Friday 10 March 2017

Customized Wedding Bobbleheads For Wedding

Recently, a group of friends and I were invited to a friend’s house. It was supposed to be a gathering of old friends. The hostess took advantage of the gathering to plan a small scale celebration. We have known each other since our school days. Some of us have been promoted to the status of grandmothers, some of us have not and the rest have chosen to remain singles.

We look forward to our gatherings as opportunities to come together for strengthening of our friendship. There is so much to talk about concerning topics on family, grand kids, tours and holidays, sickness and health, meeting up with long lost friends and where to go for good and reasonably priced food and the latest happenings in town.

On this recent gathering, the most talked about topic was the wedding of our hostess’ daughter. Most of us didn’t attend the wedding because it was held oversea. So the hostess decided to celebrate the happy occasion of her daughter’s wedding with us by inviting us to her house for a home cooked lunch.

Our hostess showed us some of the wedding photos and one friend commented on the big wedding cake in one of the photos. On top of the big cake, there was a weddingbobbleheads as cake topper. We have seen cake toppers using normal wedding couple dolls. But this special cake topper was a custom made wedding couple bobbleheads resembling the images of the bride and groom.
To be frank, I was interested in the custom made bobbleheads. At home, I googled for bobbleheads and I was enlightened! I recalled I have seen pre-made couple-in-love figurines with their heads mounted on spring and when touched, their heads will nod, wobble or bobble up and down. The figurines are usually made of clay.

The website I happened to visit for information was From what I gathered, these bobbleheads are usually made from polyresin or polymer clay material. Polymer clay is of better quality than polyresin and more expensive. But polymer is more flexible for designing and carving and the colours will not fade easily.
The bobbleheads are made to reflect the appearance of the person or persons in the photos sent by their customers. These figurines can be engaged in different kind of activities and sports or in various poses. Besides customizing the face, customers can also request for a full head to toe customization.

Custom made bobblehead figurines are fast catching up as a unique gift item. Instead of the usual flowers, soft toys, chocolate, wallets, etc. as gifts, these bobbleheads will be extra ordinary gifts for anniversaries, valentines, birthdays, and other special occasions. These specially and carefully thought gifts will surely make the receivers feel special and loved. We can even custom made these bobbleheads of our own pets or for ourselves.
Also available are bobbleheads of sports figures for sport fans, superheroes, kids, famous people, work and casual figures, couple and bridesmaid figures, bobbleheads for him or her, wedding bobbleheads and many others as well.

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