Friday 19 June 2020

Newchic Summer Sale 2020

During the pandemic and partial lockdown, many of us have gotten used to e-shopping or online purchases. We have been staying in the safety of our homes, avoiding public places as much as possible and all the time observing social distancing whenever we go out to buy our essentials. After 3 months of going online to buy things using contactless payment, we are now very comfortable with online shopping.

Recently, I was surfing the internet for a gift for Father’s Day and I happened to chance upon this Newchic website with a “Happy Father’s Day” sale with this, “Buy $30 Get $6 off”. As I checked further, I found some hot flash deals products consisting of the following items: 
Some of these trendy lace up gladiator sandals are selling at 50% - 53% discount.
Synthetic and human hair lace wigs, in various styles and lengths.
 Genuine leather EDC Bags, some selling at 24 % - 72 % discount.
Fashionable men's floral t-shirts and etc. selling at 44% to 56 % discount.

As I browsed through the pages, I became excited with the following sales and dates:

Newchic summer sale time:
Time: Pre-sale: July 6th - July 13th
Crazy Shopping: July 13th - July 18th
Thank and Reward: July 20th - July 27th

The big flash discount of this summer sale activity is:
Free Shipping Coupons
US$0.99 Flash Deals
US$9.99 Free Shipping Seckill
Flash Deals Up to 90% Off

Lets shop!
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