard shots! I like photographing lizards and usually make do with the garden varieties. But in winter, I get to see a few skinks.:)

  5. Lots of good food its hard to resist!
    I'm like you, Nancy as i don't like lizards either though they are amazing creatures!

  6. I prefer insects to reptiles ....hahaha very snake

  7. I'm not much of a lizard fan.

  8. Love lizards these are beautiful :-) Diane

  9. pretty large lizards. The consolation is that they are most likely just as afraid of you as you are of them... Thanks for sharing

  10. You have some great shots of the lizards. I too am not a fan but interesting creatures. Your food looks very enjoyable! It is so nice you and your hubby can eat together. Enjoy the day my friend!

  11. Lizards are for sure not my thing. But many do have wonderful colorful patterns. You got good pictures!

  12. Looking at the lizards makes me have goosebumps

    I also don't like the smell of basil

  13. All that lovely food I would struggle to lose weight too.

  14. oh now ugly lizards. Have a peaceful sunday

  15. Ohhh,they look like snakes with those patterns.Great pictures,thanks for sharing,phyllis

  16. You know how much I enjoy your food adventures. I enjoy them very much.

    Yikes on the critters. I wasn't sure what I was looking at in that first shot. Got it now.

    Have a fabulous day Nancy. ☺

  17. The critters are quite a sight to see!

  18. Amazing time with lizards.. :)

  19. I love the lizards! The chicken legs look very tasty. :)

  20. This lunch look very delicious :)
    Great post!

  21. Nancy,
    fantastic food.
    I'm afraid of lizards.
    Great relationship and a very nice pictures.
    Greetings from Poland.

  22. Lovely post dear!Have a great weekend! xx

  23. Love the lizard pics!

    Funny thing, I always wanted them for pets. And I learned how to catch catch a fast lizard (by hand), move verrrrry slow.

    But now that I'm older, I realize they belong with nature and I just try to catch their photos.


  24. I have no idea of what your brekfast is. :(

  25. At least you exercise almost daily so it is alright to eat three meals... hahahaa.. I think I better start to do some stretching too!

  26. Arghh! Lizards....hate them in all form! There was a small one in my bathroom and I quickly decided to shower in another bathroom!

  27. Hello Nancy!:) Lovely photos of the food and lizards. I like lizards, and find them fascinating, and beautiful. I took a small one out of my watering can yesterday, and there is hardly a day when I don't see them in the garden. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.:)

  28. Lizards are my least favorite thing in the whole world. Your pictures bring a whole new world to life for me as I sit in Texas USA. I did live a year and a half in the Philippines when I was 20 but thankfully they only had little gekkos that made their way inside.

  29. Ugh sorry I had to scroll fast past all the reptiles. :)

    I can understand why people don't like basil, the smell IS very strong.


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