Wednesday 7 July 2021

Knowing About Oral Care And Teeth

Whenever the topic concerning healthy strong teeth or teeth care is brought up, I will have this feeling of regret that there was no one to advise me on teeth care or teeth hygiene when I was young and when all my teeth were still strong and healthy. That is the time to learn about teeth care and taking good care of one’s teeth. We shouldn’t wait till our teeth start to decay and our gums start to weaken. By then, much damage has been done and impossible to reverse the damage.

Double clean dental floss pick

There is a common saying that ignorance is bliss but sadly this type of ignorance is not bliss for me at all. I guess I have myself to blame for not knowing much about oral care and teeth. I had a scary experience at the dental clinic when I was a school girl and after that I avoided going to the dentist. That was why I didn’t had regular dental check-ups. At that time I had no dental problem so it never occur to me that I needed to go for regular check-ups.

Sonic electric toothbrush
I started to have problem when my wisdom teeth started to grow. I didn’t know why they are called wisdom teeth when they didn’t have the wisdom to grow the right way. Instead of growing upwards, they started to grow sideways and pushed the other teeth out of alignment. Not only that, it weaken the grip of the gums on my lower teeth. From then on, I started to have problem with my teeth and started to lose them one by one until there are only a few lower front teeth left.

Interdental brush
Fast forward, recently I came to know about Meyarn and the many modern dental products available on its website. These modern technology dental products not only help us maintain our oral hygiene but also help us to smile and confidently showing off our healthy white teeth. If I had known about these products, maybe I get to save more of my teeth. Products such as water flosser or interdental brush would be of much help in keeping my teeth and gum strong and healthy.

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